Country: The Czech Republic

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Student: Abdulla Al-Mishari

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The Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Where is my homeland?

Kde domov muj, kde domov muj?
Voda huci po lucinach,
bory sumi po skalinach,
v sade skvi se jara kvet,
zemsky raj to na pohled!
A to je ta krasna zeme,
zeme ceska domov muj,
zeme ceska domov muj!


Where is my home, where is my home?
Water bubbles across the meadows,
Pinewoods rustle among crags,
The garden is glorious with spring blossom,
Paradise on earth it is to see.
And this is that beautiful land,
The Czech land, my home.

Where is my home, where is my home?
If, in a heavenly land, you have met
Tender souls in agile frames,
Of clear mind, vigorous and prospering,
And with a strength that frustrates all defiance,
That is the glorious race of the Czechs,
Among Czechs is my home.

The Czech Republic

Country Profile


Political Structure:

The Czech Republic has a parliamentary democracy government with a president elected every five years. There are three branches of government, the executive branch the president and the prime minister. President Havel stepped down from office after ruling for 10 years. The legislative branch is a parliament that is made of a senate consisting of 81 seats. The judicial branch consists of a Supreme Court and constitutional court.



Czech Republic is located in central Europe southeast of Germany, 45 49 N, 15 30 E, with a total area of 78,866 sq km. The land boundaries total 1881 km, the boundaries are distributed as follows, Austria 362 Km, Germany 646 Km, Poland 658 Km, and Slovakia 215 Km. There is no coast line it is land locked. Terrain is mostly hills and mountains.


Natural resources:

The Czech economy is one of the stable and prosperous economies that started to recover from recession during the period of the post communist era. The GDP is $155.9 Billion


Cultural factors:

The population of the Czech Republic is around 10,000,000. There are nine ethnic groups that are divided as follows, Czechs 81.2%, Moravian 13.2%, Slovak 3.1%, polish 0.6%, German 0.5%, Silesian 0.4%, Roman 0.3%, Hungarian 0.2% and other are 0.5%. There are various religions in the Czech Republic, atheists 39.8%, Roman Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3% and other 13.4%.



Military has 3 branches army, air defense forces, and territorial defense forces. The starting age for military is 15 years of age, there 2,000,000,000 registered in the army.



The economy has 3 main sectors agriculture, industry and services. These three sectors contribute to the economy. The currency is the Czech koruna. There many natural resources, hard coal, soft coal graphite and timber.


Views on world problems:

The Czech Republic has a couple of major disputes with Austria over a nuclear power plant after World War II. Liechtensteinís royal family claims land in the Czech Republic. They are major supporters of the United States over most world issues.



Not completed



Policy Statements


A. Issue: Securing food and water resources for nations in times of war and famine

The Czech Republic supports the policy that during the times of crisis and war forces should provide food and necessary human supplies to the suffering population. The latest incidents in Iraq resulted in a human crisis. The Czech Republic would like to join the international community in provide aid for the Iraqi population. The Czech Republic also agrees on a resolution that during the times of war and crisis humanitarian aid should be provided. The republic also affirms on sending supplies of food and medicine to Iraq.


B. Issue: Creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East

The latest developments in the Middle East resulted in the removal of the Iraqi regime and thus reduced the presence of mass destruction weapons in the area. The Czech Republic supports the concept of a middle east that is free from weapons of mass destruction. How the Czech Republic remains neutral on the issue of mass destruction weapons in Israel. The Czech Republic affirms on the fact that a weapons free middle east is part of the achievement on the course of war on terror.


C. Issue: Controlling the spread of the SARS virus and finding a cure for it.

SARS the latest fatal disease coming from Asia, the Czech Republic is ready to participate in any international effort in the field of research to fight the disease. The Czech also started to take some actions to stop the spread of the disease into its lands by not allowing people from South Asian countries to enter its lands. The Czech also supports a resolution that allows the WHO to take immediate actions and collect necessary funds to fight the disease. The Czech agrees that a committee should be formed and sent to Asia.


D. Issue: Guaranteeing human rights and alleviating suffering in Cuba

The latest events in Cuba reflected a huge violation of human right the Czech Republic advises the international community to take immediate actions against the Cuban government so that the human rights are respected. The republic also supports the formation of a committee that investigates the latest incidents. The Cuban government should respect the charter of the United Nations concerning human rights.


E. Issue: Rising water levels due to the effects of global warming

The rise of water level is a major concern; the Czech believes it is a major environmental concern that requires international coordination. The population of the world should become more environmentally aware about the issue






Delegate: Abdulla Al Mishari

Delegation: Czech Republic

Issue: The questions of controlling the spread of the SARS virus and finding a cure for it.

Defining SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) as a new respiratory illness that has recently been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe,

Taking in consideration that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating the new disease and are in view of finding a cure for the illness,

Notes that, WHO is reporting 7,564 cases of SARS, and that the death rate is approximately 8 percent overall,

Further notes that the members of the CDC are looking into the spread of SARS in hospital settings, and that the virus is spreading widely around the world,

Bringing to attention that the virus has spread in more than 8 countries (China, Hong Kong, and--Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, parts of the United States of America and few countries in Europe),

1. Resolves that a committee of the WHO (World Health Organization) would be customary, and itís objectives would be to:
A. Establish a clinical management and laboratory findings on SARS and to discuss global control strategies,
B. Describe the epidemiology of SARS,
C. Monitor the magnitude and the spread of this disease, in order to provide advice on prevention and control,
D. Find a cure for the SARS virus;

2. Further Resolves preliminary clinical description of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome summarizes what is currently known about the clinical features of SARS;

3. Accentuates that the treatment for SARS would be distributed to the diseased nation free of charge;

4. Urges all nations that individuals who are planning nonessential or elective travel to mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan may wish to postpone their trip until further notice. In addition, to travel alerts for Singapore and Toronto, Canada, to recommend that world travelers to any of these places observe precautions to safeguard their health;

5. Further Urges every person who has the disease to check up in the nearest hospital or clinic and get treated free of charge. Moreover, the person will get some money as a gift after the treatment;

6. Emphasizes that all the hospitals should make a special section in the hospitals for people dealing with the issue of SARS, and they should be isolated from other people until a cure for SARS is found.




Opening Speech


Hello and welcome from the Czech Republic, a country of many natural resources, fro crystal mines to coal mines. We, the Czech Republic are here to discuss several important issues. Specifically, the highly contagious, highly deadly disease that is taking over our citizens. SARS has shaken the world. Its death toll is rising at an alarmingly fast rate. So for we have been luckily not to have been attacked by any SARS causes. However, this should not make us, or any country, be for that matter relaxed. We should all think together of all the measures that should be taken. I urge you to look into this issue and make it your priority to get rid of this epidemic. Thank you.