Country: El Salvador

Event: Pearl-MUN 2004

Student: Ahmad Al-Mughni

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The El Salvadoran National Anthem

El Salvador
Original Spanish Words

Saludemos la patria orgullosos
de hijos suyos podernos llamar;
y juremos la vida animosos,
sin descanso a su bien consagrar.
Saludemos la patria orgullosos
de hijos suyos podernos llamar;
y juremos la vida animosos,
sin descanso a su bien consagrar.
consagrar, consagrar, consagrar, consagrar.

De la paz en la dicha suprema,
siempre noble soñó El Salvador;
fue obtenerla su eterno problema,
conservarla es su gloria mayor.
Y con fe inquebrantable el camino
del progeso se afana en seguir
por llenar su grandioso destino,
conquistarse un feliz porvenir.
Le protege una férrea barrera
contra el choque de ruin deslealtad,
desde el día que en su alta bandera
con su sangre escribió: ¡LIBERTAD!
escribió libertad! ¡escribió libertad!

Libertad es su dogma,
es su guía que mil veces logró defender;
y otras tantas de audaz tiranía
rechazar el odioso poder.
Dolorosa y sangrienta es su historia,
pero excelsa y brillante a la vez;
manantial de legítima gloria,
gran lección de espartana altivez.
No desmaya en su innata bravura,
en cada hombre hay un héroe inmortal
que sabrá mantenerse a la altura
de su antiguo valor proverbial.
valor proverbial, valor proverbial.

Todos son abnegados y fieles
al prestigio del bélico ardor
con que siempre segaron laureles
de la patria salvando el honor.
Respetar los derechos extraños
y apoyarse en la recta razón
es para ella, sin torpes amaños
su invariable, más firme ambición.
Y en seguir esta línea se aferra
dedicando su esfuerzo tenaz,
en hacer cruda guerra a la guerra:
Su ventura se encuentra en la paz.
en la paz, en la paz.


Let us salute the motherland,
Proud to be called her children.
To her well-being let us swear
Boldly and unceasingly to devote our lives.
Let us salute the motherland,
Proud to be called her children.
To her well-being let us swear
Boldly and unceasingly to devote our lives,
our lives, our lives, our lives, our lives.

Of peace enjoyed in perfect happiness,
El Salvador has always nobly dreamed.
To achieve this has been her eternal proposition,
To keep it, her greatest glory.
With inviolable faith, she eagerly follows
The way of progress
In order to fulfil her high destiny
And achieve a happy future.
A stern barrier protects her
Against the clash of vile disloyalty,
Ever since the day when her lofty banner,
In letters of blood, wrote "Freedom,"
Wrote "Freedom," wrote "Freedom."

Freedom is her dogma and her guide;
A thousand times she has defended it,
And as many times has she repelled
The hateful power of atrocious tyranny.
Her history has been bloody and sad,
Yet at the same time sublime and brilliant,
A source of legitimate glory
And a great lesson in Spartan pride.
Her innate bravery shall not waver:
In every man there is an immortal hero
Who knows how to maintain the level
Of the proverbial valour of old.
valour of old, valour of old.

All are self-denying and faithful
To the tradition of warlike ardour
With which they have always reaped fame
By saving the motherland's honour.
To respect the rights of others
And base her actions on right and justice
Is for her, without infamous intrigue,
The constant and most firm ambition.
And in following this line she persists,
Dedicating her tenacious efforts
In giving hard battle for battle;
Her happiness is found in peace.
found in peace, found in peace.

El Salvador

Country Profile

Political System

El Salvador is Republican country where the president is elected every five years, but can not be reelected. El Salvador government allow political parties and they are a huge role in the their presidential elections; the three most important political parties are National Republican Alliance (ARENA), National Conciliation Party (PCN), and the Christian Democratic Party (PDC).

From the 1960’s in it’s foundation it didn’t become powerful till the early 1980’s. The PDC was the most powerful party which even had backing from the military. The ARENA could be called the villain between these three as it had a shaky start in the elections it grew powerful by the years and ruled the 1980’s. Some people think of it as representative of the "disloyal right" which means it supported dictatorship behind the people’s back. The PCN was the dominant political party in El Salvador during the 1960’s and 1970’s with supporters among both the elite and the rural population, especially in areas where the armed forces served as the primary governmental presence.

A political conflict opened when Salvadorian immigrants started ruining the economics in Honduras until they started illegal land invasions. More problems occurred in 1969 when the two nations had a qualifying match for the FIFA world cup, and the Honduras national anthem was insulted and violent action was made which caused a war known as the soccer war.



El Salvador is in Middle America (the only Middle America country without a coastline to the Caribbean) between Honduras and Guatemala. It has a coastline to the Pacific Ocean. The rivers are Lempa, Goascoran, Rio Grande of San Miguel, Torola, Paz and Jiboa. There are three types of lakes which are those located inside volcanic depressions or extinct craters, those created by the damming of waters due to the hydroelectric dams built across the Lempa river, and natural lakes.

