Country: East Timor (Timor Leste)

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Student: Abdulla Al-Mdaires

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The Timorese Anthem (not available)

Pátria, Pátria, Timor-Leste, nossa Nação.
Glória aos heróis da nossa libertação.
Vencemos o colonialismo, gritamos:
abaixo o imperialismo. Terra livre,
não, não, não à exploração.
Avante unidos firmes e decididos.
Na luta contra o imperialismo
o inimigo dos povos, até à vitória final.
Pelo caminho da revolução.

East Timor

Country Profile


Political Structure:

East Timor or in other words, The Democratic Republic Of Timor-Leste, is a country with a republic type of government and has a president that is every 4 years voted for. East Timor has a huge number of political parties and they are: the ASDT which is Associacao Social-Democrata Timorense which is lead by Francisco Xavier do Amaral , the PDC which is the Christian Democratic Union of Timor and lead by Antonio Ximenes.. Then, the PD Democratic Party, which is leaded by Fernando de Araujo. Maubere Democratic party (PDM), which is leaded by NA. People party of Timor PPT which is lead by Jacob Xavier. Revolutionary Front of Independent of east Timor in other names fretilin lead by Lu Olo. Social Democrat Party of east Timor PSD lead by Mario Carrascalao. Socialist Party of Timor which has no specific leader. Also, we have the Sons of the Mountain Warriors, which is known as KOTA or Association of Timorese Heroes, which is leaded by Clementino dos Reis Amaaral; and the Timor Democratic Union which is longer for UDT and leaded by Joao Carrascalao. Also the, Timor Labor Party also known as Paulo Freitas Da Silva. There is also the Timor Nationalist Party batter known as the PNT lead by Abelio Arujo. Lastly the Timorese Popular Democratic Association or APODETI LE lead by Fredrico Almeida.

In east Timor there isn’t any political pressure. There is political stability in EAST Timor because, there isn’t many oppositions in the country. East Timor is lead by Xanana Gusmaoe who is the president. East Timor has a parliament that has 55 chairs and they are voted by the people of East Timor. There isn’t any opposition in East Timor because there is a parliament and this parliament has different party members in it. The government was done after the liberation of east Timor by the choice of the people.


Natural resources

There are many natural resources in east Timor and they are gold, manganese, marble, natural gasses, and petroleum. The only export of natural resources in East Timor is marble. There is a trade agreement between East Timor and Australia which may have an effect on the growth of east Timor’s natural sources and this agreement will be taking 99% of the sea between Australia and East Timor and this agreement will be used in the year of 2005.


Cultural factors

East Timor has only three ethnic groups who play a major role in East Timor society and culture and these groups are Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian), Papuan, small Chinese minority these ethnic groups are sometimes with each other and some times they are not with each other. There are some religions in East Timor and they are: Roman Catholic which are 90% Muslims who are 4% Protestant who cover up 3% and finally Hindu 0.5% and the rest are Buddhist and Animist.



East Timor is located in south Eastern part of Asia. East Timor includes the eastern parts of the island Timor. East Timor has only one border which is with their enemies Indonesia. East Timor is a country that has some mountains and some seas and oceans that they lay on . East Timor lays on many seas and these sees are Timor see and the Banda sea and last but not least the Savua sea. The mountains in East Timor are not much there just a little but they have influence on its tourism.



Every country has its own military structure. In East Timor the military structure is the Army, Navy, and Air Force these are the three categories of defense in east Timor, but the army is very small it just has 3,598 half of these troops are reserve and this army is a very small group compared to the world countries. East Timor has many military contributors and these countries are Australia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, and Yugoslavia. East Timor have many allies and at the top of the menu America, Australia, and England and many other Christian and some Muslim countries. East Timorese people can enter the military when they are between 18-21. East Timor depends on America as a big factor that will help in defense.



East Timor is a low productive country, but that doesn’t stop it from having an economy. First, East Timor has a GDP of $389 million, which is broken down into many different sectors which are: Agriculture, forestry, fishing industries and services. The GPD is constant in east Timor. Second, east Timor has many debts on her and one of the countries that have debts on east Timor is America. East Timor has many products and they are Coffee, sandalwood, marble, wood, some petroleum and natural gas, livestock and fish products, spices, coconuts, cacao, sweet potatoes, soybeans, rice, maize, cassava, and fruits. If a country has exports it usually has imports and the imports of east Timor are Machinery, vehicles and other transportation equipment, food items, petroleum products, clothing, and textiles. East Timor has some trade partners on exports who are Australia and Indonesia and Portugal, and Australia and Indonesia are even import trade partners with east Timor. The monitory system in east Timor is the United States dollar.


