Country: Mozambique

Event: LEMUN 2005


Hamad Al-Mousa-Political
Hamad Al-Mufarrej-Disarmament
Bader Al-Fulaij-Ecology
AbdulRazzak Al-Kazemi-Social
Thenyan Al-Yagout-Social

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The Mozambiqan National Anthem

Original Portuguese Words

Viva, viva FRELIMO,
Guia do Povo Moçambicano!
Povo heróico qu'arma em punho
O colonialismo derrubou.
Todo o Povo unido
Desde o Rovuma atéo Maputo,
Luta contra imperialismo
Continua e sempre vencerá.

Viva Moçambique!
Viva a Bandeira, símbolo Nacional!
Viva Moçambique!
Que por ti o povo lutará.

Unido ao mundo inteiro,
Lutando contra a burguesia,
Nossa Pátria será túmulo
Do capitalismo e exploração.
O Povo Moçambicano
D'operários e de camponeses,
Engajado do no trabalho
A riqueza sempre brotará.

English Translation

Long live FRELIMO*,
Guide of the Mozambican people,
Heroic people who, gun in hand,
Toppled colonialism.
All the People united
From the Rovuma to the Maputo,
Struggle against imperialism
And continue, and shall win.

Long live Mozambique!
Long live our flag, symbol of the Nation!
Long live Mozambique!
For thee your People will fight.

United with the whole world,
Struggling against the bourgeoisie,
Our country will be the tomb
Of capitalism and exploitation.
The Mozambican People,
Workers and peasants,
Engaged in work
Shall always produce wealth.
*Frelimo as explained below is the Marxist Party.


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