Student: Najeeba Hayat

Event: Pearl-MUN 2006

* incomplete due to reassignment

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The Japanese National Anthem

Kimigayo (His Majesty's Reign)

Kimi gayo wa
Chiyo ni yachiyo ni
Sazare ishi no
Iwao to nari te
Koke no musu made

English Translation

Thousands of years of happy reign be thine;
Rule on, my lord, till what are pebbles now
By age united to mighty rocks shall grow
Who's venerable sides the moss doth line.


Country Profile




Policy Statements




Security Council Clauses

1. On the issue of directing attention towards the Himalayan region

1. Urges the council to take action focusing on the fortification of both regions separated by religion within the Kashmir area as this is the main cause of conflict within the area and sending UN peace troops, aid workers and educational aid including education specifically focusing on the Kashmir conflict which will significantly calm the rebels, and future rebels and the area in general; this will afford both India and Pakistan a much more stable environment for negotiation that can lead to the peaceful and accepted drawing of permanent borders,


2. On the emergency situation

1. Calls Upon the council to launch operation Traffic Light on the 3 involved countries that will urge the 3 involved countries to halt all aggressive plans towards itself or any other country and to implement total transparency to the UN, SC and the international community until this conflict is fully resolved and no aggressive action is taking place and no plans are being drawn or implemented that will in any way negatively affect another country; there will be UN forces and members involved in the governmental systems of the 3 involved countries to insure that no crucial information is being held back, this will take place until all war plans are eradicated; if they do not comply, we will launch the:

A. Green phase: The UN will send forces inside the country to halt plans,

B. Yellow phase: The UN will impose economic and political sanctions against the country,

C. Red phase: the UN will triple the forces and later temporarily withdraw the country's membership to the UN;




Opening Speech

Honorable Chair, fellow delegates, 'koneechiwa'. The Japanese take pride in their uniqueness and the uniqueness in everything Japanese. Japan is a beautiful, ancient country with a history of integrity. Japan is world-renowned for its incredible display of technological advancement and openness towards the positive and modern. It is a country of peaceful, democratic people and a peaceful, democratic government. We believe in the use of our afforded power only for peaceful purposes and not for the meaningless massacre of human beings.

Saying this, countries such as Iran, who prepare to abuse power and promote fear must be peacefully convinced to halt their destructive plans so as to spread the democracy that Japan stands so strongly beside. Japan believes that everyone must be given a fair chance at reform, for Japan, too, has gone through harsh times. We believe that any country can be a successful one for success, honorable delegates, is only how high you bounce after you hit rock bottom.