Country: Iceland

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Student: Haya Abdul-Kareem


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The Icelandic National Anthem




Icelandís country profile

Political structure

The republic of Iceland is an island with a government type that is constitutional republic its capital it Reykjavik. It has about seven political parties witches are: independence party or known as (IP), Progressive Party or (PP), liberal party (LP), social democrative alliance (SDA), left green party (LGP), social democratic party (SDP), and womenís list (WL).

The President is Olafur Gogner Grimsson, the Prime Minister is Davie Obbsson, and the cabinet is appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by parliament. They run their elections each four years of time.


Natural resources

Iceland has rich natural resources but they donít use much of them only for these following resources: fish, hydropower, geothermal power, and diatomite.

Some of the natural resources are imports and exports for example: fish, fishing products, aluminum products. For the imports they are machinery and equipment, petroleum products, aluminum and so many others too. The imports partners are Germany and it 12.2%, united states 11.1%, Denmark 8.6%, Norway 7.8%, United Kingdom 7.5%, Netherlands 6.6%. Also, for the export partners there are Portugal 5.5%, United Kingdom 18.2%, and Germany 14.9%, norway 5.3%, and finally Netherlands 10.9%.

However, Icelander is considered a world leader in science and technology as it was the first country in the world to open a hydrogen fuel station.


Cultural factors

A homogenous mix of Norwegians settles and Celts from the British Isles, it has to be Iceland. Iceland has so many languages and from these languages that are mostly spoken are the closest to the Old Norse language and had been there language from the 12th century unchanged, including English, German.

On the other hand, Iceland has so many religions too for example: evangelical Lutheran, the 91% if the population belongs to this church, the state church or other Lutheran churches its 87.1%; other Protestant 4.1%; roman catholic 1.7%. However, the ethnic groups are the Norse and Celts 94%, other foreign origin 6%.



Icelandís location is in northern Europe, its between the Greenland Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and northwest of the United Kingdom. The geography coordinates are 65 00n, 18 00 w.

The map reference of Iceland is Arctic region. The total area is 103,000 sq. km, the water area is 2,750 sq km, and the land is 100,250 sq-km. Iceland is slightly smaller then Kentucky and the land boundaries 0km. However the coastline, is 4,988 km.



Iceland doesnít have regular armed forces they have police and coast guards. The never had a military forces. The defense that is provided by the United States manned Icelandic defenses force (IDF) that headquartered at keflevik the countryís capital.

In addition, the military manpower availability is male age from 15 till 49: 71,142. However the military manpower fit for military service is age 15 to 49 for males 66,556. The figure of the military expenditures dollar if $.



The economy of Iceland is basically capitalistic. However, it welfare system and low unemployment the remarkably even distribution of income. The economy highly depends on its fishing industry, 70% of export earnings and employing 72% of the workforce. The exports account for about one-fourth of the GPD and the imports are about one third. Most of the exports go to the EU and the EFTA countries, like the United States of America and Japan. The US is the largest service trade partner and the largest in bilateral investment partner of Iceland

The budget is $3.5 billion for revenues and $3.3 billion for expenditures including capital expenditures of $467 million. However, the GDP is -$7.7 billion for purchasing power parity. The growth rate GPD is Ė0.7%, and per capita is -$27,100 for purchasing power parity, composition by sector is 14% for agriculture includes fishing 12%, industry 21%, and services 65%.


View of world problems

Iceland is against many world problems and with some such as the peace building in Europe, and the NATOís response to unconventional threats in Europe, and last but not least, is the NATOís mandate for military intervention. Iceland has beliefs too for example:

Iceland believes that the alliance should remain an organization to Trans-Atlantic collection defense a group of challenges and risks as a foundation. And believes that the alliance should not be blamed if it moves to fill in the vacuum. However, it strongly believes in the intervention rights of international communities, and on human rights and humanitarian law. Nevertheless, in case of peace building in Europe Iceland strongly believes that the future security and defense arrangement in Europe should be as a whole. Last but not least, the republic of Iceland believes that the Alliance should remain alert to this danger and take appropriate civil emergency and military precautions to protect the populations from the weapon of mass destruction. The country it self is a member of so many commodities such as the following: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW),

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) the Australia Group, and the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and many more other too. Finally, the opinion of Iceland after the alliance was been called the most successful alliance in history states that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should play an important role in the threat of organized crime and terrorism.



Iceland has the greatest and oldest parliament in the world. It a republican constitution and an assembly called Althingi. IN 1903 a minister for Icelandic affairs was made responsible to Althingi.

After the communication between Iceland and Denmark, in 1940 the country moved immediately to assume control over it own territorial waters. In the other hand, Iceland got occupied from the British forces in the may of 1940. In 1941 the United States became responsible for Iceland defense. However, Iceland had finally became independent on June 17 1944, and that's why it a national holiday for Icelanders. After the agreement in 1946, between Iceland and United States to terminate the US. responsibility for the defense of Iceland, but the United States retained certain rights at Keflavik. In addition, in 1949, the country became charter member of (NATO) North Atlantic Treaty organization. On the other hand, an agreement had taken place between Iceland and the United States. The US would be responsible for Iceland defense, after the outbreak of Korea and the request of NATO military authorities. On May 5, 1951, Iceland signed a bilateral agreement that the US. military presence in Iceland. The only NATO member with no military of its own is Iceland.




