My Furry Friend


Everyone Ought to Have A Watch Cat

As cat's go, I'm pretty loyal. I try to be a good friend. That means I am not afraid to do what needs to be done. You can count on me to guard my humans (I own a lot of them actually) from all sources of harm.

Also, I try to remember special occasions in their lives such as when they open the door, when they call to me, and, especially, when they say "Hello." To a cat, that's friendship.

All kidding aside, I'm often amazed at Bebe's loyalty. When I'm sick, she instinctively knows it and sleeps near me. When I talk to her, she always responds. Even if she's playing and gets carried away and leaves the room, I can expect she'll be back within five minutes, sometimes even a minute (you can set your watch by it!). She has no real sense of anger and holds no grudges.

On top of that, she has enough affection left over to go and befriend nearly everyone in the building. As cats go, she is unusual (even if she's not always the smartest cat in the world) for her friendliness.

You bet your tail feathers you "'saw a butty cat.'"

Okay, I'm only looking at the balcony.

I wear the pants in this family, shorts anyway.

This is more fun than a mechanical bull.

I'm still scared of the camera.

If you're sick, I'll lie by your side.

This is my home.



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