Country: Jamaica

Event: Pearl-MUN 2004

Student: Sayed Al-Rifae

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The Jamaican National Anthem


Eternal Father, Bless our Land
Guide us with thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, great defender
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love

Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty's call
Strengthen us the weak to cherish
Give us vision lest we perish
Knowledge send us Heavenly Father
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love




Jamaicaís Country Profile

Political Structure:

Jamaica is a constitutional parliamentary democratic country. Its independence day was in August,6,1962. It has an executive governor general, and a prime minister. In Jamaica they have a parliament that includes 21 appointed senators, and 60 elected representatives. Jamaica has five political parties. These five are Peoples National Party (PNP), Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), National Democratic Movement (NDM), and lastly United Peoples Party (UPP).

Now I will talk to you about the political history of Jamaica. In 1962 the U.K. established a parliamentary system to Jamaica based on the U.K. way, where it all started with Queen Elizabeth as chief of state. The Queen chose a governor general as her representative in Jamaica. The governor generalís role is basically traditional. The Jamaican parliament is basically created of an appointed Senate and an elected House of Representatives. The elections for the formation of the new government must be held within five years. Jamaica is also a great country that has no internal conflicts with countries through out the world.



Jamaica is an island in the West Indies, it is south of Cuba and west of Haiti. It has an area of 10,911 square kilometers, Jamaica is the largest island of the Commonwealth Caribbean. Although it is not big considered to other countries, you could barley see it on the map. Itís temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year, Jamaica has rich and fertile soil. Jamaica experiences lots of hurricanes through out the year. Even though itís known for itís hot and humid weather.


Natural Resources:

Jamaica features a wide variety of natural resources. Jamaicaís land is an excellent land for healthy food, like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cocoa beans, coffee, honey, sisal, sugar cane, tobacco, and different types of meats. Jamaica has great seas that attract tourists from all the world. Other natural resources include paperboards, and sand-wood. Thanks to all these natural resources Jamaica earns over $2 million annually each year from these products alone. Not to mention bauxite, gypsum, and limestone to being one of the most famous natural resources in Jamaica.

Jamaica exports$1.14 billion from alumina, bauxite, sugar, bananas, garments, citrus fruits, rum, and coffee. They have seven major markets and they are U.S., U.K , Canada, Netherlands, Norway, CARICOM, and Japan. Jamaicaís biggest exporter is the U.S. and itís least exporter is Japan.


Cultural Factors:

The population of Jamaica is made up of African or mixed African- European origin, who were brought to the island centuries ago. Others are East Indians, Europeans or Chinese. The people who moved to Jamaica brought beats to the island. This gave rise to Reggae, which inspired music that emerged during 1960s. During the 1970s reggae themes gave rise to a new national conciseness. Music developed all over the world, and the well known reggae was Bob Marley. Through his music and religious beliefs he gained a large following of Jamaicans.



Jamaicaís trade partners are with the United States and the U.K.. Also countries of the English-speaking Caribbean are linked with Jamaica and are its trade partners. In 1958 Jamaica joined nine other U.K. territories in the West Indies Federation, but left at 1961 because Jamaican voters rejected the membership. Later in 1962 Jamaica got its independence and remained a member of the Commonwealth.

Jamaica has natural resources as any other country, water supplies, and a helpful climate to help the countries agriculture and to attract tourists. There was a discovery of bauxite in the 1940s and an industry, called the bauxite-alumina industry, shifted Jamaicaís economy from sugar to bananas. Jamaica started to emerge until it became as a world leader in export of these minerals.

Four years of negative economic growth led to serious financial problems, the inflation fell from 25% to 7.0% in 2001. Banks banned any sudden drop in exchange rate. Ever since the potential growth and modernization the Jamaican dollar has been dropping and is resulting in and average exchange rate of 47 Jamaican dollars to 1.00 U.S dollars (2001). Although the interest rates are declining they are still high averaging 26.8% (Dec, 2001).



Jamaica has a military that consists of 730,000 soldiers. America helped Jamaica with their soldiers, weapons and helped in developing its military in every way possible. Jamaica pays about 30 million dollars for the Jamaican military. The military hasnít faced any war yet since Jamaica is known for its kindness and helpfulness. America helped in supplying weapons for the Jamaican military for example: providing air planes, and military tanks and many other weapons.


View on World Problems:

Every country has allies and enemies. Jamaicaís allies are the United States of America, and the U.K.. The United States of America is a good ally economically and politically. While the U.K is an important ally because it was the former of Jamaica. Jamaica is a peaceful and loving country having no enemies .