Here’s El Salvador’s topography, it has two parallel mountain ranges running east to west divide country into two regions the mountains, the central plateau, and the coastal plains (Pacific lowlands). Southern mountain range are made up of more than twenty volcanoes. Eruptions rare, but earthquakes are frequent because of it’s location at the conjunction of three geologic plates.


Natural Resources

The types of natural resources are made up of arable land, permanent crops (mostly coffee beans) , permanent pastures, and "forests and woodlands". The exports are exported to there trade partners.


Cultural Aspects

The population of El Salvador’s races is made of 94% mestizo , 1% Amerindian and 5% white. The dominant religion is the Roman Catholic however by the year 200 an estimated one million Protestants by the Salvadorians. The some Catholics believe that the Americans are the devils, although the United States are the closest allies they always have some rebels.



The trade partners of El Salvador are The United States, Guatemala, Germany, Costa Rica, and the Honduras. They belong to the economic group the "World Trade Organization" (WTO). The World Trade Organization is the only international organization dealing with the global rules of trade between nations. Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible. Since January 1, 2001, El Salvador has operated a dual-currency economy, with both the local currency, the colon (often called the peso), and the US dollar recognized as legal tender for all transactions. The colon, however, is slowly being withdrawn from circulation, and the dollar will became the sole unit of currency from 2003. The colon is divided into 100 centavos. There are coins of 5c, 10c, 25c and 1 colon, and bank notes of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 colones. All US dollar notes and coins are now in free circulation.



El Salvador’s military is made of three branches the Army, the Navy, and the Air force. To be available for military service, the men should be at least 18 year old; however, if your 15 or over you could be fit for the military if there is a shortage of men. While El Salvador is one of the Central American countries most affected by the proliferation and abuse of small arms at present it is probably the one that has done the most to address the issue. Despite a UN-sponsored peace process that brought the formal political arena along with thousands of military style weapons in their possession violence continues at alarming levels. The incompleteness of the post conflict disarmament in combination with the conclusion of other wars in the region and the growth in drug trafficking have increased the profile of small arms and their consequences in the region.

Many of these weapons such as the M16A1 rifle and M67 fragmentation hand grenades are commonly reported as the instruments of organized criminal activity, in addition to the AK-47, a weapon often associated with the FMLN guerrillas. While the closest ally The United States not confirming any of terrorism in this country.


View on World Problems

During the 1980s, El Salvador was ravaged by a civil war. This was the result of inequality between a small and wealthy elite, which dominated the government and the economy, and the overwhelming majority of the population. The war left around 70,000 people dead and caused damage worth 2 billion dollars.

Human rights is a major problem in El Salvador even though police sometimes used excessive force. The government sought to identify and to punish police who committed criminal acts or violated established procedures, although with mixed results. There was a reduction in the number of human rights complaints against the police in some categories compared with the previous year. Prison conditions remained poor; although overcrowding was reduced, it remained a problem. Implementation of the new criminal and sentencing codes in April had a significant impact on the problems of violation of due process, prison overcrowding, overburdened court dockets, and trial delays. However, some criminals convicted of serious crimes were released on parole.


Recent History

In 1992 a United Nations-brokered peace agreement ended the civil war, but no sooner had El Salvador begun to recover when it was hit by a series of natural disasters. The most notable of these was Hurricane Mitch in 1998, and a number of earthquakes in 2001. These left at least 1,200 people dead and more than a million others homeless. Poverty, civil war, natural disasters and their consequent dislocations have left their mark on El Salvador's society, which is among the most violent and crime-ridden in the Americas.




Policy Statements






Delegate: Ahmad Al-Mughni
Forum: Generic Drugs
Country : El Salvador
Issue : The role of governments to disrepute generic drugs.

Defining generic drugs as life savers for the people with serous diseases especially for poor countries,

Defining that generic drugs are much cheaper than brand named drugs but have the same therapeutic value as brand-name drugs,

Aware that, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) that losses of lives are due to limited budgets, governments will thus treat less people with the brand-named drugs,

Believing that according to the WTO rich countries ban generic drugs because of they’re minimum profit,

Bearing In Mind that the CBS news of Central America report some countries bribe generic drugs companies to stop making them,

1. Resolves that the UN to disrepute generic drugs to all countries needed by a organization (WDGD);

2. Further Resolves that the headquarters of WDGD should be held at New York, USA;

3. Notes that the WDGD will form 5 different sub-organization around the world in:
A. Beirut, Lebanon to cover the Middle Eastern region,
B. Geneva, Switzerland to cover the European region,
C. New Delhi, India to cover the Asian region,
D. Rio Janeiro, Brazil to cover the American region,
E. Cairo, Egypt to cover the African region;

4. Confirms that reporters will not be bias and will report to the media from all sides of the story.

5. Further Confirms that that WDGD sub-organization recheck that all the drugs will have the same therapeutic value as the brand named drugs.

6. Declares that any country that doesn’t want to cooperate after joining will be prosecuted by the court.

7. Notes that all countries that cooperates the most will be given more attention towards they’re problems.

8. Emphasizes that a country witch joins the WDGD will be handed some reward.

9. Affirms that country who wish to leave the WDGD could leave after a fine.




Opening Speech