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The 2001 Season

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Returning Team members:

Adel al Omar
Ghazi al Sharhan
Hessa al Malallah
Maryem al Hamad
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen
Mustafa Malaki
Nabil al Khaled
Nada al Abduljader
Nouf al Fraih
Saad al Ghawas
Shadi al Suwayeh

New Debaters:

Abdullah al Asoussi
Abdullah al Sayer
Abdulrahman al Shatti
Ahmad al Kulaib
Ahmad Abduljader
Ali Marafi
Aziz al Ateeqi
Fatma al Ibrahim
Faisal al Ibrahim
Khalid al Humaidhi
Khalid Shahroor
Kholoud al Harami
Sara al Dukair
Talal Rashoud
Yousef Dashti
Zooman al Mesbah


Al Bayan had another chance to go head to head against the best Indian Schools at the annual Indian schools debate. Once again, as the first school alphabetically, BBS had the unfortunate honor going on first. The issue:

Peer power promotes peer pressure.

Nabil al Khaled opened the event with a very strong speech for the affirmative position. "Joey Triviani stood on the ledge..because of peer performance." He warned the audience not to let themselves get "pushed over the ledge."

Mohammad Fakhral-Deen followed with probably one of the best speeches in the event. He promised that peer power promotes peer performance. Later during the season, other debaters would reference this speech.

Later, BBS had two chances to offer their interjections. Nada Al Abduljader gave a negative question in which, with her best smile, she offered that peers make everyone perform better. Finally, Saad Al Ghawas gave a final interjection in which he portrayed a "burnt character" who challenges anther speaker to follow him. Saad's premise: following this kind of "peer pressure" could certainly lead to problems.

During the intermission. the school invited members of the audience to speak. Mr. Dan offered his opinion that, in fact, the Indian schools did not compete in the KDL due to peer pressure. He challenged all of the coaches in the audience and, indeed, all of the students to participate in the challenge of the KDL.

Mr Dan dares the schools to come to BBS!

While BBS did not get either a speaker or school awards, its performance did not go un-noticed. In my humble opinion, BBS probably equalled about the weakest of the Indian schools and probably topped all of the British and American schools-within the particular confines of this debate style, which tends to award performance a lot more than substance.

Congratulations to FAIPS although, in my opinion, Carmel probably beat them.

My Personal Rankings of Schools at FAIPS*

1. FAIPS 8.3 (top two speakers)
2. Carmel 8.3
3. Indian Public S 8.0
4. Indian Central S 7.9
4. Gulf Indian S 7.9
6. Indian Sc-Salmiya 7.8
7. Kheitan 7.7
7. Jabriya Indian S 7.7
9. United Indian 7.5
9. Al-Bayan (BBS) 7.5
11 New English Schol 7.4 (3rd best speaker)
12 British School of K 6.0
13 Kuwait National ES 5.0
*taking into account the attributes most valued in this kind of debate, not attempting to score as a policy debate. Out of a scale of 10.


While this event doesn't, directly fall into the debate page, the importance of debaters in this event requires some mention. The following students participated from BBS:

Bader al Fahed, impromptu
Bader al Qatami, story-telling
Fatma Al-Ibrahim, serious duet acting
Hadael al Saleh, story-telling
Hamad al Anjari, story-telling
Haya al Anjari, impromptu and oratory
Maryam al Sabeh, oratory
Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, serious oral and oratory
Nabil al Khaled, extemp and oratory
Mustafa Malaki, extemporaneous speaking
Saad al Ghawas, impromptu
Sulaiman al Omar, extemp, comic duet and impromptu
Yasmine Al-Houlli, serious duet acting
Zooman al Mesbad, extemporaneous speaking

Several other students made the semi-finals or finals. Saad al Ghawas came in third place in the prelims in impromptu but couldn't go to the finals while Bader al Fahed made the finals. In oratory, Haya al Anjari made the semi-finals with a very well-written, emotional speech on drugs. Maryem al-Sabah also made the semi-finals in oratory. Mohammad Fakhral-Deen made it to the finals with a very well-delivered speech on women's rights.