Views of world problems:

East Timor has many problems in the country and they are the following; Health problems, Food problems, Unemployment. First, health problems East Timor has many cases of AIDs and cancer and many children die when they are months not even a year old. Second, food problem this problem occurs because of east Timor’s limited natural resources and the fact that they are a poor country. Lastly, unemployment is a problem because there aren't many jobs in East Timor. East Timor does not have any effect on the economic structure in the world, because its not a big and productive country. There is a bunch of treaties between east Timor and other countries. First of all The Timor Sea Treaty and Memorandum and the Timor gap treaty. East Timor has many allies and the major one is America. An enemy of east Timor has is Indonesia. East Timor is a member in the UN and the IBRD, and the IMF.



East Timor was a part of the country Indonesia after 1975, East Timorese people were all Christians who were struggling to have there freedom and before four years in 25- September 1999 east Timor was liberated by the help of the Americans and some other Christian countries like Australia. Now East Timor is a country that has there own decisions like any other country. East Timor is now considered as a free country that is a member in the UN. Now east Timor has here own exports and gets their own imports which is an example how east Timor is a free country that nobody controls.

East Timor was first a city that didn’t have many people come to it because of the civil wars in it and that caused a big distraction. Now many people go to East Timor because there aren't any more civil wars and tourism is very nice over there. East Timor was before a country belonging to the Portuguese, however East Timor was liberated of the Portuguese at 1975 for 9 days, but then the Indonesians took it again. East Timor was liberated from Indonesia in 2000 by the UN forces and the Australians.






A. Question of rising water levels due to the effects of global warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses of earth. First global warming took place many times in the life of humanity all over the 4.65 billion years. Second, global warming has an effect on people, weather, animals, and plants. This affect could be good and could be very bad. For example, it produces more food for people, but it can be bad for the plants and animals, because they couldn’t escape away. Global warming is very serious because it melts the ice in the water which will make the water levels rise and this will cause some islands to sink. In addition, it will cause a spread of some poisonous gasses. The heat is the only blame for global warming, because heat melts the ice which will cause water levels to rise.

East Timor takes global warming as a serious issue. East Timor is an island and that’s why global warming will cause a big disaster for it. When the water levels rise from the melting ice that comes from the North Pole and the ice rivers the water levels will rise which will cause our country East Timor to sink down the ocean. So global warming is an issue that east Timor will be taking very seriously, because it will have a serious affect on the country. The Global warming should be solved by the UN, because it could cost at lot of innocent people’s lives.


B. Question of controlling the spread of the SARS virus and finding a cure for it.

SARS is a highly contagious disease. First, SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which is a very bad illness that could cause a lot of deaths. Second, SARS is an atypical pneumonia of unknown etiology, and it was recognized at the end of February 2003. Third, SARS begins with a fever greater than 100.4F or 38.0C, which could include headaches or some other type of discomfort. SARS is a dangerous virus if nobody finds a cure for it then everybody will die.

East Timor takes the SARS virus issue very seriously. First, we are checking every person that comes from outside East Timor. For Example, they made a resolution; not all people could come in East Timor. We are checking all type of people that come in boats cars and even bicycles these are just some examples. Last but not least, every person that has brains knows that SARS is a very dangerous issue, and is spreading fast all over and especially the east Asia part so that’s why our country is being very cautious. East Timor is trying as every country in East Asia to find a cure for this bad illness. The people that should solve this problem are the people of the World Health Organization (WHO).


C. The question of securing food and water resources to the nations in times of war and famine

Our country East Timor takes the issue of securing food and water resources for nations in times of war and famine very seriously. First, Indonesia holds a very big threat on us, because it could come and get in our country anytime it wants. Second, our country has only limited national resources, which may stop and something may happen to them so we will need to secure food and water to our citizens during famine. Last but not least, East Timor is a country that does not have any money and have debts and these debts could cause East Timor all its money which will even cause a famine in the country. So east Timor needs to secure the food and water issue so they could have a good future.


