Delegation: Israel

Event: Qatar MUN 2006

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Special Political and Ambassador
Ahmed Abdulmugni, Social
Reem Al-Thekair, Human Rights

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The Israeli National Anthem



Israel Kol od balevav penimah
nefesh Yehudi homiyah
Ulefa-atej mizrach kadimah
'ayin LeTsion, tsofiah.

Od lo awvdah tikwatenu
ha'tikvah bat sh'not alpayim
liheyot am chofsi beartsenu
erets Tsion birushalayim.
(repeat previous two lines)


So long as still within our breasts The Jewish heart beats true,
So long as still towards the East,
To Zion, looks the Jew,
So long our hopes are not yet lost
Two thousand years we cherished them
To live in freedom in the land
Of Zion and Jerusalem.
Of Zion and Jerusalem.





Israel is a parliamentary democracy. Its governmental system is based on several basic laws performed by its unicameral, consisting of a single legislative chamber, parliament, the Knesset. The president (chief of state) is elected by the Knesset for a 5-year term. The prime minister (head of government) exercises executive power and has in the past been selected by the president as the party leader most able to form a government.

The Knesset's 120 members are elected by secret election to 4-year terms, although the Prime Minister may decide to call for new elections before the end of the 4-year term. The independent judicial system includes experienced and religious courts. The courts' right of judicial review of the Knesset's legislation is unfortunately limited. Judicial understanding is restricted to problems of execution of laws and validity of additional legislation. The highest court in Israel is the Supreme Court, whose judges are approved by the President. .

The President of Israel is head of state, serving as a largely traditional figurehead. The President selects the leader of the majority party or ruling union in the Knesset as the Prime Minister, who serves as head of government. How does the government know if their people are following the laws placed by them? Well, that is where the military force comes in! The military has a very significant role in the government, it acts as the government’s overseer, and it oversees that laws are put and that people follow it. It helps make all the rules put be continued and followed by the people. That is why the Prime ministers of Israel are always military men! Also Israel spends $8.97 billion which makes up 8.75% of its GDP on military expenses! It receives from the US alone $7.2 billion worth of military and weaponry equipment. Also it has nuclear and chemical weapons but is denying that.

Israel is divided into six districts, administration of which is coordinated by the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the administration of the occupied territories. Israel’s military plays a key role within the nation since it regulates and makes sure that all citizens are following and obeying the laws passed down by the government.

A lot of people hate Sharon, in and out of Israel, due to all the bad things that happened during his office such as the siege on Arafat and the PLO, the Lebanese occupation and its retreat, the 2nd Intifada, etc.… Unfortunately due to his strong connections and allies he always gets out of his problems as if they never ever happened! His revolution, the Sharon revolution, headed by President Ariel Sharon is a no mercy, brutality, killer be killed government revolution!

The Israel Labor Party, formed in 1968 when three previous labor parties merged, supports Zionist and socialist policies such as continued Jewish immigration, a social welfare state, and a primarily state-planned and regulated economy. The Labor Party also supports separation of religion and state, equality for minorities, and negotiated settlement between Israel and the Arab states concerning the land seized in the 1967 Six-Day War, known collectively as the Occupied Territories.

Another party, Likud, originally enjoyed great support from blue-collar Sephardim who felt discriminated against by the ruling Mapai (Labour) party. Likud holds 40 seats (out of 120) in the 16th Knesset. Ariel Sharon's apparent shift to the political center, especially in his completing of the Disengagement Plan, separated him from many Likud supporters and effectively spliced the party. He faced several serious challenges to his authority shortly before his departure. The first was in March 2005, when he and Netanyahu proposed a budget plan, which met fierce opposition, though it was eventually approved. The second was in September 2005, when Sharon's opponents in Likud forced a vote on a proposal for an early leadership election, which was defeated by 52% to 48%. In October, Sharon's opponents within the Likud Knesset group joined with the opposition to prevent the appointment of two of his associates to the Cabinet, demonstrating that Sharon had effectively lost control of the Knesset and that the 2006 budget was unlikely to pass. The next group is the Liberals.


Geography (HAMAD)

Israel is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded on the north by Lebanon, on the northeast by Syria, on the east and southeast by Jordan, on the southwest by Egypt, and on the west by the Mediterranean Sea. Before June 1967, the area composing Israel (resulting from the armistice lines of 1949 and 1950) was about 20,700 square kilometers, which included 445 square kilometers of inland water. Thus Israel was roughly the size of the state of New Jersey, stretching 424 kilometers from north to south. Its width ranged from 114 kilometers to, at its narrowest point, 10 kilometers. After the June 1967 War, Israel occupied territories totaling an additional 7,477 square kilometers. These territories include the West Bank, 5,879 square kilometers; the Gaza Strip, 378; East Jerusalem (annexed, according Israeli law), 70; and the Golan Heights (de facto annexation), 1,150.


Natural Resources (HAMAD)

Israel’s has some natural resources and they are timber, potash, and copper ore, natural gas, phosphate rock, magnesium bromide, and clays, sand. These natural resources are used in different effects for example phosphate rocks are any of various rocks composed largely of phosphate minerals, especially apatite, used as fertilizer and as a source of phosphorous compounds. So they are very useful in this world of ours.



