Country: The Kingdom of Spain

Event: Pearl-MUN 2004 [GA]

Student: Nasser Al-Qatami



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The Spanish National Anthem




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Policy Statements





Question of: Weapons of Mass of Destruction:-
Delegation: Spain

Aware of: the fact that non-nuclear states are being threatened massively by nuclear states,

Having considered that some nuclear states do not do this despicable act, and appreciates those nations,

Deeply concerned by the fact that these non-nuclear states are suffering from the fact that nuclear states are threatening them non-stop,

Noting with appreciation that nations around the world are cooperating to eliminate this action,

Emphasizing that the United Nations should take measures to improve and increase its efforts towards this action,

1-Draws the attention to the increase of threats from nuclear states towards the non-nuclear states;

2-Congratulates the United Nations and other nations on their efforts towards the act of nuclear threats;

3-Regrets those nations that are not willing to help prevent nuclear states threatening non-nuclear states;

4-Resolves that any nation willing to help form an international committee to prevent these threats towards non-nuclear states called the Non-Nuclear States Protection Committee (NNSPC), that would try to do its best at all times, and will meet twice a year; the NNSPC:
A. Will meet at a different country every time they meet, and this country will be chosen randomly,
B. Would have an agreement with nuclear states that will consist of a signed agreement from every nuclear state saying:-
1. That they would not attack non-nuclear states or threaten them with nuclear weapons,
2. That they would even try to sell these nuclear weapons to non-nuclear states to make them a NUCLEAR state,
C. Would also have an agreement with non-nuclear states willing to enter this committee to sign an agreement that consists of the following:
1. That any nation would not acquire a nuclear weapon from any available source,
2. That any nation would not start the production of nuclear weapons even if the reasons were significant;

5-Further Resolves that the NNSPC will eliminate the use and threatening of nuclear weapons by establishing and reinforcing the following:
A. Strictly applying punishments for countries who signed the agreement but broke on of the rules of the agreement,
1. These countries that committed these crimes would be sent to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for punishment which includes:
a. The nation that committed this crime would be striped of all nuclear weapons and,
b. That nation would be unable to produce a nuclear weapon again,
B. Form reasonable agreements with nations so that the use or threat of nuclear weapons would not be needed;

6-Encourages all countries willing to help to place a 3% tariff on its highest imports, like oil, and especially the oil rich countries to help fund the NNSPC;

7-Calls upon donations to the NNSPC from any source possible;

8-Urges the IMF for financial support;

9-Further Requests the UN to help the NNSPC in any way possible;

10-Urges all nations across the world that aid this committee would help it in any way the nation would help it.




Opening Speech

Honorable chair and follow delegates:-

In the name of Spain, the land of freedom. Land in which great civilization was found. Spain, Ladies and Gentleman, is here to both entertain and help the General Assembly. Why? Why lets the chickens, the turkeys attack us for helping Iraq. How? By killing innocent people. So it's obvious. Turkey as in Animals and Animals as in Turkey. Spain is a peaceful country. We really want to pass a superior resolution for the issue of the use of weapons of mass destruction.