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It's a Cat Thing

I am a special cat for many reasons. First, I genuinely like people, and I make no secret about that. I rub against them, I sit in their laps, I get them to pet me, and I talk with them. Well, actually, I talk a bit too much sometimes, and it can get on some people's nerves.

The second reason is that I can get into more trouble than any two normal cats. I don't let my bad leg stop me either. No way. If I have to go explore somthing, I do so, even if it means a big "bang" when I drag that leg during a jump.

Sometimes my trouble-making behavior annoys my master. He gets out a weird black thing, points it at me, and it makes a "click," which almost always scare me. Sometimes, though, he gets out this black thing and points it at me even if I'm hardly up to anything at all. He says to me: "Bebe," and he seems annoyed that I take that as my cue to go rub against him. Well, human never make sense to me!

Let's see what things I can get into today....

Let's check out the news first.

How did I get up here, again?

You call it "toilet paper." I call it fun.

It's new hardware.

Don't try this at home.

I like you. I really do.

This book is boooring.

I need to get more oxygen. Now.

I need to get some air.

I really like you.

There's more things to play with somewhere.

That black thing in your hand scares me.

If only Tennessee Williams could see this!

There's nothing quite like plastic.

Okay so the cat food is still there.

I do like this chair.

See how strong I am?

Would anyone notice if I took just one wire?

I want to go on the balcony.

What could possible be out there?

Can you find the cat in this picture?

I'm guarding the stereo.

I definitely need a bigger bed.

There's another loose thread.

I can fix that problem.

So you won't come out, eh?

Now, I've got it.


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