Country: China*

Event: Pearl-MUN 2002

Student: Abdullah Al Bourhamah

* partially complete due to last minute assignment

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The Chinese National Anthem

Latin Transliteration

Qilai! Buyuan zuo nuli de renmen,
Ba women de xuerou zhucheng women xin de changcheng.
Zhonghua Minzu dao liao zui weixian de shihou,
Meigeren beipo zhe fachu zuihou de housheng.
Qilai! Qilai! Qilai!
Women wanzhong yixin,
Mao zhe diren de paohuo, Mao zhe diren de paohuo,
Qianjin! Qianjin! Qianjin! Jin!


Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!
With our flesh and blood,
let us build our new Great Wall!
The Chinese nation faces its greatest danger.
From each one the urgent call for action comes forth.

Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions with but one heart,
Braving the enemy's fire.
March on!
Braving the enemy's fire.
March on! March on! March on!




Country Profile




Policy Statements


Issue #1: Sanctions Against Iraq

China believes that sanctions against Iraq should be lifted. It believes that negotiations with the Iraqi authorities should commence in order to lift the sanctions. Discussions in the UN Security Council shouldn’t cease in the act of lifting the economic sanction against Iraq. China is against the recent bombing of Iraq because national sovereignty should be respected under most circumstances. The people of Iraq shouldn’t suffer because of the Authorities’ mistakes.


Issue #2: Fighting International Terrorism:

China is totally with fighting international terrorism but is noting with regret that certain countries are taking the wrong step of action, so China would not be for the war against terrorism with certain nations taking these wrong actions. Certain countries continue to point the finger of condemnation at other certain countries labeling them as threats to international security on weak grounds, yet on the other hand continue to fight ruthless wars that are not labeled as terrorist attacks when they serve their interests. A certain nation placed North Korea, a strong ally to China, on the "axis of evil", and China does not think this is appropriate and totally disagrees with this country and any other nation that supports it.


Issue #3: West Africa (Liberia):

China’s policy of the current problem in central Africa is the same as most other nations: Ensure peace in the area without violating national sovereignty. Although this problem doesn’t affect China, the country has paid attention to it and expressed its opinion. Whether the case is developing a new nation, or creating an autonomic region, the result must be peace. This problem has been troubling many peoples of Africa, who are not concerned about their government, but about their own welfare. Peace has to remain and be secured in the region.




Requests that the UN Security Council respect Iraqi national sovereignty by lifting the "No Fly Zones" sanction against Iraq by:

a) re-opening Baghdad International Airport and all other major airports in the country,

b) allowing a three commercial airliners to fly into Baghdad,

c) continuing to give more airspace freedom over one year,

Requests that the UN Security Council respect Iraqi national sovereignty by removing all interfering UNSCOM Inspectors, because they have found no remaining chemical and/or biological weapons in Iraq.



Opening Speech

Good Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

The People’s Republic of China welcomes everyone to this Security Council meeting this afternoon. China is a proud, permanent member of the Security Council, and would like to express a special welcome to the temporary members present, which are: Venezuela, Nigeria, Greece, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Bahrain, and Mauritius. China hopes that these countries can use their valuable temporary membership in the Security Council to voice all opinions that they may have, and to participate in solving many of the problems that are facing the world today. China hopes that all countries present, whether permanent or temporary, can use this special gathering to everyone’s advantage. China hopes that this meeting can be concluded in a productive way, where all countries can benefit from any decisions made, or resolutions passed.