Republic of Armenia

EVENT: Pearl-MUN 2002

Done by:Noura Al Khaled



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Armenian National Anthem


Mer hayrenik', Azat, Ankakh,
Vor aprel eh tareh tar,
Yoor vordik'e ard kanchum eh Azat,
Ankakh Hayastan.

Aha', yeghpayr, kez mi drosh,
Vor im dzerkov gortsetsi,
Gishernere yes koon cheghah,
Artasukov lvatsi.

Nayir nran yerek guynov,
Nvirakan mer nshan,
Togh poghpoghi t'shnamu dem,
Togh misht pandsah Hayastan.

Amenayn tegh mah'e mi eh,
Mard mi angam pit merni,
Bayts yerani ovr yur azgi
Azatutyan k'e zohvi.
English Translation:

Our fatherland, free and independent,
That lived from century to century
His children are calling

Free independent Armenia.
(repeat previous two lines)

Here brother, for you a flag,
That I made with my hands
Nights I didn't sleep,
With tears I washed it.
(repeat previous two lines)

Look at it, 3 colours
It's our gifted symbol.
Let it shine against the enemy.
Let Armenia always be glorius.
(repeat previous two lines)

Everywhere death is the same
Everyone dies only once
But lucky is the one
Who is sacrificed for his nation.
(repeat previous two lines)
(repeat first verse)





Country Profile


Political Structure:

Armenia is a country that is seeking a more stable and democratic stage, after being the center of many battles and conflicts in the past years with its two neighbors Azerbaijan and Russia. Before being called the Republic of Armenia, it used to be part of the Soviet Union in Russia, until it got its independence in 1991. The ruling government system is presidential, which means the people are the rightful electors of their president, which is the leader of the state. The constitution of the Republic of Armenia, was adopted by the nationwide referendum on 5 July 1995, which states that the ruling president (currently Robert Kocharian) is not allowed to continue in office for more than two terms in a row, but the president elected by a popular vote, for a five –year term in office. While the members of the parliament, are elected for a four-year term. The president has the power to select the Prime Minister, who on his behalf selects the government ministers. Armenia’s national assembly is the highest governmental authority seats for 131 members that are elected by vote.


Natural Resources:

The main natural resources that are available in the Republic of Armenia are: small quantities of diamonds, gold, copper, molybdenum, zinc, and alumina. Few trading agreements by the Soviet ruling were made, but they were developed in modern business branches. Some which are supplying machine tools, textiles, and other manufactured goods to close friend republics. And reasonable amounts of fresh water. In addition Armenia suffered a severe trading imbalance, where it’s importing three times its exports, which later balanced by the help of International Aid.


Cultural Factors:

As any other country Armenia consists of many different ethnic groups. The main Ethnic groups are, Armenians which make up 93% of the total average, Azeri 3%, Russian 2%, Yezidi Kurds 2%. Also the greatest majority of the population’s religion is Christianity, especially Armenian Orthodox (or Apostolic). While the minority, is Russian Orthodoxy and Shiite Islam. In addition, Armenia is known for its vigorous cultural history that stretches back to the earliest periods of human civilization. Its considered to be one of the first areas of iron and bronze melting, that might have even been developed there. The official language used in Armenia is Armenian, an Indo-European language that has 38 letter in its alphabet. Russian is also used. And finally, the Armenians are famous for their festivities, and great dancers that wear brightly colored costumes.



For ensuring the stability and safety of the republic, defensive systems were obtained and acted by the military. The most important military branches are; The Army, Air force, Air defensive Aviation, and Air defensive Force. The military manpower ranges start for male ages at 18. The main military structure is based on civil law systems, which means the use of techniques learned by experience to train the military. Besides using that system wasn’t good enough for the meantime because of how the techniques have changed, which caused the government to ask for other nations help in the training progress of the military. Not forgetting the use of the war machines (guns, trunks) and how to handle and control them. One of the main members Armenia’s membership alliances was the USSR, (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.) which Armenia was a former part of, and used to rely on its currency (roubles) until Russia refused the trade of its currency outside of Russia. And now its current currency is the (dram) which is at that rate of 200 roubles per dram. The main countries Armenia is trying to protect itself from are Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia. But for the meantime its situation is stable because its no longer in a war.



