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The Qatari National Anthem

Qatar MUN 2006

With a relatively short lead time, Georgetown University assembled the first annual Georgetown MUN held not in Georgetown. They could do this, partly, by having a relatively generous endowment which allowed them to, by MUN standards anyway, "spare no expense." Another enabling factor was their importation of American collegiate chairs for their committees.

Some saw the seal.

For many schools, including BBS, the biggest challenges in this event lay in two factors. First, the event, with its American chairs followed US format rather than the international one associated with THIMUN. Also, the schedule shoved a lot of events into a relatively short time, so that tired students had a hard time adjusting to physical exhaustian coupled with a steep learning curve. Not surprisingly, in this local Amerian students dominated the event the first day and those either used to the format or not fighting the schedule enjoyed a considerable advantage throughout the event.

Others were as dog tired as this Hoya mascot.

There was some recovery through the event, but some students rain temperatures throughout the duration of the event.

BBS Performance

This was not one of the shining moments in BBS MUN history. While not totally shut out of the awards ceremony, four speaker awards is pretty paltry. The following is my totally subjective evaluation of the schools based on awards points.

(1) International College Beirut 30
(2) Qatar Academy 21

(3) Walworth Balfour 15
(4) AIS Egypt 13
(5) Al-Bayan Bilingual 10
(5) Dhahran High School 10
(7) ACS Athens 9
(8) AIS Muscal 8
(9) AIS Jeddah 6
(10) Karach American School 5
(10) International School of Islamabad 5
(12) Durkhan School 4
(12) ICS-Aleppo 4

This was a long, hard trip for some schools.

Award Winners for BBS

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa honorable mention as an outstanding delegate as Israel
Mays Abdulaziz, won a verbal commendation as Denmark.
Sarah Fakhral-Deen received recogniton for her position paper and won an outstanding delegate award
Mays receives an award.

Attending Schools by Country

This event assembled quite an international crowd for a first time event. Over thirty schools and at least 300 if not 500 students attended.

Canada: Cedars Christian School

Misr (Egypt)
(1) American International School in Egypt
(2) Modern English School, Cairo

The Hellenic Republic (Greece): American Community School of Athens

Israel: Walworth Barbour American International School

(1) Al Bayan Bilingual School
(2) American Academy for Girls
(3) Universal American School

(1) American Community School
(2) International College of Beriut

Oman: American International School of Muscat

(1) International School of Islamabad
(2) Karachi American School

(1) Academic Bridge Program
(2) Al-Bayan Education Complex for Girls
(3) Al-Jazeera Academy
(4) Al-Khor International School
(5) Al Shayma Secondary School
(6) American School of Doha
(7) Doha College
(8) Durkhan School
(9) Gulf English School
(10) Ideal Indian School
(11) The Learning Center
(12) Omar Bin Al Khatab Secondary School for Boys
(13) Qatar Academy

Students from all parts of Qatar attended.

Saudia Arabia:
(1) Advanced Learning Schools
(2) AISJ
(3) Dahran High School
(4) International Programs School

The Syrian Arab Republic: Icarda International School of Aleppo

Turkey: Uskudar American Academy

News Article that Appeared in the Kuwait Times

Kuwait School Wins Awards at Georgetown Model UN in Qatar

On the weekend of March 14-16, Al-Bayan Bilingual School joined a cast of over 30 schools from the Middle East region at Qatar's Education city for the First Annual Georgetown MUN. BBS MUNer's distinguished themselves by winning a series of awards.

In Model United Nations, students portray ambassadors and other diplomatic officials in a simulated United Nations. Qatar partially sponsored all of the attending schools allowing them to hold meetings and stay in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton and Intercontinental hotels. Georgetown enlivened the experience by allowing students to breakfast with the real ambassadors of their respective countries. Juniors Ibrahim Abu Saleh, Abdullah Mdaires, and Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa headed the three BBS delegations.

Three Al-Bayan Bilingual School juniors particularly distinguished themselves, earning awards in various different forums. In the Special Political Committee, Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa won honorable mention among the candidates for best delegate.

In the Security Council, two BBS students stood out. Mays Abdulaziz, the ambassador of Denmark, won a verbal commendation for her peformance. American Ambassador Sarah Fakhral-Deen received recogniton for her position paper as well as winning an outstanding delegate award. Overall BBS's total of four awards placed them fifth among the thirty-two participating school.

