The Hashemite Kingdom
of Jordan

Student: Ibrahim Abu Saleh

Event: Pearl-MUN 2004

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The Jordanian National Anthem

Jordan Asha Al Maleek (Long Live the King)

(Latin Transliteration):

Asha al Maleek Samigan Maqamuhu
Khafiqatin Fil Maali Alamuhu


Long live the King!
Long live the King!
His position is sublime,
His banners waving in glory supreme.

Country Profile

Political Structure

The government structure is made up of the Chief State, King Abdullah; the crown prince, Hamza; Head of the government, prime minister Faisal Al Fayez; Cabinet and the election. Jordan has many parties: Constitutional Front [Mahdi-al tall, secretary general]; Jordanian Democratic popular Unity Party [Said Dhiyab. Secretary general]; Jordanian Progressive Party [Fawwaz Al-Zubi, secretary general]; Jordanian people Democratic (hashd) Party [ASalim Al- Nahhas, secretary general]; Islamic Action Front [ Hamza Mansour, secretary general]; National Action (haqq) Party [Mohammed Al- Zubi, secretary general]; National Constitutional Party[Abdul Hadi Majali, secretary general]; (Arab Socialist Ba'th Party [Taysif Al- Himsi, secretary general]; Pan Arab (Democratic) Movement [Mahmmud Al- Nawayah, secretary general]; Al-Umma (Nation) Party [Ahmed Al- Hanndeh, secretary general]; Arab Land Party [Dr. Mohamed Al- Oran, secretary general]; Communist Party [Munir Hamarinah, secretary general].

Not long ago the Ammonites and the kingdoms of Edom, Gilead and Moab settled in the east of Jordan's river. King Abdullah was assassinated on July 20, 1951. His son Talal 1 filled in for him, not long after the parliament of Jordan disposed Talal 1 because he suffered from mental illness and was replaced by his son Hussein 1.



The bordering countries are Iraq 181 km, Israel 238 km, Saudi Arabia 744 km, Syria 375 km, West Bank 97 km. Jordan is an enclosed country that dose not face any Ocean; however, it has may rivers and lakes like he dead sea, Jordan's river and gulf of Aqabah. Jordan's main topographical feature is a dry plateau. It runs from north to south and rises steeply from the eastern shores (Dead Sea and Jordan's river) this plateau includes most of Jordan's country and cities.


Natural Resources

The most important natural resources of Jordan is phosphate, potash, shale, oil, Gas and water they export about $2.5 billion F.O.B. they export phosphates, fertilizers, potash, agricultural products, manufactures, pharmaceuticals to several countries. The major natural resources is natural gas and oil.


Cultural Factors

Jordan is made up of 5,460,265 people. Jordan is made up of three religious: Arab 98%, Circassian 1%, Armenian 1%. The most known Ethnic are the Sharkas party who moved during the First World War to Jordan. The have no religious/ethnic conflicts



Jordan's Export partners are: Iraq 20.1%, US 14.5%, India 8.1%, Saudi Arabia 5.4%, Israel 4.4%. Jordan's import partners are: Iraq 13.4%, Germany 8.8%, US 8%, China 6%, France 4.2%, UK 4.1%, Italy 4.1%. Jordan is a membership in the WtrO, US and the EU. Jordan has several natural resources, most importantly are fresh water and oil. Some fundamental problems are poverty and unemployment.

Since king Abdullah assumed the crown in 1999, he has tried to solve this problem. When the Iraqi war started, Jordan faced a problem with its economy. Iraq depends on discounted oil from Jordan, but when the war started, Iraq couldn't buy. Jordan's highest percent of Export partner is Iraq. The Monterey system of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar



Men in Jordan start military training at the age of 15-45 but do not participate until they reach the age of 18. There are about 58,840 male who are reaching the age of 18, they can participate in wars.

Imports: From the year of 1950- 1957 the United States F-104 Star fighter aircraft and support gear. In 1973, Jordan bought 1 hawk batteries to improve their defense. In 1985, Jordan bought 40 F-16s or F-20 aircraft, 300 advanced air-to-air missiles, 72 Stingers, and 32 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. 1980, France became an important supplier of combat aircraft, and the Soviet Union supplied air defense systems. Jordan did not export any weapons it only sent troops from her army to help other countries.


