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The 2000 Championship Season

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Returning Team members:
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen
Mustafa Malaki
Nabil al Khaled
Saad al Ghawas

New Debaters:
Adel al Omar
Besma al Mutawa
Ghazi al Sharhan
Hessa al Malallah
Mais al Sartawi
Maryem al Hamad
Nada al Abduljader
Nouf al Fraih
Shadi al Suwayeh

Occasional Debater:
Abdullah al Sayer

Al-Bayan saw another style of debating when they visited the Farwaniyeh Indian School (FAIPs). Mohammad Fakhral-Deen and Mustafa Malaki served as questioners to other schools. Top BBS debaters Nabil al Khaled and Saad al Ghawas debated for and against on the issue:

In search of a better life, we have stopped living.

The debates in this instance were more philosophical and rhetorical, not policy based, like Amercan-style debates. The top three schools, in fact, were Indian schools with BBS not in the same league (at least in this style of debates).

BBS's congratulations go out to the winning host school FAIPS and the near runner-up, GIS (Gulf Indian School). BBS hopes that this first debate between two cultures in Kuwait will not be the last.

Nabil argues technology HAS made life better.


Al-Bayan reaped the rewards of a tough year of learning how to debate by dominating the newly formed Kuwait Debate League. BBS won 8 out of eleven matches and established itself as the debate "team to beat."

Bayan opened the season by hosting the other schools to a sample debate. The ad hoc team of Mohammad Fakhraldeen and Nabil al Khaled lost to last year's inter-school championship team of Mustafa Malaki and Saad al Ghawas. Saad and Mustafa debated that the US should drop sanctions on Iran. Note: This was, in fact, the only regular season defeat for Nabil and Mohammad.

The following two practice weeks served to show BBS's power. While some squads of new debaters lost matches, the four debaters in the inital match above NEVER lost to another school, either individually or as part of a squad containing one of them.

BBS went on to win 8-11 matches in the regular season, totally sweeping UAS, but losing several tough rough matches to a fast-improving GES squad. This set the stage for the 2000 BIT tournament.

Further, BBS hosted the most squads (6.5) of any school (compared to GES and UAS 3.0) and the most total debaters (13). At one point, BBS event contemplated entering the BIT as two teams.


As debate fans from last year remember, BBS came in fourth at the KFSAC tournament. The ranking at KFSAC, though, came by squads, not schools. ASK came in first and second. ESG came in third. Subsequently, BBS overcame ESG at the first BIT to emerge as arguably the second-best debate team in Kuwait.

In many ways, the BIT would bring together the best of two worlds, KFSAC and the KDL. The KDL teams, along with BBS, couldn't and didn't participate in EMAC (the Eastern Meditteranean Athletic Conference) debates in Jordan since they didn't have membership in EMAC (an increasingly exclusive club of schools). On the other hand the EMAC schools, including ASK, didn't to enter the BIT. In a sense, then, the upcoming tournament would pit not only the returning KFSAC champion (ASK) against the BIT champion (BIT), but also an EMAC school versus a KDL school.

Anticipation rose even more when ASK, along with BBS, elected to enter the maximum number of squads in the tournament.

Regular Season Results
(in all cases, winners are on the left).

Record: 8-3
Week 1
Saad/Mustafa-> Nabil Mohammad

Week 2

Round One
Shadi/Nabil->Nadine Sally (G1)
GES 1 (Dina/Altaf)->Mais/Mariam

Round Two
->Dina/Altaf (G1)
Nouf/Hessa->Sally/Refria (G2)

Week 3

Round One

Mohd/Ghazi-> UAS (Hamad Nola)
GES (Dina/Altaf)->Nada/Mais
Abdullah/Nabil->Sally/Refria (G1)
Saad/Mustafa->UAS (other squad)

Round Two

GES (Dina/Altaf)->Adel/Besma
Mohd/Ghazi->UAS (other squad)
Saad/Mustafa->GES (Sally/Refria)

Squad Rankings for BBS
1. Saad and Mustafa: 2-0
2. Mohd and Ghazi: 2-0
4. Nabil and Abdullah: 1-0
4. Nabil and Shadi: 1-0
4. Saad adn Abdullah: 1-0
7. Nouf and Hessa: 1-0
8. Mais and Maryem: 0-1
8. Adel and Besma: 0-1
8. Nada and Mais: 0-1

Click here to see all of the results of the regular season.


BBS answered the trivia questions in a convincing fashion, winning 8 out of 11 tournament matches, exactly equal to its regular season record en route to the finals.

This set the stage for a dramatic final against UAS. UAS has barely beaten GES to take second place whereas ASK came in a distant fourth. For UAS this represented a real surge. According to the agreed-upon final rules, UAS would have to defeat BBS on both judges' ballots in the finals. As it was Saad al Ghawas and Nabil al Khaled, while not debating their best match, managed a split ballot, giving BBS is second straight BIT championship.