Israeli culture is composed of long history of Judaism. With a population drawn from more than one hundred countries on six continents, Israeli society is rich in cultural diversity. The government of Israel is giving their Jewish culture a great creative freedom, which is being ignored by in Arab and Muslim nations. The refusing to admit of Israel as an Independent nation is not at all helping with the cut down of violence in Israeli/Palestinian areas.

The Jewish compose 80.1% of the Israeli society (Europe and America-born 32.1%, Israel-born 20.8%, Africa-born 14.6%, and Asia-born 12.6%) while the non-Jewish are made up of 19.9% (most of them are Arabs).

There have been recent claims on the mistreatment of the Arab Israeli’s, however this claim has been denied, and the Arabs are being treated no differently than other citizens of Israel.

Israel is not a theocracy, and religions other than Judaism are supported. Over the following decade approximately 600,000 Jews, who fled or were expelled from surrounding Arab countries, migrated to Israel (with another 300,000 or so settling in France and North America, leaving only a miniature remnant, mostly in Morocco and Tunisia). Israel's Jewish population continued to grow at a very high rate for some years, and was fed by further waves of Jewish immigration following the collapse of the USSR. The population of Israel has now reached approximately 6,276,883 citizens.



Israel maintains a GDP of $129 billion with a growth rate of 3.9%. Its GDP consist of agriculture: 2.8%, industry: 37.7% and services: 59.5%. Its labor force is occupied by agriculture, forestry, and fishing 2.6%, manufacturing 20.2%, construction 7.5%, commerce 12.8%, transport, storage, and communications 6.2%, finance and business 13.1%, personal and other services 6.4%, public services 31.2% which comes to a total of $ 2.68 million. Thankfully the unemployment rate isn’t high but isn’t low, 10.7%; and the population rate below poverty line is 18%. While France’s unemployment rate, for example, is 10.1% and its population rate below poverty line is 6.5%!

Israel has revenues worth $48.09 billion and expenditures worth $52.11 billion. Israel’s public debt is worth 104.5% of GDP.

Agricultural products in Israel include citrus, vegetables, cotton beef, poultry, and dairy products. Industries include high-technology projects (including aviation, communications, computer-aided design and manufactures, medical electronics, fiber optics), wood and paper products, potash and phosphates, food, beverages, and tobacco, caustic soda, cement, construction, metals products, chemical products, plastics, diamond cutting, textiles and footwear. The industrial production rate in Israel is currently 4.5%. 42.67 billion kWh of electricity is produced, while only 38.3 billion kWh of electricity is consumed. Israel exports 1.387 billion kWh of electricity and imports none! Since Israel’s electricity is controlled by waterpower and is in a way controlled by the Jordan River; Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty at 1994 which lead to the further stability and increase in economy of Israel!

Oil production is 80 bbl/day and consumption is 260,000 bbl/day! It neither exports nor imports oil! However, it has proved oil reserves of 1.92 million bbl. Natural gas production in Israel is10 million cu m and consumption is 10 million cu m. also it doesn’t export or import natural gas! It has proven natural gas reserves of 20.81 billion cu m. 

The current account balance is $221.9 million. It exports $34.41 billion f.o.b. Exports include machinery and equipment, software, cut diamonds, agricultural products, chemicals, textiles and apparel. Israel’s export partners are USA 36.8%, Belgium 7.5%, and Hong Kong 4.9%. It imports $36.84 billion f.o.b. Imports include raw materials, military equipment, investment goods, rough diamonds, fuels, grain, consumer goods. Its import partners are US 15%, Belgium 10.1%, Germany 7.5%, Switzerland 6.5%, UK 6.1%.

Thanks to the former USSR, Jews immigrants topped 750,000 during 1989-1999. This brought the population of Israel to one million. Adding scientific and professional expertise of substantial value for the economy's future. This caused the opening of new markets at the end of the Cold War, energized Israel’s economy, which grew rapidly in the early 1990s. Out of the 6.9 million people in Israel 76.2% are Jews, 19.5% are Arabs and 4.3% are other nationalities! That is why Israeli Moslems continue to have 5 kids per family to increase the Arab- Moslem rate!

Israel has reserves of foreign exchange and gold worth $28.4 billion It reserves economic aid from the USA worth $662 million, which makes up 0.5% of Israel’s GDP. Israel has an expanded, technologically advanced economy with considerable but decreasing government ownership and a strong high-tech sector. Israel also has an external debt of $74.46 billion. How do they pay it? Well, it is mainly covered by large payments and by foreign loans. About half of the debt is owed to the US; which is a major source of economic and military aid. Also Israeli companies, particularly in the high-tech area, have in the past enjoyed considerable success raising money on Wall Street and other world financial markets; Israel ranks second to Canada among foreign countries in the number of its companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges; mainly half of its exports are high tech!