Dr. Daniel R. Fruit coaches BBS's Model United Nations Program.

Issues Under Debate

Middle Eastern Regional cabinets
1. Implementation of the US "Road Map" to peace
2. Discussion of a proposed "Nuclear Free Zone" in the Middle East
3. Steps to stabilize the situation in Iraq
4. The elimination/normalization of regional "militias"

GA: Committee 1 Disarmament
1. The use of "cyber" warfare
2. Preventing the sale by the "Big Five" of conventional weapons [i.e. Lord of War]
3. Inclusion of "Newly Nuclear" states into conventional arms agreements.
4. The spread of "defensive weapons" such as Patriots, "Star Wars," etc.

GA: Human Rights Committee
1. The use of torture and unusual methods to combat the spread of terrorism
2. Preserving the rights of migrant and guest workers
3. Freedom of the press in the light of the "War on Terrorism"
4. Preserving the rights of women in areas of "religious revival"

1. The involvement of non-Iraqi states in the situation in Iraq.
2. The deterioriting condition in the Chadean-Sudanese region.
3. Tensions between Japan and China.
4. Reform of the SC via one of the current plans under discussion [i.e. the Indian or the Pakistani]

1. The advisability of continuing to place NATO troops outside of Europe.
3. Expanding NATO into Eastern Europe.
4. Towards placing NATO troops in the Sudan or another African location.

Arab League.
1. Controlling the spread of subversive and anti-government ideologies
2. Towards a commmon policy on American troop placements
3. The Palestinian situation.
4. Creating a common Arab economic policy or free trade zone.
5. Reform of the Arab League to increase its effectiveness.

Country Highlights

Ibrahim Abu Saleh-Special Committee and Ambassador
Mays Abdulaziz, Security Council
Othman Al-Othmann, Human Rights


Highlights from the Opening Speeches

Ibrahim Abu Saleh, Special Political Committee and Ambassador

Honorable chairs and fellow delegates: "God dag" peace to you all from the Kingdom of Denmark, Home to the Little Mermaid, children’s holidays paradise of Lego land, Ancient home to the Vikings and a gateway to Scandinavia. Ah HA!!! Feel the cool air breeze as you cruise the sophisticated island of Copenhagen, passing by the fantasy castles to the stunning national parks of this north European land. Denmark welcomes you all to this forum. Denmark (Click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book) has come here today in hope to end problems that have caused unrest. Both torture and the proliferation are arousing problems that stand in our face. If problem would just vanish like magic we would live in a perfect world. Unfortunately it doesn’t. Therefore, as a nation, we have to work together in order to guarantee this perfect world. We have to unite to face these obstacles, and therefore I call upon all nations of this forum to put all our differences aside and to concentrate on our rising problem. Nations! The UN is our binding; together we can accomplish the impossible, and insure a safe world. Thank you.

Othman Al-Othman, Human Rights Commission

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates, and most distinguished guests. From the country of love, FREEDOM, and PEACE I believe. The honorable delegate of Denmark is here today for one special goal, and its spreading peace through the world. Here in the Human rights committee, we will work the best out of hour selves to solve the three issues that are World Poverty & Humanitarian Relief- UN response to natural disasters, Religious Freedom in authoritarian nations, and Child Soldiers. The honorable delegate of Denmark is very optimistic, and wishes you all a successful event.

Mays Abdulaziz, Security Council

Honorable chairs and fellow delegates: One of our respectable Danish proverbs says, "Rain comes oft after sunshine, and after a dark cloud a clear sky." Denmark stands her today hoping that we would remove the dark cloud covering our world, so that sunshine of a clear day would lighten the hearts of nations. We are here to work for our vision….a white dove flying across the clear sky of each country. Our vision is world peace. Denmark has worked for turning this vision into reality for decades and decades. Everyday the world sees the image of a Danish UN soldier with a child on his arm in Kosovo or Eritrea. As a matter of fact, Denmark is proud to state that we have sent out more soldiers and policemen than any other country in the world around 56,000 between 1948 and 2002 to undertake peace-making, peace-keeping and humanitarian tasks for the UN, NATO, OSCE and as EU monitors. Denmark has always defended liberty, democracy, and peace. One of our proverbs says, "Peace feeds, war wastes; peace breeds, war consumes." War is threatening the security of Darfur, and is killing thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. Denmark feels true sorrow and grief for a war between brothers of the same nations. Merciless attacks need to be eradicated through UN peacekeeping forces and by the efforts of the Sudanese government. Even though the Sudanese government has not yet been proven guilty of anything, the UN still needs to keep its eyes on it. We need to make sure that the Sudanese government is fulfilling its moral obligation towards its people through the UN. As usual we are willing to effectively contribute. On the other hand, we are faced with the challenge to modernize the Security Council to make it more objective and transparent. This goal can be achieved through expanding the Security Council and allowing equal representation form regions of the world. We are here on a mission today, and we need to fulfill it in order to create a better tomorrow. Thank you

Denmark pauses after its opening speech.