Mohammad prepares to tell about women's rights.

Two students distinguished themselves. Mustafa Malaki repeated at KFSAC extemp champion while Nabil al Khaled place third in the same cateory.

Mohammad, Nabil, Mustafa, and Mr. Dan


The Kuwait Debate League opened its second season with BBS as host. BBS's coach, Daniel R. Fruit, gave an opening speech in which he told the debaters they are the elite. He emphasized that out of 40 English speaking schools in Kuwait, only a half dozen would actually debate.

Adel Al Omar and Abdullah Al Asousi opened the BBS season in style, winning the sample debate against GES's Nadine Abou Gheit and Altaf Malallah. Asousi and Omar's plan called on small banking, similar to that of the private enterprize Grameen Bank, a micro-lender, as a solution to the poverty problem of South Aisa.

Following the debate, BBS hosted a coaching and judges' clinic.

The following schools attended this opening match:
American Creativity Academy
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Varsity
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Junior Varsity
Farwaniya Wataniey Indian School
Gulf English School
Jabriya Indian School
Kuwait National English School
National English School
Universal American School

GULF ENGLISH SCHOOL and BBS DOMINATE ON MARCH 7th ***********************************************************

The Kuwait Debate League opened its formal season on March 7th. In the early going, BBS's A team showed considerable strength, winning all of its matches. Meanwhile, Gulf English School (GES) wrapped up wins of its own, finishing the night with a perfect record.

A number of BBS JV squads scrimmaged to round out the schedule. The year marked the first occasion in which the jv debated an entire season. Abdullah Al Sayer distinguished himself by winning a debate on a single speech: After he spoke, the UAS side quit!

Thrill of victory or agony of defeat: Ahmad Kulaib is ready!

Round 1
BBS 1 (Saad/Nabil) defeat UAS1 (Onaisa/Nourhan)
BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Fahed)
GES 1(khade/Ahbul) defeat BBSJV (Ghazi/Shadi)
GES 2(Altaf/Nadine) defeat BBSJV (Ahmed/Aziz)
BBS 3 Adel/Abdullah defeat BBSJV (Latifa/Yousef)

Round 2
BBSJV (AJ/Abdullah) defeat UAS3 (Ayad/Fajer)
BBSJV (Bader/Hamad) defeat BBSJV (Abdulrahman/Sulaiman)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat NES 1 (Sofia/Sally)
BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa) defeat NES 2 (Maesha/Sana)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Faisal/Zooman)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat UAS 2 (Ghassan/Rania)
BBSJV (Khaled/Khaled) defeat BBSJV (Haya/Fatema)

BBS A 6-0
GES A 3-0
NES A 2-2
UAS A 0-6


After a two week break, BBS's jv and varsity returned for an evening of mostly scrimmages. Adel Al Omar and Abdullah Al Asousi lost to GES 2 in the varsity's sole defeat of the season. Meanwhile, some of the jv squads got an opportunity to debate against the A squads. GES's strong performance improved their chances of going into the tournament with the best winning percentage though they'd not debated BBS A and BBS B yet.

The match between BBS A (Saad/Moh's) and BBS B (Mustafa/Moh'd) probably made the evening. A close fought match, it featured a complex plan involving Pakistan which the A squad did eventually defeat.

Among the Junior Varsity, four different squads debated against GES's A squads, but to no avail. Among the junior varsity, Sarah and Talal continued to amass an impressive win record.