Defense (AZIZ)

"Nahal" is the Hebrew acronym for "Noar Halutzi Lohem" - Fighting Pioneer Youth - a military cadre unique to Israel. It is a framework, which combines military service in a combat unit with civilian service in a newly founded kibbutz or moshav. David Ben-Gurion established the Nahal during the 1948 War of Independence. It was the natural continuation of the pioneering values and customs of the nascent state and the legacy of the elite underground Palmach unit. The aim of the Nahal was to ensure security and settlement, combining the sword and the ploughshares. At the time, 17 year-olds were drafted along with these groups of youths in times of national emergency. From its inception, the Nahal included women in its ranks. The Nahal has helped found at least 108 new settlements and has assisted in the development of many more.

Basically Israel has Ground Corps, Navy, Air and Space Force (includes Air Defense Forces); historically there have been no separate Israeli military services. These entire military services serve as one hand under one commander in chief usually the Prime Minister and they will act spontaneously to any impending issue and they have the authority to do that because they are in constant combat. 17 year of age is used in the military not only nahal. Men and Women are eligible for the services and volunteers from Christian and Muslim backgrounds are also accepted. The Israeli government spends a good $10 billion a year on military budgets excluding new weapons which adds up another $ billion. Israel manufactures the famous and invincible merkava tanks, which have proven to be useful in the past years.

Israel has around 70,000 thousand troops ready to for combat at all times, they are ready to cover any damage in short time period, these troops are stationed all around Israel in times like today, because a threat is always present, they are commanded by Generals who answer to the prime minister and his cabinet. According to a recent study Israel has in the military males age 17-49: 1,492,125 females age 17-49: 1,443,916, however the personnel fit to fight are about half of that. The rest can be counted as reserve, a percentage of 25% is implemented on the general population that must serve in the army at all times although most of the population is trained on how to use a gun and defend the city.

When a society fights together as one hand united against all evil they will win, this philosophy s the one followed in the Israeli social system. Because almost everybody is in the army a strong, bonding society is formed. This "socializing instrument" can be used in either good or bad ways, such as to cast block votes or to turn the whole society against a person or a group. So the military in Israel can be considered as the place that all people meet and defend their nation.

Because Israel is claimed to be occupying Arab land many Arab people despise the Israeli people, therefore if the Israeli citizens it is obvious it is only for the money, but then again they don not serve in the military because if they do not only would they be killing there brothers but also going against their traditions. The other groups of people that do not serve in the army are the religious people. People like priests both Jewish and Christians kind of refuse to serve in the army and considering that dreaming of their own high stature. To fight is considered barbaric as one priest said, that is something considered to be believed throughout all priests in that area. Despite the fact that Israel enjoys one of the highest education standards in the world, some "bad " schools exist, schools that teach terrorism and promote hatred toward the west and Israel. These schools are being eliminated in Israel as soon as possible, but unfortunately Israel can not close all of them down around the world. Unless they really attack Israel then it would be in self defense and those schools will be shut down.

The Israeli armor system has proven its quality since no major attacks have severely penetrated this shield, Tanks and troops have shown the quality and heavy training that puts Israel with one of the best trained armies in the world. The air force has also shown a great deal of a back up force when it comes to retaliate on major attacks on the Israeli borders or the destruction of private government property.

Israel is always under threat therefore the shipping of goods or arms is not always guaranteed and that results ion the manufacturing of local high quality arms. Israel does forget the aid from the west in these arms but to be interdependent one day is Israel’s dream and it slowly is coming true. The Israeli presence is obviously not welcomed in the current situation and therefore it is necessary to take all precautions and today the only weapons that may intimidate certain nations are weapons of mass destruction.

Israel does need them and has around 375 Nuclear devices but has not intention of using them because if used the radius of the blast will not effect the enemy but other nations and most importantly Israel. They have proven their excellence since the last testing in 1998 and they are still as efficient.

Israel proudly claims that we can withstand any attack Arab or non-Arab we can do it. And when it comes to a " combined" Arab attack Israel has won that war in the 70's and s more prepared to do that again. Utilizing the fine equipment and well-trained troops Israel can withstand any attack.

Israel's most important goal in the Gaza strip area is to maintain order. Because of the very chaotic situation in Israel and Palestine certain groups have arose claiming to be the resistance to the Israelis in which they are creating difficult obstacles for Israel in obstructing justice and choosing to disobey general issues such as curfews and other such things. To actually maintain order and prosperity in the area those groups must stop those acts that are only wasting time and making the peace process longer. Some groups are standing the way of peace, groups such as Hamas and Fatah. If it was in Israel's intention to stop these rebels or militia groups it would have done that a long time ago, but it respects internal issues. Israel is attacked everyday and the philosophy is " an eye for an eye" if the terrorists hurt us we will retaliate strongly. Israel controls a large area of the coastline that is very vital to the now poor economy of Palestine and Syria including Lebanon. , That is an advantage that Israel has over these nations. It is widely suspected that Egypt and Jordan are being paid not to fight Israel, that is very obvious because back in the seventies and eighties those nation's leaders did not accept money and even though failed they tried to put up a fight and almost won but they did not.

The problem with the Gaza strip is it becoming a place really bad on the map, like Soho in London, or Watts in Los Angeles, or even the red light district in Amsterdam, all of these places are not only bad publicity but also dangerous to the security of the nation. To take control of the Gaza strip and regain total power over the city force must be used, although critics will rise worldwide but then again what is new to Israel when it is criticized.


