Bebe's Nearly Fatal Accident

I'm sorry to report that my furry friend nearly died in December. She likes to go out on the balcony of my fourth floor apartment and sun herself. That would prove a nearly fatal mistake.

Bebe was "Knocking on Heaven's Door."
(Thankfully, they didn't let her in.)

One December day, just after sunset, I went out to get her and bring her in. To my surprize, no cat. After a minute, I heard her familiar wail. I thought, or rather hoped, she'd fallen down to the balcony below. I rushed down one floor to the woman who lives below me. She told me she heard the cat also, but that she didn't have her.

By this time, everyone in the apartment could hear her pitiful crying. Bebe has a loud voice. I hurried down the stairs as fast as I could with a crowd behind me. Finally, I found her, inside a tree. It was only with the greatest effort I pried her away as she had her claws tied to the tree and had no intention of letting go, perhaps ever.

A quick trip to the vet revealed the extent of her injuries. Apparently, she sprained one paw. Obviously, she lost part of her face and bit through her tongue. She also ripped one of her claws right out of the socket.

Here you can see my injured paws, face, and nose. I bit through my tongue.

My best guess is that she tried to climb on the railing of the balcony (for reasons truly unknown). When she heard me come out, that must've startled her. With her bowlegged back leg, she often falls. Apparently, she put her paws out and must've hit the small tree on the way down once or twice, ripping out that claw, but breaking her fall enough to survive. I can't tell you how few trees grown in Kuwait, particularly below balconies. For this reason, I barely consider her the same cat. After all, this make two lives of hers lost.

Instinctively, I know to rest and mend.

It didn't work out that badly for her that badly. She had so many nice people come by to pet her and spoil her that I almost think she did it on purpose.

At least I haven't lost my voice He! He! He!

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