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The 2003 Season

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Student Assistants

Ghazi Al Sharhan
Talal Al Rashoud
Yousef Dashti

Varsity Team members:

Abdullah Al Asousi
Faisal Al Ibrahim
Hamad Al Essa
Khaled Al Rubei
Khaled Shahroor
Muneera Al Nibari
Nasser Al Aujan
Noufah Al Sabah
Saja Fakhral-Deen
Zooman Al Mesbah

Junior Varsity Team members:

Abdullah Behbehani
Ahmad Al Shammari
Anwar Al Muzaini
Bader Abdulaziz
Besma Behbehani
Dalia Al Awadi
Fatema Boukhadour
Hamad Al Sager
Hassan Dashti
Hissah Al Sabah
Lulu Al Mishari
Rasheed Al Ghamdi
Saud Subaie
Sara Al Dalali
Saad Behbehani
Saud Al Subei
Sirene Saddedin

KSDC, The Kuwait Schools Debate Championship

This was BBS's second experience with "world style" (British style) debate. Altogether six students participated in the effort:

Abdullah Al Asousi
Abdullah Bourhamah
Khaled Al Rubei
Saja Fakral-Deen
Sara Abu-Saleh

From this group, Khaled and Saja represented BBS as the "A team" while Abdullah Al Asousi and Abdullah Al Bourhamah became the BBS "B" team.

Mr. David debates for BSK.

Needless to say some of these BSK
debaters are a bit more senior than ours.

Khaled starts to defend corporal punishment.

Numerous studies support the practice.

Saja questions Mr. David's claims.

Saja wonders about BSK's logic.

Neither team made it beyond the first round, but each enjoyed his/her time in this event. Saja and Khaled participated in a rather unique event in which they debated against BBS's coach.

"They're distorting all of our logic"

Abdullah attacks the United Nations.

"Even little Serbia defies the United Nations.

This is another funny BSK definition.

Abdullah answers another question.

"Why don't they answer our questions: Are they afraid?"

2. KES A
3. NES A
4. BSK A
5. GES A
6. BBS A (Saja/Khaled)
7. BBS B (Abdullah/Abdullah)


2. BSK

2003 KDL Season

For BBS, the season marked a second year of defeat in the final day of the season. Both BBS and GES traded victories and defeats throughout the season. However, GES's junior varsity generally held the edge over BBS and BBS a slight edge at the varsity level.

This led to a dramatic final confrontation with GES narrowly winning the preliminaries and holding on to narrowly win in the final match.

To read all about the KDL, click here,

Scrimmage Matches
BBSJV Mohd/Hamad defeat BBS JV Sarah/Manal
BBSJV Alaa/Nasser defeat BBS JV Sajah/Khaled
BBSJV Amna/Zaineb defeat BBS JV Muneera/Shaima

Sample Debate
BBSV Talal/Latifa defeat Yousef/Ghazi

Faisal makes a point during the sample debate.

Abdullah tries to explain visa insurance.

Nasser opens his argument for the negative.

Hamad listens to affirmative side.

Abdullah and Faisal versus...

against (winners) Hamad and Nasser.

Both sides shake hands.

Week One

Round 1

GES1: Abdulhameed/Roshan defeat BBSV3: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV4: Zooman/Khaled defeat GES2: Safayet/Haithem
GES3: Aruba/Saed defeat BBSV5: Muneera/Noufah
GES4: Danah/Nour defeat BBSJV: Hamad (S)/Abdullah (B)
BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser defeat BBSJV: Hassan/Rasheed
BBSV2: Sajad Khaled defeat BBSJV: Lulu/Anwar


Round 2

BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES1: Abdulhameed/Roshan
BBSV2: Saja/Khaled defeat GES2: Safat/Haitham
GES3: Saad/Aruba defeat BBSJV: Hasham/Rashid
BBSV5: Muneera/Noufa defeat GES4: Nour, Danah
BBSV3: Faisal/Abdullah defeat BBSJV: Sirene, Ahmad
BBSV4: Khaled/Zooman defeat BBSJV: Sara/Dalia
BBSJV: Saad/Fatema defeat BBSJV: Anwar/Lulu

Sample Debate Number Two
BBSV Saja/Khaled defeat Zooman/Khaled S.