View on World Problems:(AZIZ)

Israel does not negotiate with terrorists and especially terrorists that occupy Israeli land. In order to stop these atrocities Israel has and still is constructing a Fence along the Israeli borders to stop any unwanted intruders. This fence has had its share of criticizing around the world, but Israel cares about its own security so in order to preserve this freedom and security this fence will be completed. It has been Israel's policy for the past 4 years.

West Bank and Gaza Strip are Israeli-occupied with up to date status subject to the Israeli-Palestinian short-term Agreement - permanent status to be determined through further negotiation; Israel continues construction of a "seam line" separation barrier along parts of the Green Line and within the West Bank; Israel announced its intention to pull out Israeli settlers and withdraw from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the northern West Bank in 2005; Golan Heights is Israeli-occupied (Lebanon claims the Shab'a Farms area of Golan Heights); since 1948, about 350 peacekeepers from the UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) headquartered in Jerusalem monitor cease-fires, supervise armistice agreements, prevent isolated incidents from escalating, and assist other UN personnel in the region

The other catastrophe that Israel had its eyes on was and still is IRAN. The extremist Iranian government has always refused negotiations and especially when it comes to their nuclear issues. They are aware that that they are violating not only the Geneva Convention agreements but also directs orders from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Any nation that wishes to own and utilize such nuclear forces even for "peace" uses such as providing electricity must abide by the IAEA rules and regulations, as they are standard procedures for dealing with atomic issues. The biggest mistake that the Iranian president had ever made was threatening Israel. By doing that he has proved that Iran has negative and terrorist intention towards the usage of the nuclear power plants. Not forgetting the affects of this nuclear program. If any thing goes wrong in those prehistoric and unstable reactors the Gulf nations will be destroyed beginning with Kuwait and moving onto the UAE. Which will definitely affect not only Israel but also these deadly rays may reach the Mediterranean region, which may be more deadly than the Chernobyl accident back in the 90's. The best solution for the problems the world is facing today is:
A. The eradication of the Iranian nuclear program.
B. Establishing respectable negotiations with Syrian and Lebanese officials.
C. The process of stabilizing issues in Iraq .
D. The stopping of the harassment caused by the useless Arab league, which is full of talk and no real action.

The other perspective of international issues of Israel is international relationships. Israel has strong bonding relationships with several nations. These nations have shown support to Israel since its existence. Countries like the USA and Germany have always supported Israel. The USA bases its economy on many Israeli companies and vice versa. Although the two administrations have not always agreed it is always in the nation's best interest. Europe in general has always supported the Israeli government.

France, Germany, the Netherlands have always shown support and again these governments have not always agreed with the Israeli perspective, but all nations have to consider their own security and internal issues not forgetting international relationships. The relationships with neighbors are very important not only for trade purposes but also security issues. If any party like the former Nazi or the leftist decides to trash Israel, they will only be creating one more reason for Israel to be an enemy to those people, further more it has always been Israel’s policy " only shoot if Shot upon" if any nation wishes to harm Israel, then the government will leave us no choice but to retaliate in the name of self defense.

Israel has satisfactory relationships with some of its neighbors such as Egypt and Jordan. These nations have not always shown support of Israel but have never hurt Israel or any of its allies or sponsor an assault on Israel's land or people.

Other neighbors such as Lebanon and Syria have never been great. Negotiations have always existed with these hostile countries but the Arab personality today is not supporting Israel. Lebanon has constantly sponsored assaults on Israel and claiming it was done from the southern rebels, so does Syria sponsoring harsh attacks and claiming it was done by uncontrollable groups. The source for the whole Middle East problems is corruption. Especially in needy nations. In Lebanon for example for that past year corruption has unveiled a rather large scheme of operations being done by several corrupt leaders they were supposed to caught and sent to the justice system, only to find out that the justice system is more corrupt than the leaders themselves. The mere presence of the Hizballah camps in south Lebanon makes the government doubt the credibility of the Lebanese government. Those are terrorists and should not be tolerated, and as long as those camps exist Israel will never establish fruitful peace talks with any of its enemies. Those camps not only contribute to the bad relations with Israel but also destroy any future for any good relations.



The earliest known mention of the name “Israel”, probably referring to a group of people rather than to a place, is the Egyptian “Merneptah Stele” dated to about 1210 BCE. For over 3,000 years, Jews have held the Land of Israel to be their homeland, both as a Holy Land and as a Promised Land. The Land of Israel holds a special place in Jewish religious obligations. Jewish people have been continually banished from different cultures throughout history, from the last Egyptian civilization to the days of Nazi Germany. The Jewish finally found home, and gave rebirth to the land of Israel, which was located in the heart of Palestine.

The first wave of Jewish immigration to Israel (named the first Aliyah) started in 1881 as Jews fled persecution, or followed Socialist Zionist ideas of Moses Hess and others of "redemption of the soil". Jews bought land from Ottoman and individual Arab landholders.

After Jews established agricultural settlements, tensions erupted between the Jews and Arabs. The rise of Nazism in 1933 led to a fifth wave of Aliyah. The Jewish in the region increased 29% by 1940. The subsequent Holocaust in Europe led to additional immigration from other parts of Europe. By the end of World War II, the number of Jews in Palestine was approximately 600,000.

