The People’s Republic of China Country: The People's Republic of China

Delegation: China

Event: AISMUN 2003

Students: Noufah Al Sabah


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The Chinese National Anthem

Latin Transliteration

Qilai! Buyuan zuo nuli de renmen,
Ba women de xuerou zhucheng women xin de changcheng.
Zhonghua Minzu dao liao zui weixian de shihou,
Meigeren beipo zhe fachu zuihou de housheng.
Qilai! Qilai! Qilai!
Women wanzhong yixin,
Mao zhe diren de paohuo, Mao zhe diren de paohuo,
Qianjin! Qianjin! Qianjin! Jin!


Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!
With our flesh and blood,
let us build our new Great Wall!
The Chinese nation faces its greatest danger.
From each one the urgent call for action comes forth.

Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions with but one heart,
Braving the enemy's fire.
March on!
Braving the enemy's fire.
March on! March on! March on!



Country Profile

Political Structure

China’s long form name is the People’s Republic of China, however its short form is just China. China’s government is a communist one, meaning there is no private ownership in China, everything belongs to the people. No one can give his opinion or be against the government. No one can have private ownership and the Government controls everything. China’s government is divided into 23 administrative divisions, 5 autonomous regions, and 4 municipalities. Its capital is Beijing. China’s constitution was signed on the 4th of December 1982, it was signed at a much older date but this is the most recent promulgation. China’s executive branch is divided into the following chief of state (President JIANG Zemin since 1993), vice-president (HU Jintao), head of government (ZHU Rongji), vice premiers (which are like vice-head of governments), a National People’s Congress, and a Cabinet (a State Council that is appointed by the National People’s Congress). The President and the Vice-President are elected by the National People’s Congress for 5 year terms. The Premier however is nominated by the President and is confirmed by the National People’s Congress. China’s legislative branch consists of the unicameral National People’s Congress (2,979 seats; their members are elected by Muncipal, regional, and provincial People’s congresses and serve for 5 terms). Its Judicial branch is made up of the Supreme People’s Court, the Local People’s Court, and Special People’s Court.

There are no Political pressure and opposition groups in China although the government has identified the Falungong sect and the China Democracy Party as potential rivals. The real power however belongs to the Government since it controls everything and everyone.


China is situated in Eastern Asia and stretches over 9,596,960 square kilometers (9,326,410 square kilometers of which is land and 270,550 square kilometers of which is water). China is slightly smaller than the US and is considered the Worlds fourth largest country (after Russia, Canada, and the US). China also has huge borders that are 22,147.34 kilometers in length. It borders many different countries that include Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyz Stan, Laos, Macao, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. China also has a vast coastline roughly 14,500 kilometers in length. It borders the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and the Southern China Sea.

Chinas climate is extremely diverse. It is tropical in the South, but sub arctic in the North. Its terrain mostly consists of mountains, high plateaus and deserts in the west. Mount Everest lies on the Border between China and Nepal and is the world’s tallest peak. While Eastern China consists of plains, deltas, and hills. There are a lot of natural hazards in China that include typhoons (about 5 occur per year along the southeastern and eastern coasts), damaging floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, and land subsidence.


Natural Resources

China is blessed with a lot of natural resources be they minerals, energy sources, etc. which are not sufficient due to the number of people which is more than a billion. China has large quantities of coal, iron ore, petroleum, natural gas, mercury, tin, tungsten, antimony, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminum, lead, zinc, uranium, and the world’s largest supply of hydropower potential. Chinas land is made up of mostly mountain ranges with 13% arable land, 1% permanent crops, and other which accounts for 86%. Its total area of irrigated land is 525,800 square kilometers. It exports a lot of agriculture exports like rice, wheat, potatoes, peanuts, tea, barley, cotton, fish, oil seed and pork.

People and Culture

China is one of the world’s most populated countries. Its population is roughly 1,284,303,705 persons, this is not accurate and there may be much more. The population growth rate is .87% every year. China has a huge population problem and has set strict rules as to the number of offspring every family can have, and family planning. In China people who violate the Chinese family planning laws are punished severely considering the consequences that extra children or members of the population reflect over the government and the GDP, etc.