Round 1
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat BBSJV (Aziz/Kulaib)
BBS 2 (Mod/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Hamad/Bader)
GES 1 (Alt/Nadine) defeat BBS 3 (Abdullah/Adel)
GES 2 (Hamd/Khad) defeat BBSJV (Abullah/AJ)
BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Sarah K)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Abdularhaman/Sulaiman)
BBSJV (Yusef/Abdullah) defeat GES 3 (Yasmine/Hebe)

Round 2
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustafa)
GES 1 (Nad/Alt) defeat BBSJV (Bader/Hamad)
GES 2 (Hmad/Khadeeja) defeat BBSJV (Khaled/Khaed)
BBSJV (Latifa/Nada) defeat BBSJV (Zooman/Faisal)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat BBSJV (Ahmed/Aziz)
BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi) defeat BBSJV (AJ/Abdullah)
BBSJV (Haya/Fatema) defeat GES 3 (Hebe/Yasmine)

GES A 4-0
BBS A 5-1
GES B 0-2

BBS DOMINATES ON MARCH 14th **********************************************************

The regular season ended with a flourish. On this night, BBS actually hosted more debates that occurred in the entire tournament two years previously. BBS's A team continued as the "team to beat" with devisive defeats of GES.

The varsity rolled to wins over GES's top squads. Nabil and Saad fought off a pesky GES first squad with a formidible affirmative plan. Meanwhile, Moh'd and Mustafa polished off GES's B squad.

Discounting scrimmages, BBS's JV actually posted their strongest evening of the season winning matches against both NES and UAS. Among its most impressive accomplishments, Shadi and Ghazi handily defeated NES's first squad while Talal and Sarah lost a closer match to NES's second squad. Aziz and Kuliab, further, defeated UAS's top squad. The other matches mostly consisted of scrimmages.

Round 1
BBS 2 (Moh/Mustafa) defeat BBSJV (Shadi/Ghazi)
BBS 3 (Abdul/Adel) defeat UASJV (Shaima/Fajer)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat UAS 1 (Onaisa/Fatima)
BBSJV (Talal/Sarah) defeat BBSJV (Fahaed/Nada)
BBSJV (Yousef/Abdullah) defeat BBSJV (Haya/Fatema)
BBSJV (Zooman/Faisal) defeat BBSJV (Hamad/Bader)
UAS 2 (Ayad/Mohd) defeat BBSJV (Khaled/Khaled)

Round 2
NES 2 (Soph/Sally) defeat BBSJV (Talal/Sarah)
BBSJV (Ghazi/Shadi) defeat NES 1 (Maesha/Sana)
BBSJV (Aziz/Kulaib) defeat UAS 1 (Onaisa/Fatima)
UAS 2 (Ayad/Mohd) defeat BBSJV (Abdullah/Ahmad)
BBSJV (Haya/Bader) defeat BBSJV (Dana/Hessa)
BBS 1 (Nabil/Saad) defeat GES 1 (Altaf/Nadine)
BBS 2 (Musta/Mohd) defeat GES 2 (Khadeeja/Abdul)
BBSJV (Abd/Ahmad) defeat BBSJV (Sulaiman/Abdulra)
BBSJV (Nada/Latifa) defeat BBSJV (Khaleds)
BBS 3 (Adel/Abdullah) defeat UASJV (fajer/Shaima)

BBS A 6-0
NES A 2-2
UAS A 2-2
GES A 1-3

SEASON STANDINGS **********************************************************

Hence, the regular season ended with BBS's A team solidly in first place. Adel and Abdullah lost only a single match while Moh'd and Mustafa only lost to Saad and Nabil, who continued with an undefeated record.

The junior varsity posted a more equivocal record. Against the few "j.v" squads, the BBSJV did well, winning their matches. They lost all matches to BBS's varsity, some more closely than others. The best jv squads, which varied through the season, got their attempts to debate against NES, UAS, and GES, with varying degress of sucess. Notably the BBSJV did not place last among all schools, quite an acheivement for a junior varsity team in any activity.

The numbers below discount scrimmage matches and the March 14th unofficial debates. Those results are in parenthesis.

