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Noted educator, scholar, coach, and author Daniel R. Fruit boasts a long, distinguished career as an educator and author.

Education And Educational Awards

Mr. Fruit holds six different degrees, including 3 master's, 2 bachelor's, and 1 associate's degree. He attended Albion College September 1978-May 1982, in Albion, Michigan, as an undergraduate where he majored in history and English. Albion College selected Fruit for national honorary societies in English, history, and music, as well as Phi Beta Kappa. Fruit also earned admission to the collegeís highest honorary, Albion Fellows. Fruit graduated magna cum laude.

He subsequently attended Indiana University on the American Studies program's one full scholarship and, in 1984, earned an M.A. in American literature. During 1989, while working full time, Fruit began working on a second masters degree in education with California State Dominguez, which he subsequently completed in 1991 via Troy State University's overseas extension program at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

Branching off into a new direction, Fruit earned two degrees in computers, an AS in microcomputer program system analysis from Central Texas College in 1994, and, also in 1994, a B.S. in computer studies from the University of Maryland. In 1995, Fruit obtained an M.P.A. from the University of Oklahoma. With this dissertation, Daniel Fruit finishes an Ed.D. through the program jointly sponsored by ISTI's principal training center and Boston University.

Educational Career

Mr. Fruit boasts an equally distinguished teaching career. From 1984-1990, he taught English and creative writing at Tusitala Junior High School (an alias) in East Los Angeles. The school nominated him as Teacher of the Year four times and singled him out for recognition to the area superintendent.

From 1990-1998 Mr. Fruit taught at Samurai High School (an alias) in the Tokyo area with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools system. At SHS, Mr. Fruit taught English, social studies, debate, drama, and forensics. In 1998, DoDDs honored Mr. Fruit with a sustained superior performance award.

From 1998 until the present, Mr. Fruit taught at Al-Dharra Madressor in Kuwait (an alias), serving as English teacher, humanities teacher, debate coach, and Model United Nations Director. Since 2001, he has served as Head of the Humanities Department. In 2001, Al-Dharra recognized Mr. Fruit for outstanding performance in teaching AP economics, Model United Nations, and debate. A year later, the school honored Mr. Fruit by choosing him as its sole honorary inductee to the schoolís National Honor Society, citing his contribution to the school, students, and community.

During the years, Mr. Fruitís students performed excellently as well. In 1989, East Los Angeles recognized Tusitala Junior School as one of its best schools, citing its Creative Writing program under Mr. Fruitís leadership. In 1998, Mr. Fruitís middle school girls basketball team completed an undefeated season, winning the Tokyo area championship. In 1997, 2000, and 2001, Mr. Fruit coached national championship debate teams in Japan and in Kuwait.


Mr. Fruitís publications run the gamut from fiction to non-fiction to travel. As an undergraduate, he wrote an extensive critical study of science fiction entitled, "Another World: New Wave Science Fiction" as his Albion College honorsí program thesis. At Indiana University, he published "Of Time and The Rhetoric: A Critical Reappraisal of Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and the River" which subsequently appeared in The Thomas Wolfe Journal. In 1989, Teacherís Magazine accepted an article entitled "Whitman's Stepchildren" about teaching poetry to junior high students. Fruitís published poems include "The Great Buddha of Kamakura" and "You and I" which appeared in Sun 17 anthology. Some notable longer works include: Tales of the Auto Graveyard, The Plastic Tomorrow, Shakespeare Doesnít Work Here Any More, and his young adult novel, When the Bugles Call My Name. His articles have appeared in numerous local papers in Japan and in Kuwait.

In his spare time, Mr. Daniel Fruit enjoys computer repair, travel, writing, jogging, swimming, and singing the blues. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and the Middle East, some of the latter journeys assisting him in preparation for writing this work. In addition, Fruit enjoys a reputation as an accomplished performer and songwriter.

Mr. Fruit continues to maintain a website that contains some of the works mentioned above. It also assists him in running the Kuwait Debate League, which he started and coordinates.

Mr. Fruit can be reached via his website: <>

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