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Year 2003 Season

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BBS Hosted the FOURTH Annual Kuwait Debate League

Al-Bayan Bilingual School Proudly hosted the Kuwait Debate League. Again, the debate league invited all English language curriculum schools within Kuwait to attend and participate in its upcoming season which will culminate in the combined BIT/KFSAC Kuwait junior varsity and varsity championship.

This Season's Resolution
Resolved: That the United States should substantially change its policy towards immigration.

1993's Schedule

February 5-sample debate/
February 19-round 1
March 5-round 2
March 10 (Monday)-make-up round (in case of conflict)
March 19-round 3
April 2-3-tournament


The following were adopted..and tried in the League this year. Coaches will have the option of voting to continue them or discontinue.

(1) Tournament Match Scoring

At the meeting, the coaches adopted an altered form of scoring for the tournament. Each school's "A," "B" etc. team will be put in a pool of similarly designated teams. Points for matches then will be awarded as follows (in the event of a split ballot, each team would get half).
1. A team matches = 8 points
2. B team matches = 6 points
3. C team matches = 4 points
4. D team matches = 2 point

(2) Junior Varsity Tournament Age limit

The junior varsity age limit for the tournament would be set at 16. During the regular season, as in the past, varsity and j.v. squads will intermix.

(3) Debate off

This was retained for this season.
A map of Hawally and BBS.

Another view

Kuwait Debate League Prepares for Fourth Exciting Season

The following article appeared in the Kuwait Times:

Imagine parents that your son said he was going to participate in football. You would probably ask him:

"Oh really. When are your games?"

"Oh, well we don't have any games. We're just going to have a tournament."

"No games! How will you get any better? Oh well. When is the tournament?"

"Oh. Don't bother coming. Only two teams are coming. They're only inviting five schools." Would you allow your child to participate?

Sadly, this is the state of affairs in many places of the world regarding debate. Schools typically attend a single tournament, organized around one league or another. Many a debator's debate "season" may consist of a single match. The debate "coach" may, devote little time exclusively to debate, concentrating on forensics or drama. Some schools, perhaps sensibly, do not even participate. Unfortunately, while few of us believe we're raising or teaching a future David Beckham, most would love to have their children learn to research, speak, read, cooperate, and compete at a high level, all skills taught by debating.

The Kuwait Debate League (KDL) specifically attempts to treat American-style debate as seriously as schools treat football or basketball. The League offers an entire season of debate, as well as ample support materials, so students and schools can improve their skills. Last year, the top KDL squad during the regular season debated ELEVEN matches as well as an additional FOUR matches in the tournament. The League includes j.v. and varsity divisions, and, in order to insure the highest level of competition, invites ALL English-skill curriculum schools in Kuwait. Past champions and runners-up include an American, British, bilingual, and Indian school. This allows referring to Fahaheel Wataniyeh Indian Private School (FAIPS), last year's top school, as national champions.

The KDL season runs from February 9th to April 3rd. All matches and the championship take place at continuing host Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS). Already this year, Al-Bayan Bilingual School, Al-Ruya Bilingual School, American Academy for Girls, FAIPS, Gulf English School, and Universal American School indicated their participation. More sign up each day.

With the League offering all of this, wouldn't you want your child to debate? Wouldn't you want your child's school to participate?

Interested schools please contact Daniel R. Fruit

Kuwait Debate League 2003 Season Invitation

The following article was sent to all coaches.

Rumor has it many activities within Kuwait, especially KFSAC activities, have been least for now. [To anyone from outside of Kuwait, this will probably seem an unusual occurence. Here's it's quite a common occurence.]

However, the KDL is an independent organization of schools. While our championship is the KFSAC championship, we reserver the right to invite any schools to KDL including those not in KFSA. In fact, we continue to invite ALL English-curriculum schools, even if only to observe. The only caveat is that our Security will ask to see I.D.

Hence, week one will proceed on Wednesday at BBS at 1500. All are welcome.


