Country: Federal Republic of Germany

Event: AISMUN 2003

Student: Hamad Al Sager


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The German National Anthem

Germany [Deutschland]

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit,
fuer das deutsche Vaterland!
Danach lasst uns alle streben,
bruederlich mit Herz und Hand!
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit,
sind des Glueckes Unterpfand.
Blueh im Glanze dieses Gluekkes,
bluehe deutsches Vaterland!

Unity and right and freedom for the German fatherland;
Let us all pursue this purpose brotherly, with heart and hand.
Unity and right and freedom are the pledge of happiness.
Flourish in this blessing's glory, flourish, German fatherland.

The Federal Republic of Germany




Political Structure

Germany has a decentralized political system. All 16 states have a role towards their country. They will support the federal government by sharing legislative and administrative responsibilities. There exists a bicameral parliament that includes 662 members in which 334 are elected through parties that lie in each state. Each party should have at least 5% of the national vote in order to gain representation. This is the lower house sector. The upper house includes member nominated by the 16 states. The federal president can maximally exist for two 5-terms. The Federal Assembly elects him that consists of the upper and lower houses of the parliament. The national government is elected by the parliament which ahs the nomination of the Federal President. The Federal President is the head of State. The jobs of the legislatives are to help the country both educationally and by the policies.

A bicameral legislature is composed of two chambers usually called the upper house and the lower house. The lower hose is mainly members that represent equal amount of people either in a district or region. While the upper house is responsible for the re-election of those members. The upper house usually serves ethnic, religious, or tribes. Bicameral systems tend to occur in federal states like Germany.

The Reichstag was the first German parliament that was first set by the North in Germany. It was established to unite Germany. Due to unsolved problems, the conference only lasted for about a year. Later on, the south joined the Reichstag and finally making Germany united. The Budesrat is a legislative body that represents provinces in the federal level. Each of these has strong legislative powers, but the bundesrat has greater power because it is representing at a higher level. It must be the Budesrat who is the real leader of government.


Germany, like the rest of the world has a military that includes the army, Navy (including the Naval air arm), the Air Force, Medical Corporals, and the Joint Support Service. The average age of militants existing in the military is approximately 18 years of age. The militants’ ages range from 15 years old to about 49 years old as of the 2002 estimation. The same thing goes to the militants’ fitness abilities, which is extremely good. Every year 482,318 Germans reach the military age in order for them to enter the military, although not all of them go. Germany spends a lot on its military making itself viable for veto power. It approximately spends 38.8 billion dollars on its military, although that only takes about 1.38% of the GDP.

Germany has no fighting enemies; it makes it viable for any attacks. Germany has thought of expanding the NATO memberships, which is now under process. It has also discussed that it may in the future have a kind of unified defense ministry with Russia.


Germany lies in Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands, Poland, and South of Denmark. It includes 16 states. It’s Geographic coordinates are 51 00 N, 9 00 E. Germany is 357021 km2 where water takes up 7798 km2 and the rest is land. It has a coastline of approximately 2398 km. Countries bordering Germany are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland.

Germany has a quite cool and cloudy climate with wet summers and winters. It also experiences occasional warm foehn winds. It has lowlands in the north, uplands in the center, and the Bavarian Alps in the south. The highest point in Germany is Zugspitzeat at 2963 m. The lowest point in Germany is Freepsum Lake at –2 m. Arable land makes up to 34% of the land use, and 1% for permanent crops. The rest vary but take 65% of their land use. Surprisingly, Germany experiences only one natural hazard that is flooding. Bu is aware of the dreadful harms of this flooding. Last, 4850 km2 of Germany is irrigated land.

Cool-burning emissions and industries contribute to the air pollution in Germany causing acid rain resulting from sulfur dioxide emissions that damages forests and pollutes the seas and rivers. The government of Germany has been working on a plan that would end the use of nuclear power in the next 15 years, that would decrease most of the land pollution and waste-disposal in the nearby. Germany has the Erzgebirge as a natural frontier which although can be passable. There is the Baltic Sea, the Harz and the Thurangar Wild that also serve as natural boundaries, which mostly cover east Germany, including some of West Germany.


After World War II, Germany was seriously damaged, especially I the eastern side. If you look closely at Germany’s GDP (1.3446 trillion), the west takes up about 92 % of the GDP as to the 1994 estimates. The eastern part only takes up 8% of the GDP. Assistance to the east continues with financial aids reaching up to 100 billion dollars to them annually. It will take at least 10 to 15 years for the eastern part of Germany to match western Germany’s standard of living.

Western Germany is highly skilled having all the technologies manufacturers and producers. They lack with natural resources. Coal is the most important mineral in the west. The region’s economy is well in tact, with services and manufacturing accounts for the dominant share in the economic activities, and other sources like raw materials and semi manufactured good take up a large portion of the imports. Lastly, the western region of Germany is among the world’s largest technologically advanced producers of steel, iron, coal, cement, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, machine, tools, electronics, food, and beverages.