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa-Special Committee and Ambassador
Ahmed Abdulmugni, Social
Reem Al-Thekair, Human Rights


Highlights from the Opening Speeches

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Special Committee and Ambassador

Most worthy Chair, Most honorable delegates and mot distinguished guests: Shalom. Bombs, Weapons of mass destruction, insurgents, militias, wounded people, dead people, assassinations, murders, rapes, (PAUSE) these are all words that are used when talking about a warzone possibly Iraq or North Korea, but instead we are using them to describe the saddening situation right here in Israel (Click here to read the ambassador's briefing book). Terrorists that are threatening our world will be terminated, in any means possible. Illegal Torture around the world will be stopped, Nuclear weapons will be taken from untrustworthy nations. Peace will be restored back to the world. Terrorists and militia groups, which are sponsored by some Nations present here today, are forming a very dangerous threat to the world's security. Some nations present here today sit arrogantly right here today claiming to be PEACEFUL and dishonoring us here today, they are nothing but ruthless killers who murder, rape, assassinate people for money. They are hitmen who are paid by corrupt people. Ladies and Gentlemen what has the world come to when pitiful street people are being paid 200$ to kill a very important person in the society, a father, a husband, and a Prime Minister. These Atrocities shall be stopped in the name of world peace and self-defense. Lehit

Abdulaziz prepars to ask a question.

Reem Al-Thekair, Human Rights

Boom. Ten people are dead. Paw paw gun shots from terrorists….. Mothers crying… children bleeding…. The very thought of going to school gives mothers heart attacks not knowing whether or not their children will come back alive!! Where is the justice? Where is the peace? [Pause] Ladies and gentlemen, take a moment and picture your self in that daily life... Would you want to live it? [Pause] Unfortunately that is the life of Israelis! They don’t have a choice! [Pause] Our goal should be to spread peace in our world! That is why we are here today! However that is not what we are really doing! We should stop spreading violence! Forget your enemies! This is your world too! Big or small, rich or poor speak up for your world! Let’s take this chance with the coming of a new year to turn a new page! A page of peace!

Ahmed Abdulmugni, Social

It is a time when going to school is as threatening as fighting a war. A time when the person in front of you could blow up any second. A time where all Jewish citizens are being targeted. Honorable chair fellow delegates, when will the violence stop? We are here today to discuss the conflicted issues of Cloning and Euthanasia, where great limits should be added to any of these actions, and what would become of Middle East without any press freedom? The United Nations must give the dictated nations a torch to get out of the darkness they are in. Shalom.

The United States
Abdullah Al-Mdaires Reformed Security Council and Ambassador
Sara Fakhral-Deen, Security Council
Saoud Al-Sabah, US National Security Council
Dhari Al-Ajeel, Social
Mishal Karam, Human Rights
Hamad Al-Mufarrej, Special Committee
Abdulaziz Al-Qatami, US Ambassador to Iraq

The United States of Ameria

Highlights from the Opening Speeches

Abdullah Al-Mdaires, Reform SC and Ambassador

Honorable Chair and fellow delegates: President Bush once said: "No act of the terrorists will change our purpose, or weaken our resolve, or alter their fate." We made a promise and we will stick to it, we the United States (Click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book) said we WOULD fight terrorism. That’s what we did in Afghanistan and what we will continue to do in Iraq. After 9/11 the smile in a kids face disappeared, we tried to restore that smile. People were afraid to come to USA, we tried to make them feel safe. A message we are sending today to the world we are liberators, as we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. We request any support we can get since we are In a battle to fight the number one enemy in any country" terrorism. We already saw people dying all over their world, thus honorable delegates join us in our war to stop these massacres all over the world. Currently Nuclear weapons are getting developed THAT MIGHT GET INTO THE wrong hands, like terrorists. Iran and North Korea both are developing nuclear programs so they can threaten other countries. Innocent people in Israel and South Korea could die because of these weapons shouldn’t we stop these countries from killing them? These nations are getting their technologies to improve its WOMD from other countries that are selling them for economic reasons. These nations have made a foul of the world community, at a point they said they stopped but at another they continued. They declared the development of nuclear weapons, which kill millions at once, and they have threatened the use of these weapons. Thus we require an approach that stands firmly against these terrorists from getting what they want to destroy other nations. North Korea and Iran both dishonest nations that disrespect the world community and treaties by violating them. We should stop these nations and stop the black market that’s supplying them with the arsenals to create WMD. God Bless the World, and God Bless America!!!!!

