Country: The Kingdom of Denmark

Event: AAGIAC 2005

Student: Yvette Ohanion



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The Denmarkian National Anthem

Denmark 1
Der er et Yndigt Land
(A Lovely Land is Ours)
Original Danish Words

Der er et yndigt land,
Det står med brede bøge
Nær salten østerstrand;
Det bugter sig i bakke, dal,
Det hedder gamle Danmark,
Og det er Frejas sal.

English Translation

A lovely land is ours
With beeches green about her
Encircled by the sea
Her hills and vales are manifold
Her name, of old, is Denmark
And she is Freya's home

Denmark 2: Kong Christian Stod ved Højen Mast
(King Christian Stood by the Lofty Mast)

Original Danish Words
Kong Kristian stod ved højen mast i røg og damp;
Hans værge hamrede så fast,
At Gotens hjelm og hjerne brast.
Da sank hver fjendligt spejl og mast i røg und damp.
Fly," skreg de, fly, hvad flygte kan!
Hvo står for Danmarks Kristian i kamp?"

English Translation

King Christian stood by the tall mast in smoke and mist;
his sword was hammering so hard,
that the Swedes' helmets and brains cracked.
Then sank every enemy stern and mast in smoke and mist.
"Flee," they screamed, "flee as flee can!
Who can stand up to Denmark's Christian in battle?"


The Kingdom of Denmark


Country Profile

Political structure:

The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. Denmark first organized as a unified state in 10th century; in 1849. The 5th of June (1849) is generally viewed as the National Day. People's Assembly or Folketinget (179 seats, including 2 from Greenland and 2 from the Faroe Islands; members are elected by popular vote on the basis of proportional representation to serve four-year terms). Elections were last held 8 February 2005 (next to be held February 2009)



Denmark has a vast terrain and oceanic views. Denmark is located Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and Germany. Denmark's location is useful when it comes to trade and the import and export of goods. The temperature is humid and mild; with windy winters and cool summers. Denmark's terrain is mainly low and flat.


Natural Resources:

Denmark is rich in natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand. Denmark exports many things, but the natural resources that are exported only cover 5% of the exports. These natural resources are exported to around 67% of EU countries. The major resources are oil and fish.



Denmark's defense consists of military of 18 years of age for compulsory and volunteer military service. Denmark spends $3,271.6 million on military expenditures



Denmark is a net exporter of food and energy. Denmark has decided not to join 12 other EU members in the Euro; even so, the Danish krone remains pegged to the Euro.

Some of Denmark's Arigultural products include barley, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets; pork, dairy products; and fish. Denmark's export partners include Germany 18%, Sweden 13.2%, UK 8.7%, US 5.8%, Netherlands 5.5%, Norway 5.4%, France 5. Import partners include Germany 22.3%, Sweden 13.5%, Netherlands 6.8%, UK 6.1%, France 4.5%, Norway 4.5%, Italy 4.1%, China 4%


View on World Problems:

Denmark is obviously a friendly country since it has no enemies and plenty of allies. Its allies include European countries like Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden, England and more. Also the United States is an ally to Denmark. Denmark is a neutral country therefore, it attempts to encourage the passing of peaceful resolutions that solve the issue at hand.



Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. It joined NATO in 1949 and the EEC (now the EU) in 1973. However, the country has opted out of certain elements of the European Union's Maastricht Treaty, including the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), European defense cooperation, and issues concerning certain justice and home affairs.



Policy Statement

Denmark's main priority in the Security Council is to contribute to peaceful settlement of the large number of conflicts on the Security Council's agenda. Denmark is concerned with the continued presence of Ethiopian troops close to the border area, as well as recent restrictions imposed on UNMEE (United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea) personnel by the authorities in Asmara Likewise, the deteriorating humanitarian situation in both countries and the missed opportunities for economic development, not least in Eritrea, should be of even greater concern to everyone – the two responsible governments included. A prolonged conflict means additional expenses to the already stretched UN peacekeeping budget, but even greater costs to the ordinary people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Denmark contributes actively to enhance the African regional and sub-regional organizations capacity in conflict prevention not only through the EU but also through substantial bilateral assistance. Denmark allocates 33 million Euros(around 50 million dollars) on such activities.

Denmark would approve a resolution that limits the amount of financial aid allocated to Ethiopia and Eritrea; and establishes an effective monitoring system which will insure that the funds are put to appropriate use.




Aware that the U.S.-sponsored federation between Ethiopia and Eritrea triggered a 30-year war when Ethiopia annexed the strategic Red Sea territory,

Keeping in Mind Eritrean liberation forces, fighting with little outside help, defeated successive US.- and Soviet-backed Ethiopian regimes to win independence in 1993,

Deeply concerned that when abandoned after the cold war, Eritrea was born in ruins, with almost 85% of its three million people surviving on donated relief,

1. Calls upon the formation of an effective monitoring committee which:
A. Will be composed of 10 members of the Security Council which will rotate annually,
B. Will insure that the funds are put to appropriate use by:
i. with permission from the host country, liaising with the financial government department,
ii. checking the documentation to establish that the funds are being appropriately used,
C. Will report status and usage of the funds to the SC.



Opening Speech

Honorable Chair, Fellow Deletes, Mr.President,

The ongoing conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea has caused an gigantic burden on the financial status of both countries. Its is bad enough that million dollars of national funds have been tragically wasted on this futile conflict; it is even worse that funds which have been donated to ease the pain and suffering, help the impoverished, and feed the hungry, have been callously misappropriated by corrupt individuals to feed the growing, insatiable monster of war. The corruption must end now. Fellow delegates, an adequate response can only be achieved by all of us joining forces in a common strategic approach. Denmark stands ready to do its share.

Thank you



Statement of the Delegates

In AAGIAC 2005, I represented Denmark in the Security Council. For some reason, many delegates in the forum were determined to declare war and cause chaos. Since Denmark is a neutral and peaceful country, I represented Denmark firmly and opposed their declares for war. Even though all the students from BBS worked really hard for this event and put much effort in their work, other "delegates" disgraced the whole purpose and initiative of MUN.