Country: Norway, Security Council

Event: Pearl-MUN 2002

Student: Latifa Ben Essa

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The Norwegian National Anthem

Arise, O Compatriots

Arise, O Compatriots,
Nigeria's call obey
To serve our Fatherland
With love and strength and faith.
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain,
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

O God of creation,
Direct our noble cause;
Guide our Leaders right:
Help our Youth the truth to know,
In love and honesty to grow,
And living just and true,
Great lofty heights attain,
To build a nation where peace and justice reign.



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Norway’s Security Council Policy Statements


1) Rights of Space Usage


Norway believes that the rights of Space Usage is very important supports the agencies that such as The International Space Station that includes the country Norway and other countries such as the US and Russia that undertakes the basis of international cooperate. Norway supports space usage but also that the rights of such should not be violated.


2) Sanctions against Iraq

After Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, the Security Council implemented comprehensive economic sanctions against Iraq. Norway holds the chairmanship in the Security Council recently for this issue ,and recently several sanctions on Iraq have been removed temporarily because of humanitarian reasons. Norway believes that sanctions on Iraq shall and should be completely removed if and only if Iraq fully cooperates with the UN officials to repeatedly check on mass destructive weapons which Iraq has refused to in certain cases to allow UN officials to check upon. . Moreover, Norway believes that in order to lift the sanctions against Iraq, the issue of missing persons and stolen property should be resolved. Norway is deeply concerned by the plight of the missing Kuwaiti and third country nationals, as well as their families. It is disturbing that there is no progress on this matter. We urge Iraq to ensure – in an expeditious manner – the repatriation or the return of all Kuwaiti and third country nationals or their remains.

Norway is also concerned by the humanitarian situation of the Iraqi people. Norway remains dismayed by the dire life conditions of various segments of the civilian population. It would be too simple to attempt to identify one single reason for these difficult living conditions and health problems. There are various reasons for this situation.

Moreover, Norway is in favor of increased involvement of Iraq’s neighboring States in upholding effective UN measures, and thus sending a signal of renewed unity from the international community to Iraqi authorities.


3) Fighting international terrorism

Terrorism is a global threat to peace and security and must be countered as such. That is why this Security Council session is both important and timely. That is why Norway will continue its active role in the Council’s work against international terrorism. Norway believes that the International terrorism can only be defeated through a sustained and comprehensive approach. At the same time Norway believes that the UN should do its utmost to bring humanitarian assistance to those who are caught in between, those who have long suffered at the hands of terrorists and their supporters. We must get at the breeding grounds of terrorism. We must employ all means at our disposal: political and legal, military and financial.

4) West Africa (Liberia)

Norway shares the opinion that the role-played by Liberia in this conflict demands concrete action from the Security Council. In Norway’s view it is time to go to the heart of the matter and impose sanctions on Liberia in an attempt to make the country stop destabilizing the whole region through its activities relating to for instance diamonds and weapons. This conduct is a threat to international peace and security, Imposing sanctions on Liberia has Norway’s full support. We think sanctions are an important tool for the Security Council and the international community in the efforts to protect international peace and security. However, Norway believes that the UN must do what it can to avoid the sanctions from giving unwanted side effects, for instance in the form of negative humanitarian effects on the civilian population that one indeed want to protect.




Security Council Clauses




Norway’s Security Council Opening Speech

Most respected nations, we are gathered here today because many issues seem to have an important influence on our world today. And so, we are here to discuss four issues that have been an importance to us. Even though four issues are equally important, three are more notable in Norway’s view. The sanction against Iraq is of uttermost importance, the situation in West Africa, and fighting international terrorism. Norway hopes that this session will be a most successful one that will lead to constructive, wise, and permanent safe world…thank you