In 1947, following increasing levels of violence by militant groups together with unsuccessful efforts to reconcile the Jewish and Arab populations, the British government decided to withdraw from the Palestine Mandate. The UN General Assembly approved on the UN’s “Partition Plan” dividing the territory into states of Jewish and Arab, giving, to what angers Arabs, about half the land area to each state. Jerusalem was planned to be an international region administered by the UN to avoid conflict over its status. Immediately following the adoption of the Partition Plan by the UN General Assembly, the Palestinian Arab leadership rejected the plan and launched a guerrilla war that included attacks on Jewish civilians. And just before the expiration of the British Mandate of Palestine, the State of Israel was announced, thus resulted in more Jewish immigrants.

A day after the declaration of independence of the State of Israel, armies of five Arab countries, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, invaded Israel. Arab states have jointly waged four full-scale wars against Israel: The War of Independence, the Sinai War, the Six-Day war, and the war of “Yom Kippur”. Israel defended it self successfully each time, despite the great numerical difference. The reason is believed to be because of the USA’s support to the newly formed Jewish civilization. The state of war between Egypt and Israel ended with the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty on March 26, 1979. The state of war with Jordan officially ended with the signing of the Israeli Jordanian Treaty of Peace on October 26, 1994. Negotiations with Syria and Lebanon have not as yet resulted in a peace treaty. Israel is currently also heavily involved in an ongoing conflict with Palestinians in the territories controlled.




The Policy Statements

Special Political-Mutawa

(1) State use of torture for national security reasons

Israel is nation that is attacked every single day, with all kinds of new bombs and weapons, to be able to detain any person from the enemy force is considered an achievement, therefore it is vital for our international relationships to find out what those enemy cells know and are planning on doing. Israel does really detain people everyday, but if the detention was authorized from the Supreme Court there is no limit to the number of days that are needed to find the answer that an ongoing investigation needs to find out. Police forces use any method necessary. And by that any method necessary may include some ways that are not always authorized by the human rights watch. Those terrorists that are ruining our beautiful cities must be found and stopped in any means necessary. To stop these groups is our number one priority. The threat is there and it must be stopped. to defend our land is our most important thing that must be done.

There is perfectly good explanation for anything that Israel does, to get the information that is necessary to an ongoing investigation is a vital thing to many problem solutions. This kind of information is the kind that helps us make progress in the peaceful future of the situation. Any method that Israel uses has reason, and an impressive logical reason for doing that. Torture or exile, or any method that is used will give out the much-needed information and that inf. will be used wisely, in stopping the devastating insurgents.


(2) Nuclear & Biological Weapons proliferation

Nuclear weapons were designed to help a nation protect itself, not to threaten other nations. Nations such as Iran and North Korea are serious threats to the world. That has proven to be true in many situations such as the president of Iran Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel of the map

Israel this sovereign nation that has done no harm to any nation on the contrary Israel has always helped any nation in need and always supported humanity issues. However Israel is always known of its retaliation powers, if any nation ever tries to threaten Israel the self-defense measures will be taken and strong retaliation will be set in motion

Israel is threatened everyday and will do everything necessary in order to eliminate any threat to our nation, therefore, this should be considered as a threat to all that seeks harm to Israel. Nuclear weapons will be used and blocked by Israel, if any nation tries something and a strong retaliation will not do any good, it will be Fierce and harmful and extremely aching. Nations like the all talk Iran, or the not very innocent Syria, and even the followers of it Lebanon .Any African nation or Asian that seeks harm to Israel will be terminated as soon as possible. Israel has almost 500 nuclear bombs of the highest technology available, and it is ready to use them against any nation, if any nation threatens Israel by any means will be used to stop it. Nuclear weapons, biological weapons will be used to terminate a serious threat. The current situation in Palestine is not a serious thereat because they are killing very few soldiers every day and Israel is retaliating pretty strongly. All of our actions are justified.




(1) Euthenasia and Cloning

Euthanasia refers to what is called ironically “assisted dying”. The assistance ends the life of a person (or an animal) in a painless or minimum painful way. Euthanasia is a topic, which is usually classed as a highly challenging subject emotionally, religiously (considered as taking a life), politically, and morally. Euthanasia may use methods that are either indirect or direct. An individual taking his or her final step to the call of death defines indirect methods of euthanasia. Direct methods are defined by the involvement of others who take the final step of their lives. It can either be voluntary (occurs with request of an adult patient) non-voluntary or involuntary. Indirect euthanasia means the involvement of an expert, this could mean writing or filling a prescription for medications in a quantity large enough to cause death when taken. This kind of assistance is currently legal is some states of the USA which is a result of the "Death with Dignity Act" which was passed in the states by 1994.

"Active euthanasia has not, and will not, be performed in Israel”, declared Health Minister Yehoshua Matza. Taking a life (in any form other than to fight on God’s side) is one of the heaviest sins a person could commit in a lifetime. It is claimed "passive euthanasia is carried out every day, in hospitals around the country”, however that rumor could officially come to rest.

