Organization: The United Nations
Drug Prevention Programme

Event: Yale-MUN 2004, Alternative Assignment

Student: Mohammad Ben Essa


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I. Function and Structure

A. Functions:

The UNDCP has many functions and successful activities that it hold during the past four years of it opening, some of the major UNDCP functions is that the UNDCP deals with Drug control law enforcement, Technical assistance, Information exchange and cross-border collaboration, Capacity building and training, and Alternative development co-operation in East Asia. The UNDCP help mostly all of the countries that are in need of help to control or prevent drug-relating issues, the UNDCP has dealt and helped many countries to reduce the amount of drugs entering the countries. The UNDCP does its best to promote co-operation and strengthen drug control and prevention capacities in the fields of law enforcement, demand reduction and supply reduction.

The UNDCP has launched several activities that helped them in reducing the amount of drugs and they are willing to repeat these activities in different countries and these activities are Anti-drug music competition, Launch of a special Anti-Drugs Campaign in Siam Center on International day against drug abuse and trafficking, and Workshop for senior drug control officers. These projects raised awareness amongst people from all sectors of society on the issues of drug control, targeting drug users, potential drug users and national authorities.

So what the UNDCP basically does is that it helps countries in drug-relating issues, it sets up many activities and other types of event to raise the awareness of people on drugs and the effects of drugs on people and other things, which really helped many countries like Thailand, couple of these activities took place in Thailand which really raised awareness of Drugs and actually reduced the amount of drug use and control.


B. History:

The UNDCP is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. Established in 1997, UNDCP consists of the Drug Program and the Crime Program. UNDCP has approximately 500 staff members worldwide. Its headquarters are in Vienna and it has 21 as well as liaison offices in New York. UNDCP relies on voluntary contributions, mainly from governments, for 90% of its budget. UNDCP has recently developed a structure for the direction of future activities, "Operational priorities: guidelines for the medium-term", which is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. UNDCP has also put together a description of its ongoing areas of activity by region, including activity objectives, results and budgetary information.

UNDCP is continuing its efforts to implement its operational priorities through an integrated approach to counter drugs, crime and terrorism. The UNDCP have done many projects that where successful and these projects really helped the countries with the problem of drug control which even improved the countries economy.

The UNDCP stands for The United Nations International Drug Control Program. In the past years the UNDCP had successfully worked with other countries to improve them in the best way that they can. The UNDCP has worked with countries in all around the world, from countries in Africa to countries in the Middle East trying to resolve there problems. Drug control is a huge issue problem around the world, and mostly all of the countries suffer from the issue of drugs. Millions of people are dying daily suffering from this issue; all the countries take this issue as a huge dilemma, which is also posted in the UN broad agenda. The UNDCP fights the production, trafficking and abuse of drugs. In East Asia, activities are focused on sub regional co-operation, the increasing threat of synthetic drugs, information to high risk groups, drug control legislation, and the fight against crimes. The problem is immense - today there are an estimated 190 million drug users world-wide, and the illicit drug industry is estimated at US$400-500 billion per year. Therefore, success in drug control calls for involvement from all levels of society - the individual and the family, institutions, the private sector, and the international community.

UNDCP major assistance to Thailand in 2000 was incorporated in the sub-regional action plan.  The action plan provided assistance to Thailand and other member countries to collaborate on drug control.  A total of 13 projects have been launched to promote co-operation and strengthen drug control and prevention capacities in the fields of law enforcement, demand reduction and supply reduction.  In addition to the sub-regional program, UNDCP also provided specific assistance and co-operation to Thailand in 2000.




II. Budget


The UNDCP total budget in the year of 2003 was 1,850,000. The UNDCP international fund is 350,000 which do not meet their international requirement of money which is 1,500,000, that means that the UNDCP needs more money to continue and keep in stand and do its best on its projects. The projects that the UNDCP holds are to support departmental and municipal entitles in designing and implementing strategies to overcome the problem of drugs and connected crimes, for only these projects the UNDCP requested a 350,000 budget (2003) but sadly what was available was only 300,000 so they couldn’t do the best that they would if they has got the 50,000 more.