Season Standings
1. BBS A 12-0 (17-1) (100%/94%)
2. GES A 5-3 (9-3)(66%/75%)
3. NES A 4-4 (4-4)(50%/50%)
4. BBSJV 3-7 (5-12)(30%/29%)
5. UAS A 2-8 (2-8)(25%/25%)
6. UASJV 0-2 (0-2)(0%/0%)
6. GES B NA (0-2)

BBS Among the Top Seven Squads (discounting scrimmages)
1. BBS 1 (Saad/Nabil) 6-0 (100%)
2. BBS 3 (Adel/Abdul) 6-1 (87%)
3. BBS 2 (Mohd/Mustaf) 5-1 (84%)
* I had to somewhat discount the percentage due to the fewer matches debated.


This event must rank somewhere in the debate halls of fame as the only event to arouse controversy before, during, and after.

The event pitted all of the BBS squads against each other in three leagues of five. Each league boasted its own judge, a hard-working teacher, and a scorekeeper. It shows something of the growth of BBS's program that an event that took three total class hours two years ago ended up involving almost 20% of the school. Very few schools could host as many debates of this quality in one day.

Before matches started, team head coach, Daniel Fruit, ranked the squads and then seeded them.

Pre-Event Seedings
record (versus other schools)
(1) Saad/Nabil 6-0 (4-0)
(2) Moh'd/Mustafa 5-1 (3-0)
(3) Adel/Abdullah 6-1 (2-1)
(4) Shadi/Ghazi 3-2 (1-1)
(5) Talal/Sarah 4-1 (0-1)
(6) Aziz/Kualaib 2-3 (1-1)
(7) Abdullah/AJ 2-3 (1-1)
(8) Haya/Fatema 1-3 (1-0)
(9) Yousef/Abullah 2-0 (0-0)
(10) Latifa/Nada 2-2 (0-0)
(11) Hamad/Bader 2-3 (0-1)
(12) Khaleds 2-3 (0-2)
(13) Zooman/Faisal 1-3 (0-0)
(15) Abdul/Sulaiman 0-3 (0-0)
(14) Dana/Fahed/etc 0-4 (0-0)

In all leagues but the fifth, this seeding resulted in the top team posting two wins and advancing. In the fifth league, the second placed (and 6th ranked) team of Ahmad and Aziz advanced rather than the fifth. In the fourth league, the 7th place team (Abdullah and AJ) narrowly lost to the fourth place team.

This set the stage for a four team semi-final. Unfortunately, all five teams had identical records (zero defeats). Hence, the four top teams by previous records advanced. After the defeat of the 4th seed, the sixth seed (Aziz/Kulaib) started a match against the fourth (Shadi/Ghazi), and seemed well on the way to victory, only to have time expire.

The semi-finals only served to increase the excitement. Abdullah Al Asousi and Adel Omar fought an extremely hard battle on affirmative only to fall to Mustafa Malaki and Mohammad Fakhral-Deen on a single point. Meanwhile, though the first seeds, Nabil Al Khaled and Saad Al Ghawas knocked many holes in the plans of their opponents, Shadi Al Suwayeh and Ghazi Al Sharhan refused to give up. Eventually, though, they fell.

This led to the semi-final match pitting the school's second and first squads against one another for the school championship. Mohammad and Mustafa elected to go affirmative. The negative put many holes into their plan which Mohammad and Mustafa sought to plug, but, in the end, the negative prevailed. Nabil Al Khaled and Saad Al Ghawas not only won but continued towards an undefeated record.

LEAGUE ONE: Mr. Dan F. Helper: Nada
Round 1: Nabil/Saad defeat Latifa/Nada
Round 2: Bader/Hamad defeat Latifa/Nada
Round 3: Nabil/Saad defeat Bader/Hamad
Winner: Nabil/Saad (2-0)
Second: Hamad/Bader (1-1)
Third: Latifa/Nada (0-2)

LEAGUE TWO: Ms. Joan Helper: Nouf
Round 1: Mohammad/Mustafa defeat Yousef/Abdullah
Round 2: Yousef/Abdullah defeat Khaled/Khaled
Round 3: Mohammad/Mustafa defeat Khaled/Khaled
Winner: Mohammad/Mustafa (2-0)
Second: Yousef/Latifa (1-1)
Third: Khaled/Khaled (0-2)

