Country: The Kingdom of Bahrain

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Student: Bader Al-Saleh




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Issue # 1: Rising Levels of Water

The rise of water level is a major concern to the kingdom of Bahrain and the whole world; The Kingdom of Bahrain believes that the raising of water levels is a major environmental concern that requires international coordination. The population of the world should become more environmentally aware about the issue. The increased temperature as a result of global warming results in the melting of ice and thus the rise of water level.


Issue # 2: The SARS Epidemic

The fatal disease SARS that is attacking us from Asia, The Kingdom of Bahrain is ready to participate in any international effort in the field of research to fight the disease. The Kingdom also started to take some actions to stop the spread of the disease into its lands by not allowing people from south Asian countries to enter itís lands. The kingdom also does not allow people who visited Asia in the past two months to enter its lands. The Kingdom of Bahrain also supports a resolution that allows the WHO to take immediate actions and collect necessary funds to fight the disease. The kingdom is ready to supply the necessary funds and agrees that a committee should be formed and sent to Asia to investigate the disease and help preventing the spread of the disease.


Issue # 3: Humanitarian Aid During Times of Crisis

The Kingdom of Bahrain supports the fact that during the times of crisis and war forces should provide food and necessary human supplies to the suffering population. The latest war in Iraq resulted in a human crisis. Most of the Iraqi population is below the poverty line and in need of Human Aid. The Kingdom of Bahrain would like to join the international community and members of this assembly to reduce the suffering of the Iraqi population. The Aid should include food medicine and logistics. The kingdom also supports a resolution that during the times of war and crisis humanitarian aid should be provided. The Kingdom also affirms on sending supplies of food and medicine to Iraq.

The latest war in the Middle East resulted in the removal of the Iraqi regime and thus reduced the presence of some weapons of mass destruction. in the area. The Kingdom of Bahrain supports the idea of a middle east that is free from weapons of mass destruction. The Kingdom of Bahrain requires the removal of mass destruction weapons in Israel. It is urged that Israel removes such dangerous weapons if they are really interested in peace with the Palestinians in specific and the Arabs in general The Kingdom of Bahrain affirms on the fact that a weapons free middle east is part of the achievement on the course of war on terror.




Forum: General Assembly

Delegation: the Kingdom of Bahrain

Question of: Creating a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East.

Defining: nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction, they are considered as weapons of strategic deterrence, such weapons are used to change the aftermath of a conflict or used for self-defense,

Realizing that the presence of such weapons imposes great threat to the countries of the Middle East and neighboring countries,

Deeply alarmed: by the fact that the presence of such weapons in a limited geographical area as the middle east imposes a direct life threat to the whole population,

Reminding: the whole world of the two catastrophic incidents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the massive number of lives that have been lost and the Chernobyl nuclear accident,

Notes with Deep concern: the presence of a nuclear reactor in Demon Israel and the development of nuclear weapons that threatens the whole strategic area of the Middle East,

Notes with deep regret: the imbalance of power that is in favor of Israel as a result of these weapons. It also leads to the fact that Israel becomes the most powerful country in the Middle East,

Notes bearing in mind: that after the removal of the Iraqi regime the Middle East is an area almost clean from the weapons of mass destruction. A clean middle east will push the peace proceeds between the Israelis and the Palestinians,

1. Advises: that Israel participates in an international effort to make the Middle East a better area free from nuclear weapons. Such a move will be a great achievement on the course of war on terror;

2. Urges: the United States of America and other world power to work with countries of the Middle East for a better zone that is free from weapons of mass destruction;

3. Emphasizes: that a nuclear free middle east enhances the economies of countries in the Middle East:
A. The GDP of countries of the middle eastern countries will increase (including Israeli ) as a result of the security and better economic conditions,
B. Israeli will gain the trust of the countries of the middles,
C. New trade opportunities will be opened; more products and services will be available,
D. Foreign investment will increase as a result of the increased feeling of security in the Middle East;

4. Resolves: Israel must disarm it self of all weapons of mass destruction.
A. An international committee should be established to monitor the process of Disarmament,
B. The countries of the Middle East should sign an international agreement of a middle east that is free from WMA.




Bismila al rahman al raheem (in the name of God)

Al Salam aLaikum Wa Rahmat aLaa Wa barakatuhu (Hello)

Honorable chair, Fellow delegates, and helpful administration staff, good evening. Bahrain is a self governing country in the Middle East, situated in the Arabian Gulf.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is here to clarify its view according to the two issues we are having in the Middle East. They are Palestine, and the Nuclear Weapons and Mass Destruction. The Kingdom of Bahrain CONDEMNS! The Red White and Blue and our so called friends in the west. To use these Weapons of Mass Destruction against Poor Old Palestineís. Kingdom Of Bahrain Will Stop this. That for sure, when time comes.

Bahrain votes for PEACE around the world and all what Bahrain wants is to have a safe environment. Countries from the west are called as terrorist, they killed, destroyed houses, and destroyed and Arabic Country we must not be silent. We must stop that non sense. The Kingdom of Bahrain had also held and organized many meetings and organizations to solve this problem without any positive results.

Thank You