Views of world problems:

Jordan's allies are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, almost all the Arab State and all the western blocks. Few years ago, Israel was Jordan's enemy but Know, they became friends. Jordan's Foreign policy is Known Allis Conference. It is a member in many regional organizations like, The Arab League, Islamic Summit Conference, The United Nation and The Known Allies Conference. Jordan has no internal problems



Jordan got its independence from the British administration in 1946. The pragmatic king, Hussein ruled it usefully through many years (1953-1999). He lead it through wars (Israel, Palestine). In 1994 he joined Jordan with a peace treaty with Israel. When he died on the year of 1999, his oldest son Abdullah took his place. He Joined Jordan in the World Trade Organization, he signed the free trade agreement with the United states and with the European Free Trade Association.




Policy Statements

Issue # 1: The issue of the rights and the availability of generic drugs

Generic drugs are drugs that sold according to their chemical name, and not the name of the original brand. Once the brand has been invented, they place a patent on them so other producers cannot make the same type of brand. When the patent is put on this brand, it cannot reach 3rd world countries to heel the illness (HIV Aids etc.) because they are too expensive and cannot be bought. Removing the patent and sending them to African countries would be the solution fir this world wide problem. Once the patent is removed, and the brand is named by its chemical name, it becomes less expensive and easier for the 3rd world countries to buy.

Jordan is one the many countries that would want for the patent to be removed. Jordan is policy is to produce generic drugs so they can reach poor countries and hell there serious illness.


Issue # 2: The issue of the rights of displaced people

Displaced people are people that are forced to stay in a place where the freedom is limited. They fight for there right to have there own country. Palestine are counted as displaced people because the are held by force by the Israelis in there own country. They are fighting Israel to get there own land back. Since Palestine and Jordan are real close friends, Jordan believes that Palestine people should have there country back, and believes that Israel should leave Palestine leaving them there original land.

Jordan is fighting for the rights of The Palestinians and also accepting all the people coming from Palestine


Issue # 3: The issue of the trade of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction

The trade of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction is a serious problem that should be solved immediately. Nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction are weapons that are capable of destroying the world. The trade of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction often happens secretly. Jordan believes that the trade should stop.





Delegate: Ibrahim Abu Saleh
Country: Jordan
Issue: the trade of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction

Defining weapons of mass destruction are weapons that are capable of high order of destruction of land and large amount of people,

Defining trade of nuclear of weapons of mass destruction (WOMDs) is the spread or the exchange of WOMD through underground channels and rarely publicly,

Taking into consideration that once the trade of WOMD has happened, the country that now own these weapons will become a threat to the world,

Deeply concerned that the trade of WOMD are not being stopped or limited in any way,

Noting with regret that trade of the WOMD are happening, like trade between North Korea and Pakistan are not being stopped at all,

Keeping in mind that if the trade of WOMD are successfully stopped, the country will become allies to the rest of the countries,

Approving the restriction of the trade of WOMD would partly solve the issue,

1. Resolves that the UN will form a new sub organization called Restriction of the Trade of weapons of mass destruction (Rotowomd);

2. Further resolves that the head quarter of the Rotowomd should be placed in two peaceful countries in each region. These countries should not own any nuclear or other weapon of mass destruction and should not even be suspected of trading them;

3. Confirms that the Rotowomd will use the latest technology to find research and information about countries that are trading WOMD as follows.
A. These researches will be handed in by agents assigned by the Rotowomd,
B. The Agency will make sure that the information gotten by the agents are precise and efficient,
C. The Rotowomd will carry out secret procedures to stop the trade of WOMD,

D. Once it has been stopped, the Rotowomd will offer that country money and medical aid;

4. Calls upon the security council to impose BMP measures on countries that do not will to cooperate with Rotowomd;

5. Declares that the countries that have been reported by the Rotowomd's agents, of exporting or importing WOMD, should peacefully agree to the members sent by the Rotowomd and the rules given be Rotowomd, if they do not, then, secretary council will take action;

6. Confirms that each nuclear head handed to the Rotowomd will be safely disarmed by experienced scientists from the Rotowomd laboratory. They will be disarmed and destroyed in front of the head of the UN organization (Khofi Anan) and the president of that country.




Opening Speech

Peace, honor, dignity and love are a few of the many traits that this great country has.

Jordan since the beginning of its rise has been known to be supportive and the backbone of many countries. It has helped big and small not caring to where, what and how they come from. To some people, it may seem the air they breathe, the land they live on and the barrel they hide behind; it is true, that is Jordan, a land were selfishness cannot be seen, heard, taste, and smelled; however, all what is obvious kindness, courage and loyalty