A clone in the biological sense is a single cell or multi-cellular organism (kidneys, liver, etc.….) that is genetically identical to another living organism. The rates of successful clones have been significantly low in all areas and aspects. Dolly for example, was born after 276 failed attempts; 70 calves have been created from 9,000 attempts and one third of them died young, and observations found out that the thriving clone Dolly seemed to age in an accelerating pace in comparison with other calves. It has been an archeologist’s dream to create a clone of an extinct animal by extracting the DNA from fossils; however, the results of creating a walking breathing Woolly Mammoth were unsuccessful.

Israel's parliament has passed legislation that bans cloning humans for the next five years and monitors genetic research for illegal cloning. The law was passed only to allow medical purposes, such as cloning a healthy organ for donation. Any researchers wishing to conduct experiments in human genetics must show an consultative committee that their research does not violate the ban, an infringement of the ban can be dealt with a punishable two years in an prison cell. Unlike Christian leaders who have called for a ban on human cloning, Israel's Chief Rabbinate has said Jewish law does not necessarily rule it out.


(2) Freedom of the Press in the Middle East

Middle Easterners tend to be quite hurtful towards certain types of voices surrounding their government. Some nations use acts of violence, sanctions, blackmail, imprisonment, and maybe even kidnapping and taking lives. It is completely ignored when a president of a democratic state wins elections by 99% for 25 years, only to see his son as a successor. An example of this in the Middle East is the satellite broadcaster Al Jazeera. This highly popular news media channel operates out of the state of Qatar, and often presents views and content that is problematic to a number of governments in the region and beyond. However, because of the increased affordability of satellite technology (i.e. dishes and receivers) it is simply not made available for some states to gain access to the channel.

Israel is considered the number one nation in the Middle East in the subject of press freedom. The regimes of our nations are becoming simply intolerable in cases that have led western and more developed nations to get completely involved with issues at hand. The Middle East includes 7 out of 19 of the most repressive regimes in the world and their weapons of mass destruction that are about to be brought down by our allies. And Most of the Arab and Muslim states do not recognize Israel's right to exist.



Human Rights Commission (Reem)

(1) World Poverty and Humanitarian Relief-

During the past year the rate of natural disasters has increased. With the rates increasing, the rate of poverty, sicknesses and death increased too! This has brought fear to the world. This was the time when all the nations really had to help and work as a team to help one another! From Pakistan to china to the US, natural disasters were hitting hard and fast! Leaving the country demolished; the entire nation victim’s economy had to stop and till the economy got back up on its feet it was too late! Some nations before the disaster had its own major problems, such as poverty, and with the coming of the disaster doubled its problems. When they got back up on their feet they still had a pile of problems left!

There were no records of natural disasters hitting Israel but Israel is prepared to help the nations in danger!


(2) Religious Freedom in Authoritarian nations

To obtain religious freedom is the most important aspect in a nation. Forbidding your people and forcing them to believe in one religion is wrong. The governments or leaders of nations may suggest a religion but not force it. When you force it you are growing the tree of racism and hatred within them, for they will believe that all other religions are wrong and bad! This may lead to the formation of gangs or terrorist groups, which will end up killing innocent people and cause problems between nations and people. Other than that, they will not be able to work with other people from different religions; they will always create the problem of hatred and racism. There are many types of religion, each following its own path. But all respecting one another! You must encourage and not discourage!

Since Israel’s economy is rich with people coming from different backgrounds and ethnic groups it is rich in diversity and artistic creativity. The government supports and encourages the arts. The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra performs throughout the country and frequently tours abroad. Also when it comes to religion Israel believes in respect for religion and freedom of choice of religion. Whether the nation is strict or free religion should be freedom of choice and practice!


(3) Child Soldiers

A child to me is a person between birth and puberty a person who is just beginning to know the difference between an apple and an orange! And you want to put a gun in that person’s hand and send him or her off to the battle field where their chances of survival are a thin thread? What kind of a nation would do that? This kid has a future, parents and should have at least the right to life their life before ending it! Also, the soldiers before stepping on the battlefield learn the dos and don’ts of war! They learn how to hold and shoot a riffle, sight the enemy, they know who the enemy is and are old enough to decide between what’s right and wrong. Education, education, education! This word is the most important thing in a person’s life! This is what saves them from poverty and this is what helps the nation’s economy! The part of the child’s life that is spent in school is one of the most valuable times in their life! If education is provided, poverty is eliminated, economy is upgraded and the life is enhanced!

In Israel education is compulsory from age 6 to 16 and is free up to age 18. The school system is organized into kindergartens, 6-year primary schools, 3-year junior secondary schools, and 3-year senior secondary schools, after which a comprehensive examination is offered for university admissions. There are seven university-level institutions in Israel, a number of regional colleges, and an Open University program. This proves that Israel does not believe or contains child soldiers in our military force! The age of entering the army is 17 years old!





