Barf and Bagel:

A Parable of Formative and Summative Evaluations.


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Barf and Bagel:

A Parable of Formative and Summative Evaluations


Mr. Barf is sitting at his desk as Mr. Bagel walks into the room. He starts to shuffle his papers and barely looks up as the other man sits down in front of him.

Mr. Barf(not looking up): Yeah, talk to me.

Mr. Bagel: It's me, Mr. Bagel. I'm here to talk about my first year job evaluation.

Mr. Barf: Oh, yeah, yeah. (He holds out a sheet of paper). Here, sign this.

Mr. Bagel: This is it? Aren't we going to...

Mr. Barf: Sorry, Charlie.

Bagel: Wait, but is it a good evaluation or a bad evaluation?

Mr. Barf: Sorry Bagel, but you're fried.

Mr. Bagel: What! You only visited my class one time.

Mr. Barf: And that was enough. Kids were talking, laughing, I could swear they were even enjoying themselves.

Mr. Bagel: As I recall, you visited when my classes were involved in cooperative learning.

Mr. Barf: It looked more like chaotic learning to me. Didn't they ever tell you, in college, that kids are are supposed to be quiet and shut up.

Mr. Bagel: But all the latest learning theories..

Mr. Barf: Theory my wazuti. You can't cut it Bagel and cutting you. Make sure you return your keys.

Mr. Bagel: This really sucks!

Mr. Barf: Ahhh, tell it to the Union. Secretary? Next!





Mr. Barf(getting up to shake the other's hand): Oh, Mr. Bagel I wanted to see you. I have an initial evaluation that I'd like you to take a look at.

Mr. Bagel: Why is there some problem?

Mr. Barf: Well, I wasn't totally pleased when I visited your class last week. I'd like to go over the sheet with you.

Mr. Bagel: Okay.

Mr. Barf: Now, first of all, I liked your initial planning. You have an idea what you're doing and you wrote in down in nice, seven step form.

Mr. Bagel: Thank-you.

Mr. Barf: My problem is that the kids did not really know what they were supposed to be doing.

Mr. Bagel: (puzzled) They didn't? I told them.

Mr. Barf: May I make a suggestion? Why don't you try putting your daily agenda on the board? These are 7th graders you're teaching after all, and they don't always pay attention to what you tell them. If you put the agenda on the board, you've told them and shown them.

Mr. Bagel: Okay, I can try that.

Mr. Barf: Next, there's the problem of behavior.

Mr. Bagel: Well, we were involved in cooperative learning, and that commonly means the class get noisier.

Mr. Barf: Cooperative learning is great, but you, as a teacher have to keep behavior focused and on task. While students are involved in cooperative learning, what do you usually do?

Mr. Bagel: Well, er, I, um.

Mr. Barf: I know, correct papers. I was a teacher before also, and I understand how much paper work you have, but if you're going to have students involved in such a noisy activity, you have to be willing to circulate in order to be fair to the students and other teachers sharing the building with you.

Mr. Bagel: You're right.

Mr. Barf: Also I have a question for you. How do you usually select your group recorders and leaders.

Mr. Bagel: Well, I usually ask for volunteers.

Mr. Barf: That's kind of what I thought. What I saw a lot of was one or two kids working in each group and the rest playing or socializing.

Mr. Bagel: Well usually only one or two kids in each group are interested in finishing the assignment.

Mr. Barf: Can you think of another way to get more students involved?

Mr. Bagel: I guess, I could pick the group leaders and recorders. That would get more kids involved. The real A and B students would help a lot anyway.

Mr. Barf: Exactly. Then there's Jimmy Dork.

Mr. Bagel: I don't know what to tell you about him.

Mr. Barf: Have you called his parents?

Mr. Bagel: Well, umm.

Mr. Barf: You do have his phone number, right?

Mr. Bagel: I asked for all the kids numbers the very first day.

Mr. Barf: Very good.

Mr. Bagel: I just feel sometimes like that period is rotten class and every kid is a trouble-maker.

Mr. Barf: Well, usually there are no more than a couple trouble-makers in each class. Deal with them and the others will be relieved and respect you for it. If you have serious problems, you should be talking with Mr. Scorth, the Dean of Discipline. Now what I want to do is visit you again in two weeks. At that time, I'd like you to have some written work in hand to show me some students work you're proud of.

Mr. Bagel: (smiling)I have some good stuff.

Mr. Barf: That's great. I'll want to see it.

Mr. Bagel: (rising)Thanks Mr. Barf, this has been very helpful.

Mr. Barf: I look forward to visiting in about two weeks.


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