The following article appeared in the Kuwait Times:

Kuwait Debate League Season Begins With Sample Debate.

The fourth Kuwait Debate League season officially began on February 5th at Al-Bayan Bilingual School. A host of English-curriculum schools and debaters observed as two of Al-Bayan Bilingual School's squad debated on this season's question:

"Resolved that the United States should substantially change its policy towards immigration."

The affirmative team of Faisal Al Ibrahim and Abdullah Al Asousi clearly believed that this policy should change or, rather, the portion of this policy specifically dealing with visas. They cited the number of visitors afraid to go to the United States, the financial damages due to fear of terrorism, and the damage to the travel agencies. To solve this, they proposed nothing less than an entire new agency devoted to granting "Visa Insurance," which visa holders would have to acquire in order to enter into the USA. By making very visa holder an "insured" one, they asserted that the US would not only get safer visa entrants but lessen the financial damages caused by currents fears.

The negative team, Nasser Al Aujan and Hamad Al Essa, strongly disagreed. They defended currently US. policy, the "status quo," on immigration in general. While they acknowledged that the 9/11 bombing did indicate some problems with immigration policy, they noted the fact that agencies such as the INS, Border Patrol, had received awards for good service. Further, they offered that new changes in the visa law would do a much better job of solving the supposed harms of the affirmative. They challenged the affirmative not only to come up with figures but also to prove, conclusively, that their plan would not actually cause more delays and keep more foreigners out of the USA.

In the end, the judges, on a very close ballot, ruled for the negative. Specifically, they felt, as the negative pointed out, the evidence did not PROVE that the affirmative's plan would work.

Kuwait Debate League Coordinator, Daniel R. Fruit, and Gulf English School's coach and long-time judge, Diana Seavill, both concurred on awarding this debate to the negative. Both added that it was a good debate considering how little time the two squads had to prepare for this first debate.

A number of schools attended this first debate, including reigning champion Fahaheel Wataniyeh Indian Private School, reigning junior varsity champion Al-Bayan Bilingual School Junior Varsity, and two-time runner-up Gulf English School. Mr. Fruit introduced Prenka, the League's New Coordinator.

The first school versus school competition will begin on February 19th.

Gulf English School Wins Fourth Annual
Kuwait Debate League Championship

Gulf English School recoreded its first varsity and junior varsity debate national championships in a dramatic double win at the Kuwait Debate League/Bayan Invitational Tournament hosted by Al-Bayan Bilingual School on April 16th. GES, after coming in second in both 2000 and 2001 and third in 2002, overcame strong opposition to win in both divisions triumphing over not only over perennial contender BBS but also reigning British-style debate champion, Fahahaheel Wataineh Indian Private School.

Early on, indeed, it appeared that BBS, who posted the best season record, would win the event as it outscored its opponents 14-12-6 after two rounds, with FAIPS debates completed, and GES in third place. This set the stage for GES's A and B matches against BBS. When GES swept both matches, it became the winner of the preliminary rounds. As per league rules, the second-place school, BBS needed to win both ballots on the final. In a match which both judges described as "extremely close," the two schools split, leaving GES as champions.

GES's B team of Haithem Abdel Motal and Safayet Ahmed received the award for the top squad while its A team of Roshan Jacob and Abdul-Hameed Al-Sayegh came in third. In addition, Haithm came in first among all speakers. FAIPS A squad of Prena Bang and Shilpi Verna came in second among with squads with Prena receiving a second place and Shilpi a fourth place speaker award. BBS's team of Abdullah Asousi and Khaled Shahroor came in fourth among squads with Khaled tying Prena for the second place speaker award. Abdullah Al Asousi (5th) and Hamad Al-Essa (6th) also received speaker awards for BBS.