Armenia is located in southwestern Asia, east of Turkey, and its area is a total of 29,800 sq. Km. The land is 28,400 sq. Km while the water takes up 1,400 sq. Km. Armenia’s neighboring countries are Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan. The population of Armenia is estimated to be 3,463,574. Armenia’s capital and largest city is Yerevan, which is also the most occupied with an estimate of 1,254,400 of the total population. Because of that amount of bounding countries, Armenia doesn’t lay on any coastlines. Another important feature of Armenia is that most of its lands are high mountains (highlands), and 15% of the land are forests and woodlands. The lowest point is the Debed River, which is 400m, and the highest point is Aragats Lerr, which are 4,095m. Lastly, the climate is mainly hot in the summer, and cold in the winter, and great amounts of rainfall that occur on mountain slopes.


Views on World Problems:

Armenia as any other country, has kept its role and influence in the worlds major topics. Such as, environmental issues, which are major issues in recent times. Armenia has been directly effected by environmental pollution, which made its role a stronger and more knowledgeable one. First, Armenia had suffered soil pollution from toxic chemicals (DDT) which was caused by the war with Azerbaijan, that also effected the forests by deforestation. In addition Armenia is a member of many international organizations, some of which are, Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS), the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Also the great war that happened with Turkey over religious disputes that ended with the killing of more than 1.5 million people without any charges. And violated all human rights as well as the national sovereignty of Armenia.



Armenia is very highly industrialized country, which developed after over-coming its political problems and turning to a more stable and democratic country, encouraging foreign private industries, and companies to enter its business market. Alongside, agriculture is known for being the largest sector in Armenia’s economy producing one quarter of the country’s materiel product. It’s also the second largest employer in Armenia, where 32.2 per cent are employed in agriculture.

The main crops that are produced in this field are wheat, potatoes, tobacco, vegetables, and grapes. In addition other productions are concurred by mining, including gold, copper, zinc, and silver. Also manufacturing chemical products like synthetic rubber, and other goods, including electrical engines and machine tools.



Armenia is one of the earliest sites of human civilization. For most of its history it was under the occupation by outside powers, including Romans, Persians, Turks, Russians. But in the last couple of years it was the land for many on going disputes, and human killing battles, between two of its neighbors, Russia and Turkey.

The main reason for these ongoing killings, are wanting to occupy the land to enlarge the occupying country’s, and mainly because of different religions. First during the 19th century Armenian were persecuted by Russians, and Turkish governments for being concerned about their political reforms. Since the 1980’s Armenia was a member of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) which was under its occupation for half a century. Until Armenians decided to set free from that occupation by performing a vote that did succeed. Going back to the past section of Armenia’s history, and under the Tigranes, Armenia’s controlled territory stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, and parts of modern Syria. This time of independence ended in 69 BC with the invasion of the Romans. Armenia later became the first Christian State in AD 301.



Policy Statement



Minorities: a smaller number or part of a political structure or party.

Drugs: a narcotic, hallucinogen, or stimulant causing an addiction.

Terrorism: favoring violence and intimidating methods of restraining the government by force.


Measures to ensure the rights of minorities in Armenia:

The democratic Republic of Armenia has granted the freedom, and human rights to all its citizens and minorities. Minorities are a smaller number or part of a political structure or party. That’s proofed by the Constitution that guarantees every person is granted the freedom of speech, conscience, religion, travel, and association.

As for the recent part, the religious minorities and others, in the Armenia are guaranteed by the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations; there freedom of religion. As a matter of fact Forty-five religious and charitable organizations are registered in the Republic of Armenia. Arguments between religious communities are usually based on the issue of conscience not agreeing to military service.


The question of Palestine and the Peace process in the Middle East:

For the Republic of Armenia, the Middle East peace process acts as a replay of the peace process that was once made between Armenia and Azerbaijan. For example, the Muslim side in the Middle East peace process, is being forced by US and Europe, to compromise with the Israeli side. The same skit was played during the war between Armenia, and Azerbaijan. But the difference is that Armenia had the compassionate side of the US, and also acted towards the peace settlement the same way Israel did. Overlooking the similar history and for the recent times, Armenia has been reacting to the acts by standing next to the Arabs, but not in a straight forward way.


The question of Drug Usage, drug trafficking, and rehabilitation programs:

Drugs are a narcotic, hallucinogen, or stimulant causing an addiction to that substance. Unfortunately, drug usage in the Republic of Armenia has increased since 1993, also did the criminal activities. These crimes have increased one and half times, and the amount of drug usage has increased thirty times. Seventy percent of drugs are imported mainly because of the poor economy that gives greater temptations to make easy money by selling such drugs. Also the undeveloped drug system of the Republic of Armenia made it the perfect area for drug abuse, and drug related activities.

