Country: The Hellenic Republic (Greece)

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Student: Fatima Al-Abdulkareem


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The Greek National Anthem


Latin Transliteration

Se gnoriso apo tin kopsi.
Tou spathiou tin tromeri,
Se gnoriso apo tin opsi
Pou me via metra tin yi.
Ap' ta kokala vialmeni
Ton Ellinon ta iera,
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!
(repeat previous two lines three times)

English :

We knew thee of old,
Oh, divinely restored,
By the lights of thine eyes
And the light of thy Sword
From the graves of our slain
Shall thy valour prevail
As we greet thee again-
Hail, Liberty! Hail!
(repeat previous two lines three times)

The Hellenic Republic of Greece







1) Political structure:

Athens the capital of Greece as well it’s the largest city in Greece. Greece is a parliamentary republic, headed by a president, then a prime minister, and a 300-seat parliament. These members are elected every 4 years. And the president gets elected every 5 years. Currently the president is Constandinos Stephanopoulos; Costas Simitis is the prime minister the actual governor of Greece. The Greek government was formed after the war they had with the Ottoman Empire in 1829. The Greek independence is dated 25 March. The Greek got their independence after a war that struggled for 9 years after the English, French, and Russians forced the Ottoman Empire to give Greece its independence.


2) Natural resources:

Some of the natural resources that are mainly found in Greece are petroleum, mining. Some industries that are found in Greece are food, tobacco, textiles, some metal products, and chemical companies. There is a wide agriculture majority in Greece their soil is productive so they produce: wheat, corn, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, potatoes, wine, tobacco, beef, and of course dairy products. One of the qualities that Greece has as you may call it a natural resource is that it attracts tourists by the ancient civilization that was held in it.


3) Geography:

Greece is a European peninsula located in south Europe, it borders Albania form the northwest, Bulgaria from the north, Turkey east, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from the north. The water surfaces that surround it are Ionian Sea from the west, and Mediterranean Sea from the south, Aegean Sea borders it from the east. The overall space of Greece’s area equals 131,940 sq. km that involve land and water.


4) Cultural factor:

Pythagoras and Archimedes are some of the famous scientists of Greece. For thousands of years the Greek culture changed the world and especially effected the development of the western civilization. The main religion of the Greek people is orthodox that is a kind of the Christian religion. The orthodox are 98% of the Greek people. That makes the other 2% of the population Muslims, Jews, and Catholics. Languages used in Greece are Greek, English, and French. Some ethnic groups found in Greece are, Turks, Arabs, Albanians, Bulgarians, Macedonians. There are no problems or fighting between religions or ethnic groups.


5) Defense:

The Greek military has several branches that include 2,668,872 soldiers, which consist of men and women in the age of 15 to 49, Greek men are to serve 20 to 24 months in active duty in the armed forces, the armed forces distribute the 2,668,872 soldiers in several branches: The Hellenic Army, The Hellenic Navy, The Hellenic Air Force, Police, and National Guard. The military expenses that include weapons, monthly salaries, and money paid for extra defense go up to $ 6.12 billion. And they had a civil war in 1946 to 1949. Greece is a member of the (NATO) organization.


6) Economy:

The economy is the management of resources, such as money, materials, or labor. Greece has a strong, stable economy in which it practices every year. The amount of exports "sent goods" reached to $12.6 billion. While the imports "brought goods" expenses were about $31.4 billion. Some of the EU members are trade partners with Greece as well as the US, its import partners are: Italy, Germany, France, and Netherlands. Export partners are: Germany, Italy, UK, and the US. Greece debts add up to $63.4 billion. It got a loan from the EU organization that was granted to them in 1997 it was $5.4 billion. Greece’s current currency is the euro as well as the drachma before the euro took its place.


7) Views of world problems:

Greek is in different kinds of organizations such as (EU); UN. Greece has several enemies and allies. For example in 1992 the Greek government had problems with (F.Y.R.O.M) which stands for "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". The problem was that the Greek claimed that the name is inherent Greek and it shouldn’t be used by another country. Albania is a second example, when the Greek restored the diplomatic relations in 1971 with the Albanians the Greek government didn’t lift the state of war in the area from world war 2 until 1987. For a historical reason the Greeks see the Turks as their number 1 threat of security. They both have some unresolved issues and disagreements about the Aegean Sea and the division of islands between Greek and Turkish Cyprus.

One of Greece’s allies is the Middle East were it signed a defense cooperation between Egypt and Israel. And in the second gulf war it was an ally for Kuwait with its situation. The US is also an ally for Greece where it had cooperated with them in World War 2 and the Korean conflict, as well as the cold war. On top of that, the US has been funding the Greek with $1.11 billion for its economic as well as security assistance during 1946. As well Germany, Italy, UK, France, and Netherlands are some of its European allies.


8) History:

Greece was ruled by several and different invaders in the past such as the Ottoman Turkish rule that spread the lands of Greece in the 1300’s. The Greeks then had what they call a National revival during the 1700’s to end the Turkish rule. Greeks back then were strengthened by prosperity and education and merchants increased by wealth. The people were very keen to study their peoples past and culture. In 1821 a fierce battle was held between the Greeks and the Turks eventually the Greek won the battle and succeeded to independence. World War 1 began in 1914 and Greece was on the allies’ side against Germany and its partners. After the war ended on November 11, the peace treaties gave Greece most of the territories it had long wanted from the Ottoman Empire. Then in 1921 another war was held against Turkey so Greek sent their forces. The Turks defeated the Greek in 1922, and then a military revolt forced the ruler of the throne. His son took his place then a revolution ended. In 1923 Greeks returned to the Turkish territories. After this war Greek announced itself a republic. In 1939 World War 2 began and Greece declared its neutrality.