Week Two

Round 1

GES1: A-H/Roshan defeat BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah
GES2: Safat/Haithem defeat BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser
BBSV2: Saja/Khaled defeat GES3: Urooba/Said
GES4: Dana/Noor defeat BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV3: Zooman/Khaled defeat BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashid
BBSJV2: Abullah/Hamad S defeat BBSJV7: Bader/Saud S.
BBSJV4: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa
BBSJV3: Dalia/Sarah defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline


Round 2

GES1: A-H/Roshan defeat BBSV2: Saja/Khaled
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat GES2: Safat/Haithem
BBSV3: Zooman/Khaled defeat GES3: Urooba/Said
GES4: Dana/Nour defeat BBSJV5: Lulu/Anwar
BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah defeat BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa
GES5: Mary/Caroline defeat BBSJV7: Bader/Saud S.
BBSV1: Nasser/Hamad defeat BBSJV1: Saad/Fatema
BBSJV4: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV3: Dalia/Sarah

Week Three

Round 1

BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah defeat BBSJV6: Anwar/Rashid
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat GES2.5: Safat/Saaed
BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES4: Moh’d/Noor
BBSV1: Khaled/Zooman defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat BBSJV3: Hamad/Abdullah B.
BBSJV7: Bader/Saad defeat BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu
BBSJV3: Saad/F atema defeat BBSJV2: Ahmad/Sirene


Round 2

BBSJV2: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV1: Sarah/Dalia
BBSV2: Nasser/Hamad defeat GES2.5: Safat/Saeed
BBSV1: Khaled/Zooman defeat: GES 4: Mohd/Noor
GES 5: Mary/Caroline defeat: BBSJV7: Bader/Saud
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat: BBSJV3: Saad/Fatema
BBSV4: Muneera/Noufa defeat: BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat: BBSJV8 other: Basma/Hassan

Week Four

Round 1

BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat FAIPS1: Maria/Vinot
GES2: Safayet/Haithem defeat FAIPS2: Shilpi/Prenka
GES1: Roshan/Abdulhameed defeat BBS1: Khaled/Zooman
GES3: Urooba/Saaed defeat BBSJV2: Sirene/Ahmad
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat BBSV5: Abdullah/Faisal
BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu defeat BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashed
GES5: Caroline/Mary defeat BBSJV4: Hamad/Abdullah


Round 2

GES1: Roshan/Abdul-H defeat BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES2: Safayet/Haithem
BBSJV4: Hamad S/Abdullah defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline
BBSV1: Zooman/Khaled S defeat BBSV3: Saja/Khaled
BBSJV2: Sirene/Ahmad defeat BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu


The In-School Tournament

One of the more exciting in-school tournaments in recent years, this tournament's size actually exceeded that of the KFSAC tournament two-weeks later.

The particular circumstances of this event, taking place before the ending of the War with Iraq provided its own special challenges. Still, the majority of the junior varsity and all of the varsity showed up for this school event. Talal, Yousef, and Ghazi helped with judging.

In the junior varsity division, the two "assembled teams" outdid their more established partnerships. Hassan Dashti and Lulu Al Mashari emerged as the top squad with Lulu also taking the top and second speakers. They did this by defeating the squad of Fatema Boukadour and Sarah Dalali in the finals.

The varsity final pitted the squad of Nasser Al Aujan and Hamad al Essa versus Saja Fakhral-deen and Khaled Al Rubei. The latter made it to the finals only be amassing a marginally better speaker score that the team of Khaled Shahroor and Zooman Al Mesbah. The final provided an ominous precedent for the final match of the season as Saja/Khaled lost their affirmative when Hamad attacked not the plan as the logical assumptions behind it, the same strategy used by GES in the final match. Hamad emerged as the top speaker with Saja and Khaled as the next two speakers.

JV/Varsity Intra-School Tournament

Junior Varsity

Round 1
Sirene/Ahmad defeat Hissa/Besma
Sara/Fatema BYE
Hassan/Lulu defeat Hamad/Abdullah

Round 2
Sirene/Ahmad BYE
Sara/Fatema defeat Hamad/Abdullah
Hassan/Lulu defeat Hissa/Besma

Round 3
Sara/Fatema defeat Hissa/Besma
Hamad/Abdullah BYE
Hassan/Lulu defeat Sirene/Ahmad

Lulu/Hassan defeat Fatema/Sara


Round 1
Zooman/ Khaled defeat Muneera/Noufah
Nasser/Hamad defeat Faisal/Abdullah
Saja/Khaled BYE

Round 2
Zooman/Khaled BYE
Nasser/Hamad defeat Saja/Khaled
Muneera/Noufah defeat Faisa/Abdullah

Round 3
Faisal/Abdullah defeat Khaled/Zooman
Nasser/Hamad BYE
Saja/Khaled defeat Noufah/Muneera

Nasser/Hamad defeat Saja/Khaled

Top Speakers JV
top three receive awards

1 Lulu Al Mishari 23.4
2 Hassan Dashti 22.5
3 Fatema Boukhadour 22.3
4 Sarah Dalali 22
5 Sirene Saddedin 20.8
6 Abdullah Behbehani 20.5
7 Ahmad Al Shammari 20.3
8 Hissa Al Sabah 18.3
9 Hamad Al Sager 16.3
10 Besma Behbehani 12.2

Top Squads JV

1 Lulu/Hassan 4-0 45.9 pts.
2 Fatema/Sarah 3-1 42.3 pts.
3 Sirene/Ahmad 2-1 41 pts.
4 Abdullah/Hamad 1-2 40.5 pts.
5 Besma/Hissa 0-3 30.5 pts.

