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The BBS Model UN team had big plans for this year. These plans included attending, KFSAC, CACMUN, and (for the first time) NYMUN in New York.
Team Membership
Abdullah Al Asousi
Abdullah Burhama
Abdulrahman Shatti
Adel Al Omar
Ahmad Al Kulaib
Aziz Al Ateeqi
Bader Al Hamad
Fahed Sultan
Faisal Al Obeid
Faisal Ibrahim
Faye Al Tukhaim
Ghazi Al Sharhan
Hamad Sultan
Hessa Al Malallah
Khaled Al Humaidhi
Khaled Al Rubei
Khaled Al Shahroor
Latifa Ben Essa
Mohammad Al Essa
Nada Al Mousa
Nouf Al Fraih
Saja Fakhral-Deen
Shadi Al Suwayeh
Sulaiman Al Omar
Talal Al Rashoud
Zooman Al Mesbah


Before you can sail a ship, you nned a Dhow. At literally a week's notice BBS hosted Dhow-MUN, the first MUN event of the year featuring a Security Council, a General Assembly, and four Committees.

Read all about BBS's own minor event. See: Dhow-MUN

KFSAC 2001

At long last, they finally held a KFSAC-MUN. Click here to read the whole story. Well, not the whole story, but by clicking below, you can see the event.

Click here to experience KFSAC-MUN02


Faith and begorrah, it's a trip to Ireland ye be wanting? The MUN group took a trip down to the Emerald Isle. Though no one mistook any members for a leprachuan, they did experience the luck of the Irish.

Then click here on SAIMUN02.

THE Pearl-MUN 2002

BBS hosted yet another Pearl-MUN replete with an ICJ, SC, and ECOSOC. As usual, the SC set the standard for SCs in Kuwait while the other two forums remain unique within Kuwait. Click Pearl-MUN02 for all the details:

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