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We've only just begun


The BBS Model UN team has big plans for this year. These plans included attending, KFSAC, LEMUN, and AISMUN as well as hosting another, expanded Pearl-MUN in May.

Team Membership

Abdulaziz Al-Bahar
Abdulla Al-Saleh
Abdullah Al-Ibraheem
Abdulrazzaq Al-Kazemi
Abdulrazzaq Al-Razooki
Ahmad Abdul-mugni
Ahmed Al-Jouan
Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa
Abulaziz Al-Qatami
Bader Al Omairi
Bader Al-Fulaij
Dhari Al-Jaleel
Faisal Al-Rifaei
Fatema Abdul-Kareem
Hamad Al-Mousa
Hamad Al-Mufarrej
Hashim Hassan
Ibrahim Abu Saleh
Laila Barghouti
Lulu Al-Rodaini
Mariam Dashti
May Sartawi
Mays Abdulaziz
Mishal Karam
Mohammad Al-Mailem
Muneera al-Jouan
Muneera al-Rubei
Nezar Al-Essa
Nouriya Al-Sager
Reem Al-Thekair
Saoud Al-Sabah
Sara Al-Muzaini
Sara Fakral-Deen
Sulaiman Al-Khalid
Thunayan Al-Yagout
Yasmeen Dashti
Yasmeen Hayat
Yousef Al-Khalaf
Yvette Ohanion
Zaid Al-Marzook

LEMUN 2005

BBS will make its first appearance in the Netherlands since the year 2000.

Read all about BBS's participation. See: LEMUN


Yes, there will be another KSAA MUN in 2005, which I continue to dub "KITMUN" (Kuwait Invitational MUN), and AIS will host. Click here to read the beginning of a story. Well, not the whole story, but by clicking below, you can see details as they occur.

Click here to experience KITMUN05


AAG will again host an all-Security Council Forum. This will include all BBS who miss one of the other trips. Click AAGIAC 06 to get all of the exciting details.

Georgetown Qatar MUN 2006

BBS was on hand to inaugurate a new event at education city in Qatar. Click Qatar 06 to get all of the exciting details.

THE Pearl-MUN 2006

Pearl-MUN will highlight another sucessful year of BBS MUN. For details as they develop, click here to experience Pearl-MUN06

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