The junior varsity portion of the event proved equally close. Since both BBS and GES junior varsities each won two matches out of four, only the slightly higher speaker totals for GES made them the victors. BBS's Ahmad Al-Shamari and Abdullah Behbehani received recognition as the top JV squad with GES's Mary Ghobrial and Caroline Emeil coming in second. Mary (1st) and Caroline (3rd) also received speaker awards with BBS's Fatema Boukhadour coming in second.

The final event marked the end of an extremely challenging KDL season. Two practice weeks took place against the background of heavy sandstorms while the final practice week ended only eight hours before the beginning of US-Iraq hostilities. The War caused an additional delay in hosting the tournament, one of the very few student activities proceeding during the spring season.

Commented League Coordinator Daniel R. Fruit:

"This was an extremely tough year to hold debates. I congratulate GES on their well-earned victories and all students on sucessful completion of this season."

To read about GES's historic win, click here.

2003 KDL Records

Week One

Round 1

GES1: Abdulhameed/Roshan defeat BBSV3: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV4: Zooman/Khaled defeat GES2: Safayet/Haithem
GES3: Aruba/Saed defeat BBSV5: Muneera/Noufah
GES4: Danah/Nour defeat BBSJV: Hamad (S)/Abdullah (B)
BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser defeat BBSJV: Hassan/Rasheed
BBSV2: Sajad Khaled defeat BBSJV: Lulu/Anwar


Round 2

BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES1: Abdulhameed/Roshan
BBSV2: Saja/Khaled defeat GES2: Safat/Haitham
GES3: Saad/Aruba defeat BBSJV: Hasham/Rashid
BBSV5: Muneera/Noufa defeat GES4: Nour, Danah
BBSV3: Faisal/Abdullah defeat BBSJV: Sirene, Ahmad
BBSV4: Khaled/Zooman defeat BBSJV: Sara/Dalia
BBSJV: Saad/Fatema defeat BBSJV: Anwar/Lulu

Sample Debate Number Two
BBSV Saja/Khaled defeat Zooman/Khaled S.

Week Two

Round 1

GES1: A-H/Roshan defeat BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah
GES2: Safat/Haithem defeat BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser
BBSV2: Saja/Khaled defeat GES3: Urooba/Said
GES4: Dana/Noor defeat BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV3: Zooman/Khaled defeat BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashid
BBSJV2: Abullah/Hamad S defeat BBSJV7: Bader/Saud S.
BBSJV4: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa
BBSJV3: Dalia/Sarah defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline


Round 2

GES1: A-H/Roshan defeat BBSV2: Saja/Khaled
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat GES2: Safat/Haithem
BBSV3: Zooman/Khaled defeat GES3: Urooba/Said
GES4: Dana/Nour defeat BBSJV5: Lulu/Anwar
BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah defeat BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa
GES5: Mary/Caroline defeat BBSJV7: Bader/Saud S.
BBSV1: Nasser/Hamad defeat BBSJV1: Saad/Fatema
BBSJV4: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV3: Dalia/Sarah

Week Three

Round 1

BBSV4: Muneera/Noufah defeat BBSJV6: Anwar/Rashid
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat GES2.5: Safat/Saaed
BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES4: Moh’d/Noor
BBSV1: Khaled/Zooman defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat BBSJV3: Hamad/Abdullah B.
BBSJV7: Bader/Saad defeat BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu
BBSJV3: Saad/Fatema defeat BBSJV2: Ahmad/Sirene


Round 2

BBSJV2: Ahmad/Sirene defeat BBSJV1: Sarah/Dalia
BBSV2: Nasser/Hamad defeat GES2.5: Safat/Saeed
BBSV1: Khaled/Zooman defeat: GES 4: Mohd/Noor
GES 5: Mary/Caroline defeat: BBSJV7: Bader/Saud
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat: BBSJV3: Saad/Fatema
BBSV4: Muneera/Noufa defeat: BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu
BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah defeat: BBSJV8 other: Basma/Hassan