LEAGUE THREE: Mr. Dan W. Helper: Sukaina
Round 1: Abdullah/Adel defeat Haya/Fatema
Round 2: Haya/Fatema defeat Zooman/Faisal
Round 3: Abdullah/Adel defeat Zooman/Faisal
Winner: Adel/Abdullah (2-0)
Second: Haya/Fatema (1-1)
Third: Zooman/Faisal (0-2)

LEAGUE FOUR: Ms. Tina* Helper: Maryem
Round 1: Shadi/Ghazi barely defeat AJ/Abdullah
Round 2: cancelled
Round 3: AJ/Abdullah defeat Abdulrahman/Sulaiman
Winner: Shadi/Ghazi (1-0)(contested)
Second: AJ/Abdullah (.5-.5)
Third: Abdulrahman/Sulaiman

LEAGUE FIVE: Mr. Michael Helper: Hessa
Round 1: Ahmad/Aziz defeat Talal/Sarah
Round 2: Ahmad/Aziz defeat Dana/Fahed
Round 3: Talal/Sarah defeat Dana/Fahed
Winner: Ahmad/Aziz (2-0)
Second: Talal/Sarah (1-1)
Third: Dana/Fahaed (0-2)

Special Semi-Final* (after Shadi/Ghazi lose)
AJ/Aziz were leading Shadi/Ghazi

Mohammad/Mustafa narrowly defeat Adel/Abdullah
Nabil/Saad defeat Shadi/Ghazi

Nabil/Saad defeat Mohammad/Mustafa

Rankings By Squad W L pts
1 Saad/Nabil 4 0 49.3 1st
2 Mohd/Mustafa 3 1 49.3 2nd
3 Adel/Abdullah 2 1 45 3rd
4 Ghazi/Shadi 2 1 37.8 4th
5 Kulaib Aziz 2 0 37.3 special achievement
6 Abdullah-AJ 1.5 0.5 38
7 Yousef/Abdullah 1 1 42
8 Bader/Hamad 1 1 40
9 Haya/Fatema 1 1 40
10 Sarah/Talal 1 1 36.5
11 Abdul/Sulaiman 0 2 36
12 Latifa/Nad 0 2 35.5
13 Dana/Fahed 0 2 32
14 Zooman/Faisal 0 2 29.5
15 Khaleds 0 2 28.5

1 Mustafa Malaki 25.5 First
2 Nabil al Khaled 24.8 Second
3 Saad al Ghawas 24.5 Third
4 Mohammad FD 23.8
5 Adel al Omar 22.7
6 Latifa Ben Essa 22.5 Top j.v debater
7 Abullah Asousi 22.3 jv second-top 9th grader
8 Abdullah Bourhamah 22 jv third-2nd 9th grader
9 Aziz al Ateeqi 21
10 Abdullah al Sayer 21
11 Talal al Rashoud 20.5 jv fourth
12 Hamad Matrouk 20
12 Bader al Tukhaim 20
12 Yousef Dashti 20
12 Haya al Anjairi 20
12 Fatema al Ibrahim 20
17 Ghazi Sharhan 19.8
18 Ahmad Abduljader 19
18 Abdulrahman al Shatti 19
20 Shadi al Suwayeh 18
20 Sulaiman al Omar 18
20 Dana al Essa 18
23 Ahmad al Kulaib 16.5
23 Zooman al Mesbah 16.5
25 Sarah al Dukair 16
26 Khaled al Sharhoor 15
27 Fahed al Ibrahim 14
28 Khaled al Humaidhi 13.5
29 Nada al Mousah 13
29 Faisal al Ibrahim 13

Though BBS led during the regular season, the team took nothing for granted. The squads picked for the varsity and junior varsity tournament devoted long hours to preparing for the event. Though the favorites, they could anticipate a very hard road ahead.