In Country economies of the world, Germany lies the 3rd countries with its economy. The economy of both the South and Western parts of Germany are getting better, but still the Eastern side has a standard living less than the west. Although, it will take about 10 to 15 years for east Germany to reach the West’s standard of living. Germany, compared to the U.S and Japan, is not that far ahead. Germany’s population compared to that of Japan and the U.S is pretty much less, which makes it harder for them to achieve success. Germany is pretty decreasing in its Federal Debts with governmental sectors increasing with its revenue. Germany is better off being in the EU because it gives itself a good currency along with stronger relationships among neighboring countries.


Natural Resources

Germany relies mostly on fossil fuels. 40% of the energy consumption comes from petroleum, 17% comes from natural gas, 10% comes from hydroelectric, solar, or wind powered. The rest are anthracite which is located in the west of Germany, some from Lignite or brown coal that are located in the east of Germany. Germany used to be the 1st steel and coal manufacturer in the world or still is. It is the 9th most supplier of anthracite. In 1993, it was the most country mining for brown coal. Most manufacturing and incomes come form the private sectors.

Most of the electric energy consumption comes from lignite, anthracite, and nuclear reactors. There are over twenty nuclear reactors existing in Germany. Because of the controversial reliance on nuclear reactors in Germany, no new nuclear reactors have been built. Virtually, there has been no domestic uranium deposits because most of the land is inhabited. Second, no houses or offices in Germany would want nuclear reactors next to them. All energy comes from different sources, including those presented. Lignite is a dark brown combustible mineral formed over millions of year’s minimum decomposition of plants with increased pressure and temperature. Similar to the formation of crude oil.


Cultural Factors

It is said that Germany has over 1000 different types of sausages. Usually, Germans eat a great meal during the afternoon. Sausages are usually served with beer and sauerkraut. Germans usually wear modern clothes. In some special occasions, they wear traditional German Clothes. The boys wear overall shorts called the lederhosen, and the girls wear dresses called the dirndl. Since 1990 more than one million people have moved to Germany after the unification and the stability of the country.

Famous artists like Beech, Beethoven, Brahms, and the Brim brothers were all German. German authors wrote all famous fairytales like Hansel and Gretel, the Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Also, Germany includes a vast amount of castles. They all lie in extraordinary places with intricate designs and seem like a century of construction which some of them did really take a century to finish.

There still exists some Jews in Germany, but after the Holocaust most of them fled to the neighboring countries. Turks are among the most common people in Germany that have the lowest jobs like taxi drivers, etc … racial problems have increased in Germany. Xenophobic statistics have been brought into discussion and have been accused of as racism. The racial accusations also include neo-nazi offences.


Views on World Problems

Germany being and ally to the United States agreed on helping the United States by handing official evidence against an Arab Hijacker. This is something good that may help on decreasing terror attacks. But that may also worsen the relations with other Arab countries. For every action Germany undergoes, there is always something bad about it.

Following the Nuclear power issue, it has aroused that many poor countries that used to allow uranium deposits are getting pretty picky. A plan that Germany is working on that will end the use of Nuclear power will at least take up to 10 to 15 years. What will Germany do with the Uranium deposits if it could not find a suitable place to dump it?

The European Union is a union that includes all European countries, including Germany. Germany has no enemies, but it used to have. Its relations have been very strong with Russia and France with France that used to hold one region of Germany and defend it, and Russia who is recently working with Germany trying to form a joined ministry of Defense.


Germany, after World War II was fallen apart. The Nazi leaders were taken to court for their crimes by humanity and peace. The western powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the USSR) decided in a conference that Germany should be divided into three zones. A country will be assigned to occupy a country. They decided that Poland should have a part because of their pre-occupied eastern territories. Poland started shifting its economy to that zone, so the Germans were asked to move to somewhere else. Roosevelt proclaimed that no brutality is supposed to happen to any of these citizens, but that occurred. Germans were punished on consequences they do not deserve because of the Nazi leaders.

Stalin then occupied Poland, causing the western allies to change their stance from managing the zones to protecting it against the enemy. All land transportation has been blocked. The only source of food was that of the western allies’ aircrafts that were carrying supplies and food. That caused the Germans to cooperate with the Western allies more respectively. A tri zone was then formed with the leftover zones.

Western Germany had already begun receiving foreign aid. The United States plan for Germany, "The Marshall plan", was not enough. It was formed to overcome the inhumanity hunger and chaos in the western region in Germany. Then a new law came up. It was called the Basic law and its job was to form a political system that for Germany. Meanwhile, Stalin was trying to make the economy valid for the public. He was trying to change the governmental industry to a public industry. Alfred Muller Arrack termed it "The Social Economy Market".