The UNDCP could be an excellent organization if they get what they want out of the UN, like budget, if they get more budgets the work would be much better and would have a greater effect on the people projecting on.




III. Strengths and Weaknesses:

Prior to embarking on the exercise of establishing new operational priorities, the Office consulted a broad range of in-house and external stakeholders. Several hundred counterparts were approached with a set of questions concerning the past and evaluation thereof. The resulting balance sheet of what the Office had actually delivered in previous years includes elements of both comfort and concern.

A. Elements of strength:

(1) Drug and crime issues are high on domestic and global agendas;
(2) The Office’s strong, focused mandate does not overlap with that of others;
(3) The Office is a successful broker for negotiations and cross-border cooperation;
(4) The Office can promote inclusion of drug and crime issues in national policy;
(5) The experience in drug and crime issues can be extended to counter-terrorism;
(6) The staff has strong expertise in internationally accepted best practices;
(7) The Office’s field office network has proven capacity for TC projects.

B. Elements of weakness

(1) The United Nations regular budget only funds a small segment of the mandate;
(2) The Office must rely on contributions from a few donors, fairness is an issue;
(3) The unstable and unpredictable funding inhibits policy planning;
(4) Earmarking contributions may be inconsistent with needs and ability to deliver;
(5) The disparity between the respective budgets of the drug and the crime programs hampers integration;
(6) The Office has shown an instinct for repressive rather than preventive operations;
(7) Partnership with like-minded stakeholders has been underemphasized;
(8) There has been no independent evaluation of operations;
(9) It is not clear whether the Office represents good value for money.

This retrospective review of assets and liabilities was then used as the foundation for the next stage of the exercise: the assessment of what the Office can and what it should not do in the period ahead.




Resolution on How to
Strengthen the UNDCP


1. Calls upon the United Nations to increase the budget of the UNDCP as much as it can to achieve and accomplish more in the term of helping countries with drug and crime issues;

2. Encourages rich countries to help in the funding of the UNDCP projects that would be taking place in international countries that are the most in need of help and which have high amounts of drugs and crimes according to the other countries;

3. Recommends that the United Nations should set up training companies for Crimes and to train and teach the workers on;
A. How to deal with small crimes,
B. How to deal with the person who is committing the crime,
C. How to deal with the hostages,
D. More education on small arms, etc;

4. Requests that the United Nations should establish training places and fields for Drugs and drug relating issues like;
A. How to deal with drug addicts when first caught, and after,
B. How to deal with people who sell the drugs and people who are forced to sell it,
C. Educate them on all the information that is needed about drugs and the different types,
D. Teach them how to deal with drug-relating issues that would come up on the way,

5. Notes that teaching the unskilled workers would help in the development of the UNDCP into getting more progress in what they are doing, and also in getting more things accomplished,

6. Further request hiring more preferably skilled workers to do great projects in different countries and help them achieve what they want and also be fast and quick because drugs and crimes are big issues in the United Nations and they are spreading very fast and the UNDCP should take affected measures really soon, for on country after another,

7. Reminds if the UNDCP need any help in its projects or other issues that might come in mind, other organizations should be willing to help as much as it can to accomplish what is needed like the UNDP or the NGO’s,

8. Urges the United Nations to set up rules and regulation book that each country must sign when the UNDCP help is needed there, and these rules and regulations would help the other country to understand the main goal and the objective of the UNDCP and the countries (government and other officials and volunteers) must cooperate 100% at any time needed because this will help their country.




Opening Speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen: the UNDCP is a great international organization that came up with many projects to help prevent the use of drugs and crimes. The UNDCP had an affect of many countries that it has worked with in the past six years since its opening in 1997. The UNDCP is proud to be here today to explain the importance and the issues of itself, and the UNDCP would like to do its best to help the other in need countries in as many ways as possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen the UNDCP is a great organization, yet it has flows that actually can be resolved, one of the UNDCP flows is that the budget they request is not the budget that they get but less which is causing a huge effect in the performance of this organization which is also dragging it to the ground. The UNDCP has many strengths and is available at all times and its main goal is to help prevent drugs and crimes and it could wipe out these problems but the flows is\are preventing it to do so.

Thank you,