Sarah Fakhral-Deen, Security Council

Honorable chair, fellow delegates: "America has never been an empire. We may be the only great power in history that had the chance, and refused - preferring greatness to power and justice to glory," President George W. Bush once said. The United States of America’s main goal and focus has been to help in giving its entire people freedom and liberty. Thanks to the strong yet virtuous government and good citizens the USA has been able to do just that for its people. Now the USA is open to aiding other countries worldwide that ask for assistance, seeing as we know that bringing freedom and liberty to the citizens of a country requires great effort. For example, once the USA’s assistance was requested to aide in the middle east by neighbors of Iraq, we immediately responded to that request, and now we see that the USA was capable of freeing and liberating all the people of Iraq from the extremely harsh dictator Saddam Hussein. "As Americans, we want peace - we work and sacrifice for peace. But there can be no peace if our security depends on the will and whims of a ruthless and aggressive dictator. I’m not willing to stake one American life on trusting Saddam Hussein," President Bush once said. We ALL know that to accomplish peace today, we need great effort and great power, and the USA is willing to reply to any and all calls of help from any country that needs our help. Finally, let us all be sure that the following words by President George W. Bush are definitely true, "If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift toward tragedy. That will not happen on my watch." Thank you.

Sara stands at the podium.

Saoud Al-Sabah, United States Security Council

Honorable chair, fellow delegates: As President Bush once said," We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail." To this very moment the United States of America has held its promise. The United States of America led the fight on fighting terrorism and will keep fighting it until the day it gets extinct from this world. We have ended terrorism and spread democracy and peace in Afghanistan, and we have ended terrorism and dictatorship and spread democracy in Iraq. A few may call those acts "War in Afghanistan" and "War in Iraq", but we call it "War Against Terror". The United States of America would like to thank all its allies for their contribution in the "War Against Terror". Mostly it would like to thank the NATO members and countries that supported the United States of America in its journey against terrorism. Currently, the situation in Darfur is indeed critical to the security of Africa. Some may not think that the situation is an act of terrorism, however, the situation is terrorism. When you see women crying seeing their men in the ground bleeding to death, and children crying from battles, that is a result of terror. When you see families fleeing the region, heading to different countries from fear, that is a result of terror. Darfur is a critical situation and must be solved immediately. Furthermore, the government of Sudan is listed as a government that is terrorist and funds terrorists. It is the goal of all nations combating in the War against Terror to stop the government of Sudan at its limits and end its terror acts. We want you to find against terrorism and its supporters. We want you to fight against terrorism and save our civilians. We want you against terrorism! The United States of America will never leave a man behind in the War against Terror, and will bring them to justice. We can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. May god bless the world, and god bless America

Dhari Al-Ajeel, Social

Honorable Chair, Fellow Delegates: First of all, the United States wants to welcome you all to this conference. The United States must say that it’s a pleasure being here, not only is it just a pleasure, it is also an honor to be here with all delegations. Honorable delegates, The world as we know it today, is far from perfect, we must work together, and work hard to get the best of our world. As President Bush once said "America is a Nation with a mission - and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman." This world that we live in destroys the dignity and freedom by killing people who don’t deserve to die, Osama Bin Laden destroyed freedom in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein not only destroyed freedom but created people with no human dignity. Our job is clear to restore the human dignity of the Iraqis that was lost and to spread democracy and freedom all over the world. The United States first step and number one priority to bettering our world is to fight terrorism, and the people who terrorize societies, communities and countries, people who destroy lives, opportunities and families. These people known as terrorist who stand against everything we stand for. I Hope in this conference we would come to a solution to this problem, not as the United States of America, but as the world