Policy Statements


A. The question of rising water level due to the affect of global warming

Global warming the heating of ice because of the chemicals that are made by humans that get trapped causing large holes in the atmosphere.

Because it cant get out of the ozone layer so it get trapped and heats the ice so the water level increase from the ice that is melting.

Nevertheless, European and island countries are greatly at risk Iceland is highly concerned about this issue because Being so close to the North Pole, that can affect the water level of Iceland. However, as some scientists say that Iceland and other European countries will be half sunk because of the continuous global warming Iceland's glaciers will decrease by 40 percent by 2100 and virtually disappear by 2200. Because In Iceland, glaciers and ice caps mostly cover about 11 percent of the island. Instantly we like many other island countries believe that the UN should take a strong look at Global Warming.


B. The question of controlling the spared of the SARS virus

SARS stands for Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It a disease in the respiratory system, Its highly contagious and its located in the lungs similar to the pneumonia. Itís very popular in Hong Kong, Canada, china, Philippines, Indonesia, , Thailand, and Vietnam.

Icelandís point of view on this issue is that, SARS has swept the world with chaos moving with it we understand that the UN and WHO are doing their best in trying to find a cure but we ask the WHO to spend more manpower and time on this Disease.


C. The question of securing food and water resources for nation in time of war and famine

Famine is a crisis in which a sharp increase in deaths and starvation from too little food results in one place. And war is when tow or more country fight over land, natural reassures money, and military forces. And that cause hunger and so many death incidents, and that can cause the countries neighbor and friend to secure and help this pore county that is in crises of famine and war.

As Iceland believes in humanitarian low and human rights, and creating a peace building in Europe. Thatís speaks and shows that Iceland is a helpful countries that want the world to be free from all the problems that is facing. So in time of famine and war Iceland will be delighted to share some resources and give the countries in need.


D. On Creating a Nuclear free zone in the Middle East

A nuclear free zone is very important to the world because it makes the world in peace from the nuclear weapons. Also, the middle east is facing this horrible crises of the cause that, in that area there is a lot of countries that is not free from the nuclear weapons and they are using them against each other, and causing a number of political problems.

So Iceland thinks that, an increase of political problems have been found in the middle east all of which concern nuclear weaponry in the area we believe that creating a nuclear free zone their would in decreasing problems in that region.


E. The question of guarantying human rights human rights and alleviating suffering in Cuba

Human rights is a very important issues and many countries are strongly with this issue and they get very angry if one country or a group disagrees with this issue. However, suffering has been a problem in Cuba as well as human rights and this has to stop.

On the other hand, Iceland is having problems with the honorable country of Cuba. But its highly with the issue of securing human rights and suffering and is very committed to its point of view. And think that what ever is happening to the human rights and suffering of people should stop. Last but not least, Iceland doesnít speak with the country of Cuba it only speaks with the human rights and suffering.





Forum: GA

Delegation of the republic of Iceland

Delegate: Haya Al Abdulkareem

Question: of the of rising water level due to the affect of global warming

Defining that the Global warming the heating of ice because of the chemicals that are made by humans that get trapped causing large holes in the atmosphere,

Bearing out that the global warming is a very dangerous thing for all countries that can lead them to the increase of water level,

Noting that the rising water level can cover so many countries and places such as The North Pole, some parts of Iceland, and Venice,

Nothing with deep concern that Iceland is highly aware of this issue and wants the united nation to take risks according to some scientists say that by the decrease of Iceland's glaciers, 40 percent by 2100 and virtually disappear by 2200,

1) Resolves the formation of the global warming police(GWP) will be run in every concern country and generous to vote for this resolution, that will include:
A. A yearly meeting
B. Authority to try to decrease of the use of greenhouse gases
C. The power to issue warnings to people who uses them and produce them
D. The power to gather funds from people that go against the warnings and that will be punished
E. The ability to allow poor people to skip punishment;

2) Further Resolves that there will be campaigns for election and new ideas and other important things as well;

3) Requests the cooperation of every nation in danger of the global warming and for the danger of the greenhouse uses.




Opening Speech

Thanks for the Vikings, the great nation of Iceland was born, the land of green meadows, looking on the Greenland Sea and the north Atlantic, Iceland is a sign of beauty.

However, Iceland is deeply concerned the issue of rising water level due to the affect of global warming. Like other endangered countries, Iceland has some ideas for this issue that can decrease it harm to the entire world.

One the other hand, Iceland is also concerned in other issues that affect it self and the world. Such as it concern about human rights and humanitarian low, and making peace and nuclear free zone every ware. Because Iceland is a peaceful country and it love of human rights made it way through your hearts. There for, Iceland would love and be delighted if endangered and generous countries come together and make a better place for us and for the future generation a place that provides an anti-global warming world.