Policy statements:


A. The question of rising water level due to the effect of global warming

Global warming is the increasing in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Global warming is an important issue that we have to consider because for the coming years our planet will get warmer, that makes ice melt so water levels rise. This issue is important to Greece because it’s a peninsula and has lots of islands that can be affected by loss of land, natural resources and humans. It will affect the weather and cause pollution. Cars, energy plants and burning fuel cause the pollution. CO2 is being spread, and due to that the world’s atmosphere is getting warmer. By that water levels are rising rapidly and some day land would drown do to global warming. Greece is planning plans to help lower the pollution and the producing of CO2 and other gases that affect the world through global warming.


B. The question of controlling the spread of the SARS virus and finding a cure for it

SARS is a new kind of virus that had many damages on the life of humans. It’s a deadly disease that is rapidly spreading through lots of countries, and killed many victims. Till now (WHO) didn’t really find a cure for this fatal virus. It is located in the East Asian region and rarely found in Europe. It was hardly found in Greece so its not a considered issue, but we would want a cure for it so people around the world wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Greece has taken precautionary measures in all its ports either sea or air to insure that no cases of SARS enter the country and infect its population.


C. The question of securing food and water resources for nation in times of war and famine

Food and water are essential in life and especially in the case of war. Some resources should be around when a nation is dying from starvation in war. They could be not in reach at this point of time, but other countries should help the famine country in getting food and water in the invaded country to stop death. So countries should have extra supplies for their people and fro their selves, the people shouldn’t be dying from starvation while they are in war, they have to suffer invasion and starvation?


D. The question of creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East

Nuclear weapons could be very dangerous if set in wrong hands. Middle Eastern shouldn’t have a nuclear free zone; the UN should put supervision on them. They should also respect the space boundaries of other countries so there won’t be any misunderstanding and new problems between them. Also, they shouldn’t have a nuclear free zone because their countries are in a strategically place and they have wealthy lands and lots of natural resources so they need the protection and defense from other large countries like the US or the UK. This issue does concern and affect Greece in many ways. It would be bad in a way to have the freedom of military weapons and defense in the Middle East. They could get into deeper problems and get their neighbors in troubles or even threat them with their weapons.


E. The question of guaranteeing human rights and alleviating suffering in CUBA

The Cuban people are suffering daily whether they did something wrong or not because their government is the reason of their suffering. Human rights there aren’t really doing any good to the citizens. The Cubans also have sanction from the US. The Cubans aren’t allowed to import or export anything so they don’t really live well like citizens of all other countries. Well these sanctions should end so the people won’t suffer anymore and for the sanctions to end the Cuban government should improve and become better for the Cubans and the world. And they should be more cooperative with the US and the rest of the world.




Country: Greece

Forum: General Assembly

Question: of rising water levels due to the effect if global warming.

Defining global warming as the increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere, which may cause fires, dryness, floods, and land loss;

Noting in the Samos Island, Greece on July 2000 fires were produced due to the dry conditions, Southeast Europe and the middle east had a wide spread of a heat wave July-august 2000, Denmark and Germany 2001 had the warmest October on their record, Greenland is passing through a phase of rapid thinning of ice sheet in their coastal areas, Arctic Ocean stations state the decreasing of ice thickness as well as the ice cover;

Adding that if the global warming crisis doesn’t get solved millions of lands may burn or drown and as a result land will lessen and the heat of the world will be continuous till water covers the whole world;

Fully alarmed that some island or peninsula countries would act with loses in the population, as well as economy;

Pointing out this issue may cause in losing land the amount of money that will be lost by global warming is estimated as about $400 billion;

1. Resolves the formation of Global warming pollution watchers (GWPW) that would monitor each and every country for their producing of pollution that will effect the procedure of global warming which will:
A. Prevent the extra polluting industries from their exercise in which to make them find a more convenient and more nature friendly plan that may close the global warming effect by a yearly scientist meeting to put a cap on CO2 production limits,
B. Check every CO2 producing machine for lessening the amount that is being produced,
C. Publish a black list of offending industries and nations;

2. Urges countries so they will not give the right of manufacturing goods to industries that:

A. Recklessly produce polluting gases that will effect the environment,
B. Don’t seem to care about this issue as much as has to be concerned about;

3. Condemns all the nations that are continuing the processing of polluting gases that cause global warming;

4. Encourages all the hard work that is been practiced every day of the employees that help keep the world last much longer than it would have from all the pollution;

5. Further resolves the GWPW will have incentive packages to helpful and safe producing countries:
A. Will give some countries the priority in this issue,
B. Can remove countries from the black list;

6. Requests the help and cooperation of all countries that have part of this issue or not to help save our world from being destroyed;

7. Conclude that the UN will hold a meeting every year to debate this issue for the countries in the black list.



Opening speech


It is the land of the gods. The land of the delicate architecture. A land with a magical breeze. This is the land where civilization began. When the western civilization was formed. Such natural beauty and full of peaceful environments. Welcome to Greece.

Global warming is an issue that affects Greece and many other island countries very much. Firstly, the environment of our world is getting polluted continuously every day by industries, cars, and many more. Secondly, this is ruining a lot of the countries natural resources and ecosystems. Therefore, a solution should be found before all the worlds’ natural resources are lost.