BBS Junior Varsity Wins Its Tournament

For the first time, the KDL hosted a junior varsity division. Four schools entered, Universal American School, Gulf English School, Kuwait National English School, and BBSJV.

Three times the tournament arrangements went through reorganization. When it ended, BBS found itself debating in all six of the schedule matches. When GES pulled out at the last minute, this didn't change the situation. BBS needed to win all of its matches. The path literally lay through BBS.

BBS responded well to the challenge. In fact, BBS didn't lose a single match on a single judge's scoresheet. BBS squads came in first, second, and third. BBS claimed the top squad award (Abdullah Al Sayer/Abdullah Al Abduljader) and second place (Latifa Ben Essa/Fatma Al Ibrahim/Bader Al Tukhaim). It also claimed the top three speaker awards with Latifa Ben Essa (1st), Abdullah Al Sayer (2nd), and Yousef Dashti (3rd).

BBS Wins Second Straight Varsity Championship

The varsity tournament proved a lot tougher to win. Both GES and UAS prepared well and fought hard. A BBS forfeit to UAS didn't help. As late as the end of the second round, BBS sat very uncomfortably in third place. In order for the school to win, either GES or UAS needed to lose matches in the final round, or BBS needed to win decisive matches.

The final round, however, proved to make the difference. Saad Al Ghawas/Nabil AL Khaled defeated GES's first place squad. Meanwhile Mustafa Malaki/Aziz Al Ateeqi won when they needed to win. NES unexpectedly emerged with upset victories over top UAS squads. When the smoke cleared BBS held the best record, but didn't match its record of the year before. Clearly, this shows the improvement in the quality of league debating.

This set the stage for the dramatic finale. Holding the better record, BBS needed to only win on a single judge's ballot to win the debate. That, however, supposed that GES's first squad, Nadine and Altaf, wouldn't put a serious struggle. As it was, the final debate proved dramatic, but BBS still won on both ballots to emerge, for the second year in a row, as a winner.

Along the way, BBS picked up its share of awards. Mohammad Fakhral-Deen, Nabil Al Khaled, Saad Al Ghawas, and Adel Al Omar claimed the top four awards. Further, Saad and Nabil claimed the top squad award.

Given the harder struggle, winning seemed all the sweeter. Yet only time would tell if BBS could stay on top.

Saad debates intently.

Mr Dan announces the winning school.

Nabil is relieved to have this in his hand.

Moh'd and Saad share congratulations for speaker awards.

Let's put it safely in the trophy case.


Even as BBS accepted the trophy, a final debate loomed on the horizon, courtesy of the Kuwait Science Center. It involved the topic:

Resolved that Kuwait should act to reduce pollution within its national boundaries.

This came as invitation from Rebecca Himshoot, educational coordinator for the Center. UAS also responded to the challenge, sending its second place squad of Ghassan Haddad and Alan Chiwara to debate the affirmative.

Nabil cross-examines Alan Chiwara of UAS.

Nabil makes some key attacks on UAS's plan.

Saad has points to make as well.

Both squads prepared in only two week's time. When the smoke cleared, Nabil and Saad won the debate by showing enough holes in the affirmative's plan to preclude adoption. For this feat, they received pins, and completed an undefeated season.

Nabil receives a medal from the Science Center's education director.

Saad receives a medal as well.

Both squads prepared in only two week's time. When the smoke cleared, Nabil and Saad won the debate by showing enough holes in the affirmative's plan to preclude adoption. For this feat, they received pins, and completed an undefeated season.


Thank you to the following people for assisting BBS:

Adminstrative help:
Dr. Lance, school director
Mr. Jihad, high school principal
Ms. Debbie McIntosh, middle school principal

Ann McCoy
Dan Waterman
Jason Hunt
Michael Ryan
Nehme Kourani
Tina Lancor

The BBS PTA, including
Ms. Laila
Ms. Lamia
Ms. Janelle

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