Country: Lebanon

Event: Pearl-MUN 2003

Abdullah Al Khamis

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The Lebanese National Anthem

Latin Transliteration

Lilouatann Liloula
Lil a Lam,
Milou ay
Nizzaman Sayfouna
Oual Kalam,
Sahlouna Oualjabal -
Manbi Tonn Lirrijal
Kaoulouna Oual Amal
Fisabilil Ka mal.
Koullouna Lilouatann Lil Oula Lil Alam,

Oualfata Indasaoutil
Oua Tann
Ousdou gha
Bin Mata Saouarat Nalfitann
Charkouna Kalbouhou
Aba Dann Loubanane
Sanahou Rab Bouhou
Lima dal Azmane
Koullouna Lilouatann Lil Oula Lil Alam,

Barrouhru Dourratouchchar Kain Rildouhou
Birrouhou Malioul
Ismouhou Izzouhou
Moun Zou Kanal Joudoude
Majdouhu Arzouhou
Ramzouhou Lilkhouloude
Koullouna Lilouatann Lil Oula Lil Alam,


All of us! For our Country,
for our Flag and Glory!
Our valour and our writings
are the envy of the ages.
Our mountains and our valleys,
they bring forth stalwart men.

And to Perfection
all our efforts we devote.
All of us! For our Country,
for our Flag and Glory!

Our Elders and our children,
they await our Country's call,
And on the Day of Crisis
they are as Lions of the Jungle.

The heart of our East is ever Lebanon,
May God preserve her until end of time.
All of us! For our Country,
for our Flag and Glory!

The Gems of the East are her land and sea.
Throughout the world her good deeds
flow from pole to pole.
And her name is her glory since time began.
Immortality's Symbol--the Cedar--is her Pride.
All of us! For our Country,
for our Flag and Glory!

Country Profile




Policy Statements


Issue # 1: War and Famine

The Republic of Lebanon agrees that at times of war, food and supplies should be given out. The Republic of Lebanon is willing to be a part of the countries that are giving food and supplies to the Iraqi people. Lebanon agrees that it is best to send humanitarian aid to both countries in war.


Issue # 2: Rising Water Levels Caused by Global Warming

The rise of water level is a major concern because it is on the coastline. The rising of the temperature will make the ice melt and the water levels will rise. People of the world should be aware of the consequences of this issue; it will affect mostly the countries on coastlines. The rising of the temperature will make the ice melt and the water levels will rise.


Issue # 3: The SARS Virus

SARS is a deadly disease that we need to take some precautions to avoid. There have been some procedures taken to avoid this deadly virus. The republic of Lebanon is not allowing people from south Asian countries to enter its territories. Lebanon is part of the WHO and agrees to have a committee sent to Asia to prevent the disease.


Issue # 4: The Status of Cuba

Lebanon agrees that immediate actions should be taken towards the Cuban government knowing that they are not respecting the human rights. Incidents should be investigated by specialists. The Cuban government should respect the United Nation’s issue in respecting human rights.


Issue # 5: A Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East

The Republic of Lebanon supports a nuclear free middle east. Lebanon stresses that nuclear weapons in Israel should be removed. It also affirms on the fact that a nuclear free middle east is part of the goal of most Middle Eastern countries.





Forum: General Assembly

Delegation: The Republic of Lebanon

Question of creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East.

Defining nuclear weapons are weapons that result from atoms realizing massive energy after nuclear reactions,

Realizing that the presence of weapons imposes great threat to the countries of the Middle East and neighboring countries and the region as a whole,

Deeply alarmed by the presence of such weapons in a small geographical area as the Middle East imposes a direct life threat to the whole population and area,

Deeply concerned by fact that Israel is the only country that has such weapons in the Middle East,

Alarmed by the direct and indirect threats of such weapons on the neighboring countries such as Syria Lebanon and Egypt,

Hopes that countries of the middle east sign an international treaty that forbids country of the middle east to manufacture such weapons,

Wishes that the state of Israeli accepts such a treaty and coordinates with countries of the middle east to create a nuclear free middle east,

Taking into consideration that if the state of Israeli disarms it will motivate its neighbors to establish stronger economic relations with Israeli,

1. Urges: the state of Israeli to coordinate with other countries of the middle east on the issue of nuclear war fare so that the peace process could be pushed forward,

2. Resolves: the nuclear weapons should be striped from Israel.
A. A committee should be taken in consideration that carefully observes the process disarming of the nuclear weapons.
B. Countries with nuclear weapons should be put under sanctions.




Opening Speech


In Arabic: (ahlan wasahlan lejamee’e al dowel)

Honorable chair, fellow delegates, good afternoon, the delegate of Lebanon would like to welcome all the countries present on this special day.

From the land of Qurnat As Sawda’ mountains to the land of the lowest valley Bekaa, Lebanon would like to welcome you all. From the land of the best sweets on earth, to the land of skiing day and night. From the land of the Raouche rock that still stands on the wonderful ocean, to the land of the Pillers of Baalbeck that stood for more than 100 years. Lebanon would like to welcome you all.

Lebanon is a country that wants peace between the Middle Eastern countries. Lebanon is trying to do its best to get what everyone wishes for, and that’s eternal peace. Peace is the absence of war or other hostilities throughout centuries. It has tried to bring peace among Arab nations and to make the Arab nations nuclear free zone. Lebanon is here today to work and try to reach its goal, the issue of a nuclear free zone among the middle eastern countries should be placed number one the United Nation’s agenda, because people are dying.

Thank you delegates and I wish that we reach a goal that would satisfy all of us.