Resolution (AHMED)
Issue: Cloning and Euthanasia
Submitter: Israel
Forum: Social

Creates a treaty to develop cloning in a non-conflicted approach.
A. The treaty would only allow cloning in medical techniques such as recreating a kidney or other body tissues or organs.
B. A group of scientists assigned by the country’s government to:
1. Monitor and approve cloning methods,
2. Punish any unorthodoxy found within cloning techniques of hospitals, labs, etc. which would suffer sever consequences such as imprisonment and/or sanctions
B. The goal of this treaty was to:
1. Not completely ruling out cloning and put an end to would may become an extremely useful manner of solving health problems such as an organ failure
2. Put an end to dangerous cloning which could lead to death and to many hazards
C. Encourage scientific research into all aspects of this new revelation which would lead to great educational purposes



Nuclear and Biological Weapons proliferation
Abdulaziz Al- Mutawa
Forum: Science

Alarmed that according to various news stations around the glove, by the fact that Iran has developed nuclear facilities and possibly a nuclear weapon,

Aware that according to the Iran news station IRNA the republic of Iran has peaceful intentions for the Nuclear reactions, but we hardly believe that,

Fully aware of the fact that Middle East security means a lot to the world, therefore A threat must be eliminated as soon as possible in order to minimize any damage that may occur if this devious plan goes on,

Guided by former experiences with several Arab nations in the region that the Nation of Israel is considered as a threat to the area, thus what can be assuring to Israel that Iran will try to destroy Israel, consequently destroying Arab nations and killing thousands of people,

Deeply convinced that according the Israel intelligence agency (MUSAAD) that Iran is in control of at least 15 Nuclear weapons and ghastly individuals in the ally Russia are the Suppliers,

Noting that according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over the past 5 years the world had numerously tried to stop Iran from completing this dreadful task with all negative results

Acknowledging that according to MUSAAD Israel has the technology to stop Iran in peaceful ways without having to disturb any other nation, not even the public in Iran,

Further Noting that the IAEA's interference should remain neutral for the moment until a quick solution is found through the proposed idea,

1. Resolves the creation the Middle East Anti Nuclear Proliferation Convention (MANPC) in Jerusalem, Israel that will ensure the following:
A. The creation of a sub committee membered by powerful and affected nations by Iran,
B. The meeting of once every two months as a whole in the Headquarters to discuss raised issues and progress made,
C. The complete stop of Iran's Illegal Nuclear activities,
D. The insuring of no other nation in the Middle East develops Nuclear weapons in the near or far future,
E. IAEA full corporation professionally and work behind a desk, no inspections of any kind by the IAEA,

2. Calls upon the creation of the Anti- Iran Nuclear Activities board (AINAB) that will contain:
A. Administrative Staff that will carry on the following tasks:
1. The Organization of Inspections, Raids, operations,
2. Sending Reports to the MANPC,
3. Sending Reports to the United Nations,
4. Coordinating with local agencies to provide help and support to any emergency that may rise and to be ready for everything, Agencies such as:
i. Police,
ii. Army,
iii. Navy,
iv. Medical Services,
v. Special Forces,
vi. National Guard,
5. Maintaining the flow of correct procedures in the AINAB throughout its several branches,

3. Affirms that each and every member of the AINAB branches will be of the top standards and will be chosen based on experience, Skills, personality, level of productivity, and other high standards, staff will be in the:
A. Research and development branch; high qualified scientists and experienced researchers,
B. Legal Department; skilled lawyers and Judges and notaries to take on the role of prosecuting corrupt officials taking legal action against any unlawful act that may arise such as incorporation,
C. Law enforcement branch; which will assume the role of maintaining order and security in any disturbed area of the larger suburb of the contaminated Areas, personnel such as:
1. Police,
2. Army,
3. National Guard,
4. Medical Services,
5. Fire departments,
D. Incentive branch: which will assume the role of finding the correct Incentives for Iran to stop these illegal nuclear procedures and start thinking of a healthy future: the staff will be a cluster of dedicated staff members who are determined to find a solution to the problem and all nationalities are acceptable, Incentives will be:
1. Economic
a. Economic aid to the Iran devastated economy,
b. The dropping of Sanctions against Iran,
c. The dropping of loans from the World Bank,
d. The aid to the government in order to re-build the corrupt system of ministries and official agencies,
e. Social Aid packages to be guaranteed if any natural disaster happens in Iran such as an earth quake,
f. Refuge camps to be setup for homeless people in or out of a natural disaster situation,
1. Moral
2. Proper education to be implied in the Iranian schooling system
3. Distributing Media devices to the public as a gift such as:
a. Televisions,
b. Radios,
c. Satellite receivers,
d. Annual newspaper subscriptions in respected newspaper,
e. Miscellaneous
- Food to the poor
- Shelter to the poor
- Small aid accounts to start the life again;

4. Further resolves that the members of the MANPC will be as follows:
A. The five permanent Security Council members,
B. The other ten members of the SC, with the point that they will change every term the new members of the SC are selected,
C. The direct neighbors of Iran
D. Countries within 100-500 thousand mile radius around Iran ( blast radius)
E. Neutral Nations (Switzerland, the Netherlands) and any other neutral nation;

5.Encourages all Members of the United Nations to not only think of this Resolution as the Solution to the Iranian Crisis before our hand but also as a step forward towards Middle East Peace.