Jamaica is part of the United Nations and the Organization of American states. It is also considered a very active member of these organizations and also in the British Commonwealth Organization. Jamaica is also the receiver of the Cotonou Convention. Last but not least Jamaica is in the Association of Caribbean States.



Arawaks settled in 1494. Spain started to occupy the island since the 1510, and the Arawaks were either exterminated by a disease, slavery, or a war. African slaves were brought by Spain to Jamaica in 1517. British forces to control of the island in 1655, and Great Britain gained formal control.




Policy Statements:

Issue # 1: Generic Problems:

Pharmacists say that generic problems can create more problems than solve any. Generic drugs are less expensive drugs that are called by their chemical name. These generic drugs are found in markets. There are complaints from people that suffer from a specific kind of allergy, which are often prescribed for chronic diseases for example: diabetes and asthma. Jamaica is against this issue of generic drugs therefore Jamaica forbids it in itís country. Jamaica is against it along with its good ally the United States of America. However Canada allows generic drugs and is strongly with it.


Issue # 2: Displaced people:

Jamaica thinks that the United Nations should get involved to help displaced people. Jamaica believes that all displaced people should be well taken care of. Displaced people are refugees that are a result of conflicts or any other problem that occurred in a certain country. The number of displaced people is rising. Countries should help in solving this problem.

Jamaica does not suffer from this problem, however hopes that this conflict would be solved. Jamaica wishes that all nations would help to accomplish that objective. Jamaica is taking all possible events and hopes that it could solve this problem as soon as possible.


Issue # 3: Weapons of Mass destruction:

Jamaica recognized that weapons are being invented, and that every year they enlarge in the amount of mass destruction. Weapons has only led to more problems than solving any. humans escape from one place to another so that they wouldnít get killed by these "mass destructive" weapons. Although there are countries that are trying to help in destroying these killing machines, yet other countries still keep inventing these weapons to kill humans and destroy nations.

Jamaica sees this as an important issue which caused many countries to make more and more weapons of destruction. Jamaica is next to a security powerhouse so it gets petrified as more weapons are being created. Some weapons are not for the countries own protection, but instead are being created especially for killing reasons and as a result the mass destruction of these weapons increase. Jamaica needs the help of all the countries to decrease the amount of mass destruction that is being produced.





Delegate: Sayed Yacoub Al Rifae
Forum: Generic Drugs
Country: Jamaica
Issue: Generic Drugs

Defining generic drugs as, "less expensive drugs with unofficial brand names, they are made to help the poor communities,"

Aware that generic drugs is a problem that is abundant in most countries,

Aware that poor communities are buying these generic drugs,

Believing that, according to pharmacists generic drugs cause more problems than solve any,

Recognizing that generic drugs are stealing the real drugs brand names and selling them to poor communities where they are making a bad influence,

Asking the UN to make a committee to stop generic drugs, and to check every country if it has generic drugs or not,

1. Believes that if a country has generic drugs then it must be taken out of the country and the country would have to pay money to buy the real official drugs,

2. Resolves that the UN will form a committee called Against Generic Drugs (AGD);

3. Further Resolves saving hundreds of companies from being flat broke;

4. Notes that the AGD will form 6 sub-organizations:
A. In USA, Washington DC to cover northern part of the American region,
B. In Jamaica, Kingston to cover the southern part of the American region,
C. In UK, London to cover the European region,
D. In Egypt, Cairo to cover the African continent,
E. In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh to cover the Middle Eastern countries,
F. In Switzerland, Geneva to cover France, Italy, Spain and Germany;
H. All of the 6 main sub-organizations will meet every 3 months in one of the cities from the sub-organizations;

5. Emphasizes that the AGD will create a monthly magazine including the goals of the year and what they have accomplished during that month;

6. Confirms that the AGD will study the case carefully and will put a stop to this problem;

7. Makes sure that all members will have access to any information from previous meetings;

8. Notes that there would be a website that will be updating news and answer any question;

9. Confirms that no other country out of the organization will have access to the website and these countries will only know information that is announced either on TV. or by the AGD Magazine.




Opening Speech:

Fellow delegates, and honorable chair.

Jamaica is a country known for its kindness and love for all countries. Jamaica is the center of world paradise. Not to mention, that we are the Shaggy in your songs. Jamaica is this tropical island that offers you relaxation in abundance. If you want to be relaxed you can always come to Jamaica. A country that wants peace in the world.