D. Question of creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East

East Timor is with creating a nuclear Free zone in the Middle East. First, East Timor thinks that all the countries that have nuclear weapons should disarm. Second, East Timor thinks that if we had a nuclear free zone in the Middle East a big threat to the world's peace will be stopped. Last but not least, East Timor thinks creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East is a big step of having a whole nuclear free zone. East Timor thinks having a nuclear zone in the Middle East will be a step with courage and it supports everything that will be done to support having a nuclear free zone in the Middle East.


E. Question of guaranteeing human rights and alleviating suffering in Cuba.

East Timor is very concerned in the situation of allowing and guaranteeing human rights in Cuba. First, East Timor in this situation is neutral, because East Timor is against having a blockage on Cuba, but it's with changing the government. Second, East Timor thinks that human rights should be obtained by all countries including Cuba. Lastly, because East Timor is a capitalist country it is against the Cuban government who are communists. Being in this place is hard but being in the wrong side is harder.





Country: East Timor

Forum: General Assembly

Question: Securing food and water resources to the nations in times of war and famine.

Defining the FAO as the Food and Agriculture Organization and the FAO is a UN organization that helps poor countries survive FAO helped many countries and now its helping the middle East it will send pure water from brazil to the middle East and this project will cost $330 million and will be for 1.3 million people,

Believing that innocent people could die which is a result that could be caused by war and famine, and this death could actually be caused by not having food and water sources like in Bosnia 200,000 people died because of the famine that was caused by war,

Defining famine as when a country has a severe shortage of food, it generally affects large numbers of people and either cause them to die or make them sick like in the Irish Famine the dead people reached to 800,000 thousand people nearly were dead in this famine,

Noting that even famine could be caused even after war and people died because of that For example in East Timor 250,000 people died because of famine that struck the country after the war,

Expressing in Satisfaction the efforts that are being made by the FAO in giving out food to the poor country, and helping these poor countries by giving out food or helping them with making food in their countries, now there having an $43.8 project which will be held at Kyrgyzstan which will include growing the agriculture of the country so they could help it in getting more food,

Congratulates Australia and the United States of America for their efforts on sending AIDs to some of the poor countries which helped the countries build some economy like East Timor,

1. Condemns countries that are against securing food and water resources to people when they are in need for it which is when they are in wars or in famine or even after war;

2. Encourages FAO to help distributing food and water resources in the countries during war and famine and this could be as the following:
A. Offering more transportation options in the countries which will allow food to move quicker, because during war or famine people will need food urgently,
B. Offering more job opportunities in the countries and the people that work will be the countries people so the agriculture could grow bigger and during war or famine at least something will be there;

3. Encourages the able countries to have an 1%-10% of there food resources given to the FAO so it can distribute it to poor people;

4. Further Recommends a UN organization to be formed and the name of it is FSDAW(Food Securement During and After Wars) and its work is to:
A. Give food after and in war and surely secure it to people and this could be done by having a summit to vote for a resolution on this field every year;
B. Have each person that gets the food writes his details which are his full name, job, place of living, and members of family
C. Put a camp in every country which will consist of people that record this data its vital to have this organization because it gives people confidence that food will come;

5. Confirms that the FSDAW will secure all the food aid to all of the people that are in need of food aid, but will not give or secure the food aid for international terrorists;

6. Emphasizes the importance of co-operation between countries in all fields so each country helps each other in all times, and these country would donate or help by sharing resources(food or water) during the war or famine;

7. Recommends that an UN organization to be formed that has 2 main jobs:
A. Transport all kind of aid either medical or nutrition,
B. Secure that these AIDs get to the poor countries and gets delivered to the country’s people by making a resolution that gets done in a summit every year;




Opening Speech


From the Svue sea to the high mountains a place you might think is paradise, imagine a child getting sick even before he gets to be one year old, imagine families losing their members quickly like an old man’s hair. Imagine people dying just because of one thing …….that the country that he lives in is poor country.

Honorable chairs and fellow delegates, Mr. President hola

East Timor would like to highlight the issue of securing food and water resources after AND DURING war and famine. As you know many countries lost a big number of their population, because of war and famine during wars and after wars. For example, Bosnia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and many more countries. Some countries need to secure food and water resources, after war ends. They need this security because, they have limited resources in the country and they have poor people in the country. East Timor would like to thank all the countries that helped here and firstly Australia.

A solution could be made; this solution could be by making more efforts by the FAO, and adding transportation options for the FAO, and security for countries after war.

Thank you