The drug trafficking process in the Republic of Armenia has a very hard job to do. Armenia is situated at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, making it the main rout for illegal drugs especially during the last ten years. The estimate of drug addicts in Armenia is close to 20,000 people. As for the rehabilitation programs, Armenia has been a part of, three major United Nations Drug control Conventions which are, UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and Convention on Psychotropic Substances. The effectiveness of these programs appeared when 400 tons of drug crops were eliminated in Armenia.


The question of International Terrorism:

Terrorism is favoring violence and intimidating methods of restraining the government by force. As the turning point of the twentieth century has arrived, the concept of terrorism has arisen again, but with a different under standing to it. The Republic of Armenia has understood that changed and committed itself to ending this issue.

After experiencing terrorism in real life, Armenia’s actions towards international terrorism have been very clear and straight forward. Because Armenia suffered a lot form terrorism for it was the main reason for more than one half of its nation living abroad. Also having very few minorities but wanting to protect their rights, and finally having migrant workers and refugees forced upon us because of the circumstances. On behalf of that we totally support and congratulate all the actions that have been made by the United States of America, with its great forces and clear vision on how to end the crisis of international terrorism, starting form the main source Afghanistan. Finally, Armenia would like to put an effective end to the drug usage problem.





Delegation: The Republic of Armenia

Delegate: Noura Al- Khalid

The Question of: Drug Usage, drug trafficking, and rehabilitation programs

Affirming: that drug usage of any illegal kind in the main tool for destroying the youth of tomorrow,

Defining: drugs as a narcotic, hallucinogen, or stimulant that causes addiction,

Looking upon: all illegal drug are smuggled into a country without an authority check up,

Noting with Deep Concern: An estimated 800,000 to 1 million Americans use heroin daily, and many drug addicts are getting Aids through the filthy syringes,

Further Noting: 40.5 percent of US citizens had used heroin, 35.5 percent had used marijuana, 19.4 percent had used cocaine, 10.3 percent had used crack cocaine and 11.6 percent had used amphetamines. Among those deaths, 21.6 percent were caused by a drug overdose,

Emphasizing: the main reason for drug usage and going through the trouble of smuggling it is to try and get away from facing certain problems, or feeling in a certain way,

Drug Trafficking: because of Armenia’s position geographically it acts as a crossroads for drug smuggling from four sides, which made the quest for drug trafficking a more difficult task,

Supporting: NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), and all other institutes/organizations that are working on this matter,


1-Draws the attention: to the international countries, communities, and organizations to this gigantic problem;

2-Strongly urges: all countries to:

a. Perform firm actions to demolish all illegal drug crops, by putting an end to all illegal drug growing areas.

b. apply a strict and clear rule for proper actions towards drug addicts in the constitution.

c. encourages countries to secure all their land, sea, and air borders.

d. strengthen all defense sections to be able to deal with this new era type of war.

3-Appeals: to the international communities to stand by this request and think of its devious actions against the youth of today, and the millions of people dying because of it.

4-Requests: all countries that were affected by this action or haven’t been there yet, to take desperate measures to ensure safe, secure, and finalized this world wide problem, by using the following tools:

a. increasing awareness programs and including them in schools, TV, radios, billboards, and public speeches.

b. arranging face to face debate with the younger generation, and the addicts that have been through that black path;

5-Resolves: that all countries facing the drug threat perform the actions mentioned above to ensure the end of that issue, and other countries not yet effected by it to stay alert in case of it opening up,

a. training all defense sections to a higher level of dealing with drugs, and how to detect them,

b. providing a high security level on illegal drug producing crop fields and tracking down where there exported, and how,

c. signing an agreement with neighboring countries to stick by the rules mentioned and track down any trail leading from or to that country incase it holds any illegal drugs,

6-Further Resolves:

a. stating restricted areas, or crossroads that have to be continuously watched with intensive security to decrease the chances of any drug smuggling,

b. constructing professional institutions in guiding and counseling drug addicts;

7-Reminds: the use of drugs without by the inexperienced can cause, Aids, which is acquired immune deficiency system, and HIV, which is human deficiency virus.




Opening Speech Armenia


Hello or "parayz" in Armenian and welcome honorable members of the chair, and fellow delegates. Earliest cites of civilizations, home of the free land of the brave. The beautiful land surrounded by mountains covered with rivers and streams. Filled with sources of natural pure and clear water, waterfalls that have the soothing sound to the ear. This is the new Armenia.

Not long ago that was once the land where a child crying endless tears with the hope of finding his mother, a mother devastated for the loss of her child. Deprived of any humanitarian right there is. Massacres, that killed 1.5 million of our people by the Turkish forces. Turkey the land that has still refused to confess its horrible deeds, when will the truth arisen, and take its path?

This is the true Armenia that has proudly stood for its land and people and survived to stand before you today.