Top Speakers Varsity

top four won awards

1 Hamad Al Essa 23.2
2 Saja Fakhral-Deen 23
3 Khaled Rubei 22.7
4 Zooman Al Mesbah 21.5
4 Khaled Shahroor 21.5
6 Abdullah Al Asousi 21
7 Muneera Al Roumi 19.7
8 Faisal Al-Ibrahim 19.5
9 Nasser Al Aujan 18.8
10 Noufah Al Sabah 16.9

Top Squads Varsity

1 Nasser/Hamad 4-0 42 pts.
2 Khaled/Saja 2-2 45.7 pts.
3 Zooman/Khaled 2-1 43 pts.
4 Faisal/Abdullah 1-2 40.5 pts.
5 Noufah/Muneera 1-2 36.6 pts.


The 2003 BIT

The BIT lived up to its reputation as one of the most exciting events BBS sponsors. In a distinct contrast to previous years, after two rounds it appeared that BBS might "walk away" with the trophy. This confidence stemmed from a first round victory over FAIPS B team and a split ballot with FAIPS's A team. However, the second round found FAIPS finding its footing with wins against GES. Thus, the final round began with GES well behind both FAIPS and GES. In this final round, however, GES won almost every match against BBS to put itself into first place with BBS and FAIPS both a more distant second and third, respectively.

The BBS junior varsity provided some pleasant surprizes. Althogh GES held the edge during the regular season, BBS and GES each won two matches in the tournament, with the squad of Abdullah Behbehani and Ahmad Shammari winning both matches. Unfortunately, the better speaker points of GES's speakers put them in first place.

The finals found BBS in the position of needing to sweep both ballots. This provided a particular challenge because by this point in the season the negatives, including GES's enjoyed a competive edge over the affirmative. The team voted to go with Khaled and Saja's plans on dropping sanctions against Cuba, which had never lost in debates against GES.

However, the plan had lost a previous match, against Hamad in the In-School tournament. While Saja/Khaled amply proved the merits of their plan, amply enough to carry one judge, the GES attack against the basic logic of the plan proved sufficient to carry the other judge. BBS again came in second place.

Win or lose, all BBS students deserve credit for putting forth an effort to complete an entire season in conditions best described as inhospitable. Two debates occurred against the backdrop of sandstorms and another the night before the War began against Iraq. While other schools closed, BBS continued to debate and to host.

To read all about the BIT, click here,


Preliminary Round 1

BBSA Khaled/Hamad splits with FAIPSA Shilpi/Prena
BBSB Khaled/Abdullah defeats FAIPSB Rohan/Vinod
BBSC Saja/Khaled defeat GESC Uroba/Saaed
GESJV1 Noor/Dana defeat BBSJV1 Sirene/Fatma


Preliminary Round 2

FAIPSA Shilpi/Prerna defeats GESA Abdul-Hameed/Roshan
GESB Safayet/Haithem defeats FAIPSB Rohan/Vinod
BBSC Saja/Khaled defeat GESC Uroba/Saaed (on affirmative)
BBSJV2 Abdullah/Ahmad defeatGESJV2 Mary/Caroline

Preliminary Round 3

GESA Roshan/Abdul-Hameed defeat BBSA Khaled/Hamad
GESB Safayet/Haithem defeat BBSB Khaled/Abdullah
GESJV2 Mary/Caroline defeat BBSJV1 Sirene/Fatma
BBSJV2 Abdullah/Ahmad defeat GESJV1 Dana/Noor



Final Debate GES: Abdul-Hameed/Haithem split with Saja/Khaled

Season Regular Season Records by Squad

BBS Varsity
BBSV (26-8, 80%) BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser 7-1 (8-1, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV2: Khaled/Zooman 6-1 (7-2, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled 5-1 (7-2, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV4: Noufah/Muneera 4-2
BBSV5: Abdullah/Faisal 4-3 (4-5 inc. scrimmages)

BBSJV (2-19, 10%)(excluding scrimmages)
BBSJV1: Ahmad/Sirene 0-2 (4-2 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV2: Saad/Fatema 0-2 (2-2 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV3: Abdullah B/ Hamad S. 1-2 (2-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV4: Dalia/Lulu 1-1 (1-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV5: Lulu/Anwar 0-3 (1-5 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashid 0-4 (0-5 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV7: Bader/Saad Subaie 0-2 (1-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa 0-2 (0-3 inc. scrimmages)


Thank you to the following people for assisting BBS:

Adminstrative help:
Dr. Lance, school director
Mr. Jihad, high school principal
Ms. Debbie McIntosh, middle school principal

Joan Dunne
Jason Hunt
Amani Shahroor
Sadjia Derouche
Tina Lancor

My student aids:

Ghazi Sharhan
Talal Al Rashoud
Yousef Dashti

Mr. Rory, part time junior varsity coach and judge.
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