Delegation: Israel
Forum: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
Issue: Freedom of the Press in the Middle East

Recalls of the “Reporters Without Borders” announces its third annual worldwide index of press freedom; such freedom is threatened most in East Asia (with North Korea at the bottom of the entire list at 167th place, followed by Burma 165th, China 162nd, Vietnam 161st and Laos 153rd) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia 159th, Iran 158th, Syria 155th, Iraq 148th),

Affirms that in Middle Eastern nations, an independent media either does not exist or journalists are persecuted and censored on a daily basis; freedom of information and the security of journalists are not assured; continuing war has made Iraq the most deadly place on earth for journalists in recent years, with at least 44 killed since the US invasion,

Recognizes while global television is relatively easy to administer and manipulate, satellite television is much more difficult task to control as uncensored content can easily be broadcast from other fields beyond the control of governments; an example of this in the Middle East is the satellite broadcaster Al Jazeera, the Arabic language media channel operates out of the 'relatively liberal' state of Qatar, and often presents views and content that are difficult to accept for some governments in those regions; however, because of the increased affordability and efficiency of satellite technology such as dishes and receivers it is basically not realistic for most states to control well-liked admission to the channel,

Acknowledges that according to the Great Jewish Library, Israel is the only nation with 100% freedom of press within the Middle Eastern region and is the only on that can be compared to western nations,

Further Recalls that
A. The Social agitation in the Kingdom of Bahrain has brought out the less tolerant side of the normally obliging government; in the past six months, at least three bloggers and Internet users affiliated with the website Bahrain Online ( have been detained and then released,
B. In Yemen, social unrest appears to have led to direct reprisals from the government in recent months; Premeditated attacks on the press have also been recorded against the press,
C. The withdrawal of Syrian troops and the June parliamentary elections were weakened by the June 2ND murder of popular political columnist Samir Kassir,
D. The gruesome murder of a journalist in Libya in June proves the reputation of shrouded darkness due the lack of any independent media,
E. As expected, coverage were found to be biased in favor of President Mubarak during the “democratic” elections,

Alarmed by the great number if citizens in the Middle Eastern are with a profuse amount of misinformation about global occurring,

1. Calls for the arrangement of a convention that would convince all Middle Eastern states which would be held in Doha, Qatar; a group of specialist regarding religious beliefs, journalism, and political expertise from different backgrounds,

2. Resolves in the creation of a research branch in direct relation with the previously held convention called the PFNOW (Press Freedom Now) that would be located in two (number may vary depending on region and country) countries out of every region of the middle east; which would go on to inspect/thwart;
A. The safety of press workers
B. Actions against the press,

3. Calls Upon a Judicial Board that would be set up within nations to handle those who misuse their press freedom rights; religious degradation and go over the moon with governmental accusations,

4. Affirms the setup of the National Judicial would thoroughly inspected by the PFNOW during all cases, and would have the right of a veto the judges decision,

5. Further Resolves the placement of chief executives to be part of their own National Ministry of Information to make decisions on who, how, and why specific press workers if their actions would be worthy enough to be taken to the National Judicial for further punishments; the PFNOW would continue evaluation and works within the Ministry;

6. Request the full cooperation of the Middle Eastern nations and especially encourages the development of safety measures of the media going internationally,

7. Further Request the continuation of the convention on a basis of every six months, and the additional emergency occurrence.




Opening Speeches

Aziz, Special Committee

Most worthy Chair, Most honorable delegates and mot distinguished guests


Bombs, Weapons of mass destruction, insurgents, militias, wounded people, dead people, assassinations, murders, rapes, (PAUSE) these are all words that are used when talking about a warzone possibly Iraq or North Korea, but instead we are using them to describe the saddening situation right here in Israel.

Terrorists that are threatening our world will be terminated, in any means possible. Illegal Torture around the world will be stopped, Nuclear weapons will be taken from untrustworthy nations. Peace will be restored back to the world.

Terrorists and militia groups, which are sponsored by some Nations present here today, are forming a very dangerous threat to the world's security.

Some nations present here today sit arrogantly right here today claiming to be PEACEFUL and dishonoring us here today, they are nothing but ruthless killers who murder, rape, assassinate people for money. They are hitmen who are paid by corrupt people. Ladies and Gentlemen what has the world come to when pitiful street people are being paid 200$ to kill a very important person in the society, a father, a husband, and a Prime Minister.

These Atrocities shall be stopped in the name of world peace and self-defense.



Reem, Human Rights

Boom… Ten people are dead… Paw paw gun shots from terrorists….. Mothers crying… children bleeding…. The very thought of going to school gives mothers heart attacks not knowing whether or not their children will come back alive!! Where is the justice? Where is the peace? [Pause]

Ladies and gentle men… take a moment and picture your self in that daily life... Would you want to live it? [Pause] Unfortunately that is the life of Israelis! They don’t have a choice! [Pause]

Our goal should be to spread peace in our world! That is why we are here today! However that is not what we are really doing! We should stop spreading violence! Forget your enemies! This is your world too! Big or small, rich or poor speak up for your world! Let’s take this chance with the coming of a new year to turn a new page! A page of peace!



Ahmed, Social

It is a time when going to school is as threatening as fighting a war. A time when the person in front of you could blow up any second. A time where all Jewish citizens are being targeted. Honorable chair fellow delegates, when will the violence stop?

We are here today to discuss the conflicted issues of Cloning and Euthanasia, where great limits should be added to any of these actions, and what would become of Middle East without any press freedom? The United Nations must give the dictated nations a torch to get out of the darkness they are in.