There are many ethnic groups in China which include the Han Chinese (which account for 91.9%), , Zhuang, Uygur, Hui, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Manchu, Mongol, Buyi, Korean, and other nationalities. There are also many religions in China, which include Daoism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. The main languages in China are the Mandarin, Standard Chinese, Yue, Wu, Minbei, Minnan, Xiang, Gan, and the Hakka dialects.


In the late 1978 the Chinese leadership began moving the economy from a sluggish soviet-style centrally planned economy to a market-oriented system. The system operates within a political framework and under strict communist control. The economic influence of non state organizations and individual citizens has been steadily increased. The government has increased the authority of local officials and plant managers in industry, permitted a wide variety of small scale enterprise services and light manufacturing, and opened the economy to increased foreign trade and investment. The result of this action has been the quadrupling of the country’s GDP and major gains in Agriculture and Industry.

China’s GDP in 2001 was $5.56 trillion. It GDP real growth rate is 7.3% annually but its not growing as fast as the population which is increasing even though China is trying hard to decrease it by family planning and laws of pregnancy and etc. the average income is lower than those of advanced nations seeing as to the huge population. The unemplyement rate is very large because there are not enough jobs for this big population. China’s budget is $161.8 billion in revenues and $191.8 billion in Expenditures. China’s main export partners are the US (21%), Hong Kong (18%), Japan (17%), South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Singapore, and Taiwan. China’s imports account for $236.2 billion and its main import partners are Japan (18%), Taiwan (11%), South Korea (10%), US (10%), Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, and Malaysia. China’s currency is the Yaun (CNY). China today claims that its not doing as badly as the other cointries in this previous recession and it claims that it has grown 6%. China has a large population and a lot of unemployment that are major factors in its failing economy which can only be fixed by a higher GDP.


China’s military consists of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It is made up of the ground forces, the Navy, Air Force, a strategic Missile Force, People’s armed police force, and the militia. Chinese men start working in the Military when they are 18 years of age. The Chinese military sector is made up of 370,087,489 persons. China’s military expenditures range from $45 billion to $65 billion (even though the Chinese government claims a much lower figure which is false). This army doesn’t have a lot of power to the extent as to fight back the USA, but it can take back Taiwan if its strategies are right and are planned and its military equipment’s conditions are replaced with new technological ones. China’s military is under much mystery but all we know is that their technological military equipment is not that high even though Chinese engineers are fast learners. China hopes to have more technology inthe army that’s why its spends huge amount of money in military.

China has a very good foreign policy towards the US, UK and many other Western countries. Unfortunately it does not haa very peaceful one with its neighbor. It has a lot of border disputes, much of the rugged militarized boundary with India is in dispute, and ongoing talks with Tajikishave failed to resolve the long standing dispute over the indefinite boundary. Kazakhstan however is working rapidly with China to limit its large openborders and to control population migration, illegal activities, and trade.

China and Russia have both signed a treaty of good neighborliness, friendship, and cooperation which commitsboth countries to seek peaceful solutions over disputed lands such as the alluvial islands, etc. China is also involved in a complex dispute with Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Brunei over the Spratly islands. China also is involved in a dispute over the Paracel islands with Vietnam and Taiwan.



China has a significant History. It has stood as a leading civilization since the beginning of time, from the 2nd millennium BC till this day. When European expansionism began in Asia in the 16th century, China was not ready to confront stronger European military power. So by the early 20th century China's weakness compared to the European powers had become the power that gave birth to the revolution against the dynastic system. Chinese revolutions helped overthrow the last dynasty in 1911, and for several decades the country was being destroyed by warlords, civil war, and Japanese invasions.

After World War II, the Communists under Moa Zedong established a dictatorship in 1949. Although it did insure China's sovereignty, it had strict control on every day life. The most significant changes were first the "Cultural Revolution" which was a campaign that helped Moa Zedong eliminate his rivals and change Chinese society forever. As a result there was social and political chaos, thousands died and 10 million were imprisoned or exiled. The second change was the planned economy.