Nabil and Saad accept the trophy
for the winning school.

BBS also won other debate awards. Saad al Ghawas, as he'd promised, took the top speaker award, while Nabil al Khalid came in tied for fourth. Mustafa Malaka (5th) and Mohammad Fakhral-deen (6th) showed how the strength of BBS's top four debaters as BBS took four of the top six debate spots.

KFSAC only gives two debate awards for the top squads, i.e. the awards ASK won last year. This time, however, BBS took both awards having the only two undefeated squads in the tournament. The squad with the higher total speaker points, that of Saad al Ghawas and Mustafa Malaki came in first while that of Mohammad Fakhraldeen and Ghazi al Sharhan came in second (click here to read Mohammad and Ghazi's well-researched plan).

Mohammad and Ghazi accept the award for
second place among the twenty-four squads.

Nabil is in the foreground congratulates Saad and
Mustafa on completing an undefeated season.

Saad and Mustafa also took other awards, with Saad taking a second place in impromptu speaking and Mustafa taking a first place in extemporaneous speaking.

Mustafa accepts the award for
top extemporaneous speaker.
All in all, BBS established itself (for this year at least) as THE debate team in Kuwait.

Here are some members of the tournament-winning team: Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Mustafa Malaki, Nada Abduljader, Nouf al Fraih, Nabil al Khaled, Saad al Ghawas, and Ghazi al Sharhan(kneeling); Not pictured: Besma Mutawa, Mais Sartawi, Maryem al Hamad, Hessa al Malallah, Adel al Omar, and Shadi al Suwayeh

BBS Tournament Record (8-3)

Round One
Saad/Mustafa->A1 (Firas/Conrad)
Mohd/Ghaza->A2 (Amir/Mohsen)
A3 (Aymon/Joseph)-> Nada/Hessa
Adel/Nabil->A4 (Sally/Katy)

Round Two
Saad/Mustafa->U2 (Onaisa/Fatima)
Mohammad/Ghaza->U1 (Mohd/Norhan)
A1 (Firas/Conrad)->Nouf/Hessa
Adel/Nabil->U3 (forfeit)

Round Three
Saad/Mustafa->G1 (Nadine/Sally)
Mohammad/Ghazi->A4 (Sally/Katy)
G2 (Dina/Altaf)->Adel/Nabil

Championship Round
Saad/Nabil<-split ballot-->U2 (Onaisa/Fatima)

School Rankings
1 BBS 8-3 72.7%
2 UAS 6-4 66.0%
3 GES 3-3 50.0%
4 ASK 3-8 27.2%

BBS Squad Placings
1 B1: Saad/Mustafa 3-0 50
2 B2: Mohammad/Ghazi 3-0 36
6 B4: Nabil/Adel 2-1 39
12 B3: Nouf/Hessa/Nada 0-2 37

Individual BBS Debaters
1 Saad Al Ghawas 27
3 Nabil al Khaled 24
5 Mustafa Malaka 23.3
6 Mohammad Fakhraldeen 22.3
18 Hessa Malallah 19
19 Nouf al Frai 18
21 Nada Abduljader 17
24 Ghazi al Sharhan 14

Click here to see all of the results of the tournament results.


This was not the best debate event at BBS. Debaters were tired. Still, it provided some valuable learning experiences for new debaters. Further, it introduced the BBS audience to debate.

The honors went about equally between the squad of Maryem and Mohammad and Nouf and Mustafa. The latter came through the regular rounds with the top records. In a semi-final match, indeed, Nouf and Mustafa prevailed over the other squads. The finals, however, proved a different story as Mohammad FD put in a first-rate negative performance to win the debate...and end Mustafa's perfect season.

On a less than stellar day for performances, Saad, Mustafa, and Mohammad all tied for the top debater award with Nabil very close behind. Hessa Malallah and Mais Sartawi emerged as the strongest new debaters. Adel al Omar and Shadi Suwayeh appeared as the most improved as they moved to the harder role of second speakers.

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3



Saad/Nada<->Nabil/Hessa (mutual disqualification)



Squad Rankings
(win, loss, points)

C: Mustafa/Nouf 3 1 149
A: Saad/Nada 2 1 161
B: Nabil/Hessa 2 1 159
D: Mohd/Maryem 2 2 157
E: Adel/Besma 1 2 139
F: Ghazi/Shadi 0 3 135

Speaker Rankings

1 Mustafa 29.7
1 Saad 29.7
1 Mohammad 29.7
4 Nabil 28.0
5 Hessa 25.0
5 Mais 25.0
7 Adel 24.7
8 Maryem 22.7
8 Ghazi 22.7
10 Shadi 22.3
11 Besma 21.7
12 Nouf 20.0
13 Nada 18.5

Next Season?

BBS will defend its BIT/KFSAC title in April. Beyond that, plans are still in flux.

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