Week Four

Round 1

BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat FAIPS1: Maria/Vinot
GES2: Safayet/Haithem defeat FAIPS2: Shilpi/Prenka
GES1: Roshan/Abdulhameed defeat BBS1: Khaled/Zooman
GES3: Urooba/Saaed defeat BBSJV2: Sirene/Ahmad
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled defeat BBSV5: Abdullah/Faisal
BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu defeat BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashed
GES5: Caroline/Mary defeat BBSJV4: Hamad/Abdullah


Round 2

GES1: Roshan/Abdul-H defeat BBSV5: Faisal/Abdullah
BBSV2: Hamad/Nasser defeat GES2: Safayet/Haithem
BBSJV4: Hamad S/Abdullah defeat GES5: Mary/Caroline
BBSV1: Zooman/Khaled S defeat BBSV3: Saja/Khaled
BBSJV2: Sirene/Ahmad defeat BBSJV5: Anwar/Lulu

The 2003 BIT

To read all about the BIT, click here,

Preliminary Round 1

BBSA Khaled/Hamad splits with FAIPSA Shilpi/Prena
BBSB Khaled/Abdullah defeats FAIPSB Rohan/Vinod
BBSC Saja/Khaled defeat GESC Uroba/Saaed
GESJV1 Noor/Dana defeat BBSJV1 Sirene/Fatma

Preliminary Round 2

FAIPSA Shilpi/Prerna defeats GESA Abdul-Hameed/Roshan
GESB Safayet/Haithem defeats FAIPSB Rohan/Vinod
BBSC Saja/Khaled defeat GESC Uroba/Saaed (on affirmative)
BBSJV2 Abdullah/Ahmad defeatGESJV2 Mary/Caroline

Preliminary Round 3

GESA Roshan/Abdul-Hameed defeat BBSA Khaled/Hamad
GESB Safayet/Haithem defeat BBSB Khaled/Abdullah
GESJV2 Mary/Caroline defeat BBSJV1 Sirene/Fatma
BBSJV2 Abdullah/Ahmad defeat GESJV1 Dana/Noor


Final Debate GES: Abdul-Hameed/Haithem split with Saja/Khaled

Season Regular Season Records by Squad

BBS Varsity
BBSV (26-8, 80%) BBSV1: Hamad/Nasser 7-1 (8-1, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV2: Khaled/Zooman 6-1 (7-2, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV3: Saja/Khaled 5-1 (7-2, inc. scrimmages)
BBSV4: Noufah/Muneera 4-2
BBSV5: Abdullah/Faisal 4-3 (4-5 inc. scrimmages)

BBSJV (2-19, 10%)(excluding scrimmages)
BBSJV1: Ahmad/Sirene 0-2 (4-2 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV2: Saad/Fatema 0-2 (2-2 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV3: Abdullah B/ Hamad S. 1-2 (2-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV4: Dalia/Lulu 1-1 (1-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV5: Lulu/Anwar 0-3 (1-5 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV6: Hassan/Rashid 0-4 (0-5 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV7: Bader/Saad Subaie 0-2 (1-3 inc. scrimmages)
BBSJV8: Besma/Hissa 0-2 (0-3 inc. scrimmages)

FAIPS (0-2, 0%)
FAIPS 1: Maria/Vinot 0-1
FAIPS 2: Shilpi/Prenka 0-1

GES (16-15, 45.8%)* (excluding scrimmages)
GES 1: Abdul/Roshan 5-1
GES 2: Safat/Haithem 2-4
GES 2.5: Safat/Saaed 0-2
GES 3: Urooba/Said 3-2
GES 4: Moh’d/Dana/Nour 3-3
GES 5: Mary/Caroline 3-3

Team Total Rankings

1. BBS V = 29-11-1 72.5%
2. GES V = 11-10 52%
3. GES JV = 11-10 52%
4. FAIPS 1 = 1-1-1 50%
5. BBS JV = 4-23 15%
6. FAIPS 2 = 0-3 0%

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