Hitler used to be the NAZI, anti-communist leader of Germany. A very dreadful leader that used to treat people inhumanly with horrible acts. With the support of France, the U.K, and other countries, they managed to override him and renew Germany. But he effects of Hitler still lie in the heart of the people. Jews fled the country with some of them still living in Germany. German Refugees at the time were treated brutally for the crimes of the Nazi leaders who took away all they have. The post communist war was a war that tried to end communism.

Lastly, with all the Western Alliances and the USSR’s aid to unite Germany, it was they, the German, who made the difference. The gained their respect from the Western Alliances. They formed their own political structure, and chose their own president.



General Assembly B


Policy statements

1. Control of racism and incitement to violence and anarchy on the Internet.

German can’t deny this issue but it can tell you one thing, it is working very hard to overcome this chaos. New laws have been approved in order to provoke those who incite violence. Those who incite violence are those who are often against the government trying to dismount the society. They can be also politicians inciting others for power.

Anarchy on the Internet is something that Germany alone cannot control. The Internet has been created in order to provide unlimited freedom to everybody around the world. It is only now that this freedom has been affecting nations. You have heard how pornography has been affecting young teenagers, including younger ones too. And you may also have heard how terrorism has been spread through the Internet. In fact, more than 50% of terrorists use the Internet because it’s the most successful way in attacking others, and it’s the cheapest too.

2. Biodiversity and protection, conservation and reintroduction of endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, including implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species.

As you all know, Germany is one of the countries that has a society that often likes to tour around safaris, jungles, etc… Germany is also one of the countries that contribute to the wildlife organizations of the world. Germany’s objective in funding is to help rehabilitate all of the endangered species and not those of flora and fauna. Flora and fauna still deserve a lot of attention and care, along with thought but other species also deserve the same.

The implementation of the Convention of the Biological Diversity and convention on International Trade in Endangered species was one of those organizations that didn’t do much help to the Wildlife society. German agrees with the issue that this organization should be implemented.

3. Action paper: Review of modern sanctuary and asylum methods as a means of safeguarding lives and protecting properties.

Those who use asylum methods in the means of safeguarding lives and properties are probably refugees. What other way do they have! Would they support their community financially!! Most of them are poor. Germany thinks that the government should support those who use asylum methods to safeguard the lives of others and protect their properties. In the future they may help those who helped them in the past.



Student: Hamad Al Sager

Country Germany

General Assembly B

Issue: Biodiversity and protection, conservation and reintroduction of endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, including implementation of the convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Defining - the reintroduction of endangered species as a crucial act upon the existence of species of flora and fauna.

Emphasizing - that the convention of the International Trade of Endangered species should go on because it will bring life to countries that have lost their species of flora and fauna, and it can aid countries financially by bringing them a good tourist environment depending on what species they have and how much and where they exist. It can also help rehabilitate the numbers of the endangered species, bringing them back to life.

Congratulating - Germany’s Greens on their massive effort towards saving the environment and attracting the public’s attention upon how serious pollution is and will get if environmental problems are not treated soon.

Proclaiming - that environmental protection organizations are having a big responsibility that they their selves cannot handle because of how great the problem is. Germany established an environmental organization that succeeded in decreasing the pollution in the region while it did not make a major effect. That’s why the Sino – German Conference was established.

1. Seeing that the public is not really aware of how serious ecological problems can get
A. T.V advertisements should be made to aware the public where it will address the public by environmental problems. It may also include mild violence similar to that of where wear your seatbelt advertisements to attract the attention of viewers.
B. Summer employment jobs in environmental sectors can interest young people where when taking one of those jobs, they would learn the serious harms of pollution, and get the real experience.

2. New energy sources must be made and used from like,
A. Generating electricity from waterfalls and air wings, etc.
B. Fuel celled cars and electrical trains.
C. Using power plants to generate electricity that will also increase the population of these plants.

3. Urges countries to think about disposing wastes in Space, although this was proposed long ago and rejected,
A. The wastes will be sent directly to the sun where it will be burnt thus not affecting the earth at all.
B. It will decrease majorly the amount of waste disposed in inhabited areas along with lakes, rivers, and seas.
C. Wastes are kept in a sealed rocket able to withstand imaginable heat wear it will get closer to the sun to burn all of the disposals fully.

4.Further Urges countries to
A. Close down industrial plants causing the most damage to the environment
B. Build new sewage treatment plants
C. Make use of devastated and barren land into farms or forests.
D. Establish new laboratories into specifically researching every issue in the environment and not only specific sectors in the environment.

5. Calls the creation of a breeding station:
A. Called the Eco Rehabilitation center
B. Will have several branches located in different parts of the world where different animals and plants exist.
C. Its job will be to try to bring back the normal numbers of species of flora and fauna.
D. Will try to open new branches located in countries along the world where these countries are also funding this project.

Opening Speech:

Begrüßende sehr geehrte Damen und Herr. Welcome to the world’s third best manufacturer, the country of 1000 sausages.