Event: Pearl-MUN 2001
ECOSOC Emergency Situation

Author: Shadi Al Suwayeh

Greenpeace and the Spratleys

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Greenpeace and the Spratleys

Emergency Situation

11th May 2001 Reports that India has been doing some further nuclear tests in Bihar. The Delhi Times reported that some leakage occurred during these testings. A green peace ship was alerted by the situation and directed itself towards India. The Greenpeace ship was in Japan protesting Japanese plans to develop a breeder reactor.

12th May 2001 the Green Ship was passing the Spratleys in international waters when suddenly it was sunk by a missile (the Spratlies are oil rich islands that are claimed by China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia). The Green Peace ship had French, American, German, and British specialized teams on board.

The Spratleys: Dangerous Waters

13th May 2001 further reports that ASEAN, represented by Singapore, as well as France, the U.S.A, Germany. The U.K and Greenpeace blame China for this catastrophe, and of course China is saying that they are innocent.

14th May 2001 On the other hand, not forgetting that there is also a crises happening in India, Greenpeace sent a ship to India, The ship left from Germany and carried specialized teams from France, the U.K, the U.S, and Germany.

24th May 2001 The ship asked for the authorization from India to enter Indian water, but the Indian government refuses saying that if the ship goes more than one mile within the border the ship will be destroyed.

How Many Nukes Are in This Picture?



The Treaty of the Spratleys
(Also in the ECOSOC Chair's Report)

Signed on the date of 24th May 24th May 2001

In the United Nations ECOSOC

Between the nations and organization of:

1. Greenpeace

2. Countries of ASEAN

3. China

4. U.S.A

5. U.K.

6. France

We, the nations listed above agree to the following points:

1. China will provide Green Peace with two ships that are currently operating successfully.

2. China will pay the families of the victims of the incident their salaries for the next 25 years that they would have received if they had remained alive.

3. China will pay each family an emotional fee of $1500 USD per victim.

4. China will submit a formal and public apology to Green Peace, countries of ASEAN, U.S.A, U.K. and France.

5. China will also submit a detailed and valid explanation of it’s motives for firing a missile at the Green Peace ship.

6. In return, the above nations and organizations will accept China’s apology and cancel their lawsuits against it in the International Court of Justice.

All points above are considered to be in effect after ratification by ALL of the countries listed in this treaty. Attested:

1.Ambassador of Green Peace

2. Ambassador of Singapore, representing ASEAN

3. Ambassador of China

4. Ambassador of USA

5. Ambassador of UK

6. Ambassador of France


Secretary General


The Treaty of Indo-Green PACT

(Also in the ECOSOC Chair's Report)

Signed on the date of 24th May 2001

In the Untied Nations ECOSOC

Between the nations of:

  1. Green Peace
  2. India

We, the nations listed above agree to the following points

  1. India agrees to let Green Peace enter its territory and provide assistance by minimizing the effects caused by the nuclear leakage for a certain period of time specified by India.
  2. Access to India’s Atomic Research Institutes will be restricted by Indian Officials according to their policy.
  3. India will not provide any financial assistance to Green Peace for its services.

All the above are considered to be in effect after ratification by ALL of the countries in this treaty. Attested:

Ambassador of Green Peace

Ambassador of India

ECOSOC Chairs&

Secretary General