After Zhou Enali’s death Deng Xiaoping the former deputy premir who was appointed by Zhou was thrown out of the party by the "Gang of Four" .But after Mao’s death and their fall later that year, he was reinstated by Hua Guofeng in 1977. He took the power from Hua and started a massive redevelopment of China. The biggest reform was the economic reform which reintroduced aspects of a free-market economy and encouraged foreign investment. Output quadrupled in the next 20 years and China now has the world's largest GDP.



1. Control of racism and incitement to violence and anarchy on the internet.

The internet is a dangerous place. It contains a lot of violent, rebellious, and severe views. These views are publicized by people from all over the world and who are mostly anonymous. Their views attack nations, people, and also brainwash the readers. They are not always valid or true, and always seem true to the readers. A lot of terrorist attacks, rebel activities, and racism is formed and published on the internet. An example is the terrorist that happened on September 11th, Ben Laden and the Al-Qaudea network were all communicating and publishing their plans on the internet. The internet is a very violent place.

China stands firmly against the internet due to its never ending violence and anarchy. The internet in China’s point is a very bad advantage for rebels and anti-communists. These people all publish their views and ideas on the internet so that they get heard. Freedom of speech and ideas is not always good, because by the publication of their views they brainwash and gain the trust of a vast majority of people who then all rebel against China or something else. The internet in China’s opinion should be the subject of extensive and intensive patrolling and inspection so as to delete and make sites which are violent and racist, etc be unavailable and therefore off the internet. There should also be a universal internet patrol police that would patrol and be in charge of this. They would also make every internet consumer be assigned an identity card that has their personal details and their past records, people should not connect or have internet without these identity card so that we would be able to find out who is the one who is stirring up the conflicts. People with bad records such as imprisonment and etc, should not be given the advantage to connect to the internet. China stands against the internet and condemns its former state.



2. Biodiversity and protection, conservation and reintroduction of endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, including implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

The extinction and endangerment of species is a very sad and miserable thing. The whole world has the same opinion on this subject, which makes it the only subject that all nations agree upon. All nations, western and eastern ones, all agree that we should try our hard to save the rest of the animals that are left and strive to make the endangered and extinct species more available and not extinct or endangered. There should be a vast set of actions taken on this such as protecting them from poaching or selling them, conserving them in their natural habitats or zoo like places that are composed of their natural habitats and not cages, and re-introducing them to the wild and inspecting their progress there. The convention of Diversity and Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is a world wide convention that aims to do and is doing all this but the problem is that they need extra funding. This extra funding should be sorted out by the nations. All nations should implement the conventions plans, and etc. we all should try to save the endangered and extinct species.

China applauds all the recent achievements of the CITES and its good cause. China urges all other countries to implement and help this convention so that we can have a better future for the net generations to come. China wishes to shed some light to a thing we can do to gain more quantities of endangered and extinct species, this thing is to use cloning as a method. Cloning can create lots of other animals. If they just cloned a human being than China believes they can easily do it on an animal. But unfortunately this is costly and needs a budget. China would like to recommend the use of taxation, they should tax all the countries an equal tax. This tax would not be a high one, seeing as to there are a lot of poor countries that are in poverty, etc. China would also request the CITES to find more methods of raising their funds,etc. China is sure nobody would stand against this because everyone agrees on this subject. China would like to request the assistant of all nations world wide in implementing this convention CITES because it’s a good cause and it’s to the benefit of the whole world.


Forum: Assembly B
Delegation of China
Delegate: Noufa Al Sabah
Question: of the Control of racism and incitement to violence and anarchy on the internet.

