Event: Pearl- MUN 2002
Security Council
Emergency Situation

Author: Talal Al Rashoud and Yousef Dashti

Iraq And A Hot Place

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Background Information

May 21st, 2002

It was announced that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein passed away suddenly as a result of heart failure. His son and heir, Uday Hussein, after crushing an attempted coup by high ranking Iraqi military officers, has appeared on television proclaiming himself the new president of Iraq. An important part of his speech was his threat to re-invade neighbouring Kuwait, stating "I will succeed where my father, god rest his soul, did not". The US has expressed its intention of preventing Iraq from launching any attack on its Kuwaiti ally, while other nations and organizations also voiced their support.

May 22nd, 2002

Taking advantage of the state of confusion in Iraq, the Shiite Islamic Movement of Iraq has announced a revolution based mainly in the North Eastern part of the country. It invited Iranian forces to invade and support its forces and Iran was quick to comply, with Ayatollah Khamanei stating: "We must help these freedom fighters in their struggle against the evil, oppressive, and corupt Iraqi regime. This revolution by these valiant warriors is an important step to ensuring long sought after peace in the region." Quickly, a heated civil war broke out between the Iranian backed Islamic Movement of Iraq and Hussein's government. Iraq has unmasked a nuclear warhead and large quantities of anthrax missiles that it states it will not hesitate to use if the "Iranian invasion mascarading as a revolution of the people" does not stop. In response, Iran has unmasked two nuclear warheads of its own.

In the chaos that has ensued, the Iraqi governed autonomous region of Kurdistan has declared independence, calling itself the Republic of Kurdistan. Its motives are as yet unstated. Also, large quantities of Iraqi refugees have flocked to the borders of neihgboring nations. Turkey and Syria have allowed some to pass through to their land, but they have expressed concern over the constantly increasing numbers. Refugees that headed towards Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are still being held on the borders of those states, and asylum has not yet been granted.

May 23rd, 2002

With inspiration from the Islamic Movement of Iraq, Shiite groups in Bahrain have officially formed the Bahrany Movement of Bahrain and have proclaimed revolution against the Al-Khalifa monarchy. Al-Jamry, the movement's leader, has stated: "It is time for justice. The Sunni minority has ruled over the Shiite majority for much too long". The revolution is suspected to recieve aid from Iran, yet this information has not yet been formally confirmed. It is strongly suspected since an Iranian freighter containing a quantity of Iranian issue arms has been intercepted by US naval forces near Bahraini territorial waters. King Hamad and some of the royal family and government officials have escaped to nearby Saudi Arabia. The US and the GCC states have voiced their outrage at this, and are planning an offensive to reinstall the Al-Khalifas to power in Bahrain, which will probably take place in the next 2 days. US and GCC forces have already begun to deploy.

Suprisingly, without any proclamation or consent, Qatari forces have invaded the territorial waters of Bahrain and have landed ground forces on some of Bahrain's south eastern islands. The Qatari government proclaimes it is "keeping order", but it has not taken permission or even stated its intentions prior to the invasion and is acting on its own accord.