Mishal Karam, Human Rights

Honorable chair, fellow delegates: The United States of America is the lone superpower of the modern world today. The country has many points of view towards many issues that face our modern world today. As the president of the United States of America George W Bush once said "I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don’t always agree with them." AS THE LONE SUPERPOWER, The United States is SOMETIMES obliged to take some decisions for the good of the rest of the nations of the world. Many countries disagree with our foreign policy, but it is based on spreading freedom and democracy. In our modern times there are many human rights violations happening all around the world like world poverty, child soldiers, and religious freedom in authoritarian nations. These are some of the issues that face the human rights committee. Although the United States has been allegedly accused of using youths and child soldiers for combat. Our country and many others believe that by the age of eighteen a person has reached adulthood and can take any decision they want. The United States hopes that there can be simple and vigorous methods in trying to put a dent in solving human rights violations all around the world by first of all trying to solve the issues at hand. So the Untied States urges all countries to try to develop methods in trying to solve these issues and those countries will get our support.

The United States Ambassador to...

.... the Iraq Governing Council

Highlights from the Ambassador's Opening Speeches

Ambdulaziz Al-Qatami, US Ambassador to Iraq

Honorable Chair Fellow Delegates: President Bush once said, “"If someone committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration." - 7/18/05 and I want justice...There's an old poster out West, as I recall, that said, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive,'" -9/17/01. The United States of America is a country whose main goal is to spread peace, joy, security, liberty, happiness, pleasure, and harmony throughout the world. The United States of America aided lots of countries. The United States of America helped Iraq US Ambassador to Iraq (Click here to read the Ambassador's briefing book). to become a democratic country after removing Saddam Hussein’s regime. The world is facing lots of problems such as humanitarian crisis, wars, and natural disasters. YET The situation in Iraq is improving greatly and every day due to the help of the coalition forces and the friendly Iraqis. The United States of America knows that thousands of American lives have been lost, but these soldiers made a very important task which was spreading peace in Iraq and ensuring the safety of Iraqis. Therefore, the US can begin the process of withdrawing its troops. The United States of America also thinks that the Iraqi army must be trained in military camps and must be well equipped with necessary supplies. After they are equipped and trained, then the US and the coalition forces will exit Iraq. These soldiers must be placed in oil industries and pipelines since lots of explosions happen there which causes the economy of Iraq and the US to be destroyed. The US thinks that chaos would happen if all the US troops exit in one direction since there are more than 100,000 US troop present in Iraq. Therefore the US would like to request the help and the cooperation of the Iraqis with the US troops. We are here to solve problems, ladies and gentleman, not to create them. Thank You,

Guarding the Dojo: Non-Travelling Students

Some students could not travel and enjoyed a virtual journey.

As close as they came to Qatar was seeing a map like this.

The International Atomic Energy Commission

Yvette Ohanion's Opening Speech

Nuclear Weapons (here to read the Commissioner's briefing book). are explosive devices designed to release nuclear energy on a large scale, and are used largely in military applications. However, as technology is rapidly developing, it is becoming easier for nuclear technology to fall in the hands of corrupt governments and terrorist organizations. The recent revelation of an international black market in nuclear weapons technology emanating from Pakistan has raised great concern around the world. The nuclear black market used by Pakistan's top atomic scientist to sell nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea may be far greater than initially feared. Iran's latest decision to break the IAEA seals on their Uranium Enrichment Program demonstrates how difficult it is to force countries that are not compliant with Committee decisions. Now that technology has advanced at such a rapid pace, and the availability of nuclear materials has drastically increased, the threat of a terrorist group building and detonating a nuclear bomb is very real.

The World Food Program

Mohammad Al-Mailem's Opening Speech

Honorable chair and most distinguished delegates: We have dug through the hearts of all poor and suffering nations, we have fought the battle of poverty and disaster, and in the end…we have won. We brought aid to those in need; we gave food to those who’ve starved. Yet most out do not recognize what we have. Still there are those who criticize what we, the World Food Program (here to read the commissioner's briefing book) have done, when it is there countries who we have saved. But…we are not here to blame and point fingers, we are here remind you of what you have become. Our purpose now is to come to end, and try to see what it is you don’t like about the structure, and it is then when the conclusion to your problem arises. Have a nice day.


Tour Highlights

Okay, we didn't around that much, so there are not so many photos.

Our spacious luxury hotel.

As the sun sets, it's goodbye to Qatar.

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