Country: Nauru

Event: Pearl-MUN 2004

Student: Bader Abdulaziz

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The Nauran National Anthem

Nauru Bwiema
(Nauru, Our Homeland)

Original Nauruan Words

Nauru bwiema, ngabena ma auwe.
Ma dedaro bwe dogum, mo otata bet egom.
Atsin ngago bwien okor, ama bagadugu
Epoa ngabuna ri nan orre bet imur.
Ama memag ma nan epodan eredu won engiden,
Miyan aema ngeiyin ouge, Nauru eko dogin!


Nauru our homeland, the land we dearly love,
We all pray for you and we also praise your name.
Since long ago you have been
the home of our great forefathers
And will be for generations yet to come.
We all join in together and say;
Nauru for evermore!


Country Profile


Political Structure:

Nauru's long name is the republic of Nauru. The government of Nauru is a republican one. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is a country with constitution that acts from the Nauruan Parliament and British common law. There are three kinds of branches in the Nauruan government: the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch, which are located in Yaren Districts because Nauru does not have an official capital. Loose multi-party system, Democratic Party and the Nauruan Parliament are all part of the political parties in Nauru.



The location of Nauru is in the South Pacific Ocean, south of the Marshall Islands. It is about 25 miles south of the equator. Its coastline is 30 kilometers long. The republic of Nauru is the smallest republic in the world. Its total area is 21 square kilometers and it area is about a tenth the area of Washington DC. Its coastline is 30 kilometers long. Nauruís neighbors are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Zealand and of course Australia.

Nauru is an oval-shaped island. Almost the entire island has a plateau structure, with a high percentage of phosphate compared with other resources in the island. The lowest point in Nauru is the ocean and the highest is an unnamed location among the plateau. Near the center of the plateau is a lagoon surrounded by a small area of fertile land. Another belt of productive land extends around the coast.

The climate in Nauru is a tropical one. It has a very rainy season from November to February. It would most probably be flooded in that time. The people of Nauru take advantage of the fresh water from the rain by the storage tanks that they have on their roofs.


Natural Resources:

There are two main resources in Nauru:

1. Phosphate: It has this high percentage of phosphate is found in Nauru because it is an island that had lots of birds, the bird droppings turned into phosphate after lots of centuries ,which is now used as fertilizer. Nauru is one of the three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean

2. Fish: Obviously Nauru has many fish because it is an island. It has a long coastline and they can easily catch fish.


Cultural factors:

There are two mainly used languages in Nauru, Nauruan and English. English is important in Nauru because most governmental actions are done in English because of its relations with Australia. It is widely used and understood in Nauru. All the Nauruan people are Christians. Two-thirds of the population is Protestant, and the other third are Roman Catholic. Nauru's population consists of 12,570 people. . Its ethnic groups consists of 58% Nauruan, 28% of other Pacific islanders, 8% Chinese and 8% Europeans.



Nauru only has a Police Force it has no Armies. The military workers available are about 3,000 people. It made an agreement with Australia to defend it against any attack from any enemy. That makes Nauru feel safe by knowing that she can get help from its ally, Australia.



Nauru has exported many amounts of phosphate and fish. Almost all of the important companies like the airlines are all governmental companies. Nauruís government encourages such local industries as fishing and canoe building. Imported products include food, water, medicine, machinery, cars, furniture and many more. It imports this mainly from Pacific countries, Australia, New Zealand, England and China. It used to import things from Taiwan instead of China and this is why Taiwan is one of Nauru's enemies.


Views on World Problems:

The republic of Nauru has a number if allies like Australia as its main ally, New Zealand, England and China. It has only two enemies that are Afghanistan and Taiwan. Afghanistan is an enemy because it has exiled the people from Afghanistan from Nauru because of a conflict between Australia and Afghanistan about not allowing any Afghans to Australia.

Taiwan is an enemy because Nauru established diplomatic bonds with China that means that Taiwan has to break diplomatic bonds with Nauru because if Nauru established bonds with China. It will be a main ally and will export most of their things from them so if they do export from them, Taiwan will not be a main exporter to Nauru and will not gain as much money as it used to gain from Nauru.



Captain John Fearn, an English explorer was the first European to visit Nauru in 1788. In 1888, Germany took over the island and administered it until 1914 when Australia took control. After World War I, Australia began to administer the island. When Japan seized Nauru during World War II in 1947, the United Nation provided for Australian control of the island under a trusteeship held also by Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In 1964, Nauru began to work for independence and control of the phosphate industry.




Policy Statements





QUESTION OF: International powers help to stop the countries that have or use their weapons for the sake of peace throughout the world
DELEGATION: The Republic of Nauru
DELEGATE: Bader AbdulAziz

Aware of the fact that non-nuclear states are feeling threatened massively by nuclear states because they might not be able to defend its self,

Having considered that some nuclear states do not use there weapons of mass destruction, and appreciates those nations,

Deeply concerned by the fact that these non-nuclear states (such as us) are suffering from the fact that other countries that might be enemies have weapons of mass destruction are a kind of a threat to them,

Noting with appreciation that nations around the world are cooperating to decrease these weapons to help reduce the quantities of wars in the sake of peace across the world,

Emphasizing that the United Nations should take measures to improve and increase its efforts towards these countries as some may not be responsible enough to control them,

1-Draws the attention to the increasing wars with weapons of mass destruction;

2-Congratulates the United Nations and other nations on their efforts towards the nuclear nations;

3-Regrets those nations that are not willing to help prevent nuclear states of using their weapons (which may result in another world war);

4-Further resolves that any nation willing to help form an international committee to prevent these countries from using the weapons on nuclear on non-nuclear states called the, World Defense Committee (WDC), that would try to do its best at all times, and will meet twice a year, the World Defense Committee:
a) preventing the usage of the weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the countries that are not responsible enough,
b) would have an agreement with the nuclear states that will consist of a signed agreement from every nuclear state saying
i) that they would not attack non-nuclear states or threaten them with nuclear weapons,
ii) that they would have all their weapons cleaned out if they do so,
c) would also have an agreement with non-nuclear states willing to enter this committee to sign an agreement that consists of the following:
i) that any nation would not get hold a nuclear weapon from any available source,
ii) that any nation would not start the production of nuclear weapons even if the reasons were significant;

5-Further Resolves that the WDC will eliminate the use and threatening of nuclear weapons by establishing and reinforcing the following:
a) Strictly applying punishments for countries who signed the agreement but are breaking the rules of the agreement,
i) these countries that committed these crimes would be sent to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for punishment which includes:
ii) the nation that committed this crime would have their weapons of mass destructions destroyed,
iii) The ICJ would not allow them to make new weapons of mass destruction,
b) form reasonable agreements with nations so that the use or of these weapons would not be needed;

6-Encourages all countries willing to help to place a 3% tariff on its highest imports, like oil, and especially the oil rich countries to help fund the WDC;

7-Calls upon donations to the WDC from any source possible;

8-Urges the IMF for financial support;

9-Further Requests the UN to help the WDC in any way possible;

10-Urges all nations across the world that aid this committee would help it in any way the nation would help it.




Opening Speech

Honorable chair, follow delegates, from the land of Freedom, land of peace, land of civilization, land of love. Nauru would like to point out something; Nauru is deeply hurt from the inside. Although Nauru does not use or have any weapons of mass destruction or ever will, it would like to help the world become a better place by passing a good resolution. It would like the power of the fellow delegates to help stop wars especially ones that contain weapons of mass destruction, and this our problem for today.

Thank you.