Defining the internet, as a World Wide Web where people from every part of the world can connect to and exchange information throughout computers and modems,

Bearing in Mind that the internet is a dangerous place and can lead to bad things like brainwashing people through valid and non-valid information,

Pointing out that the internet has been the site of a lot of criminal activities that harmed a lot of nations such as
A) the September 11th attack and the exchanging of information that was done by the Al- Quada terrorist network,
B) the rise of many political pressure and rebels,
C) the false accusations triggered towards many different governments of different nations including China,
D) the brainwashing of a lot of people into believing cult beliefs and even the rise of these cults,

Noting that according to CNN a lot of people expect all published pages and information on the internet are right and uneven though 80% the internet is not valid and is made of junk,

Noting with deep concern that the internet has rapidly grew from 0 web sites to 40 million in the past 10 year and which not all of them are valid,

Noting that according to BBC the internet is a very good place to brainwash and have your bad or rebel ideas heard by a large number of people due to the fact the internet is not patrolled and moderated and that over 1 billion people will be online worldwide by the end of 2005,

1) Resolves the formation of International Internet Police (IIP) that would be run internationally and not by one nation , that would be made up of 5 representatives from each nation and would meet every 3 months, their international headquarters would be chosen as soon as this resolution is passed, the IIP will also have a headquarter in each nation around the wand they will be in charge of :-
A) Moderating the in internet and keeping an eye on trouble makers,
B) Checking the validation of the published pages, if the information is not valid then they would make the page or site not available and therefore delete it,
C) Assign every internet consumer an identity card (that would consist of their personal details and nationality) that would be fixed on a server, so as to find and find the trouble makers by their true identities and not just anonymous names,
D) Patrol the internet and free it of violent and terrorist ideas, and etc.;

2) Confirms that the IIP will not give people with the following qualifications a chance to log onto the internet and therefore portray their bad ideas and brainwash people :-
A) People with a past criminal record like murder, treachery, etc. (if they have really given up this and are sorry and had very good jail behavior, they might be given a chance but will be interviewed first and then a compromise may be reached),
B) People who are terrorists and are on the black list of their countries or another country,
C) People with mental health problems such as schizophrenia, etc. ;

3) Affirms that the IIP will be giving out identity cards, which without them people would not be able to connect to the internet, and they will be distributed at every IIP national headquarters, this identity card will consist of personal details that will be hooked onto an international server that each IIP national headquarters will have access to and will contain details like:-
A) Full Name,
B) Age,
C) Nationality,
D) Personal history and record (this will be given by the country that the person is from and will be political, criminal, and etc.),
E) Health history and record,
F) Job position,

4) Further Resolves that any case of treachery, terrorism, or false accusations found on the internet be that of powerful power and harm, the person in charge would be sent directly to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) to be heard, and the nation, organization, and etc. that the accusations and treachery are hurdled at will also be informed and will be heard in the ICJ;

5) Have Resolved that the IIP will also make a special internet web for each country that will be only let that citizens country sign in, this will be verified by their IDs (the ones given to them by the IIP), for example China will have its own Web, and etc.;

6) Affirms that this web will be like a country's piece of land and is a place where that country’s government and people will post national issues, etc. and will be patrolled by it own Government unlike the World Wide Web which will be patrolled internationally, and will be treated as such meaning that anyone who crosses its borders illegally will be punished and no one will be allowed to enter, however if and only if the country allows it to;

7) Confirms that any person who violates the rules and illegally hacks into another nations web, would be :-
A) stripped of his/her internet id and would not have a chance to connect to the internet,
B) be punished as the country (who he hacked into its premises) pleases,
C) have this act written in his/her record,

8) Authorizes that the IIP will set a new location for the World Wide Web which was located in the USA, and be made into smaller parts so that every region of the world has a world wide web location and that region will preferably have this set in a neutral country so that everyone has a share of controlling the internet not only the USA;

9) Requests the cooperation of every nation in insuring that the internet is violence, racist, and anarchy free zone.






Hello, honorable delegates, I am grateful to be in your presence. China is a country of great prospects, it has always been. Talking about great, it was the Chinese who built the Great Wall, the Great wall of China. And also China is the nation with the fascinating imaginative, and not to forget GREAT folklore and traditions which are filled with dragons, and mythical creatures. China is also the country with the greatest population more than 1.2 billion people. Its also China who has the Greatest history that dates back more than 5,000 years. what's not Great about China…

China wishes that this event be successful and good. It would like remind all the present nations also that we are here for construction and not destruction. Lets construct new things that benefit all and not destroy them. China would also like to remind you that through cooperation, patience, and good selection we can change the future, and eventually the world.

And thank you.