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AMMUN 2006

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The Jordanian National Anthem

AMMUN 2006

Bayan will attend the attended the fifth annual AMMAN, the Amman Model United Nations in Jordan hosted by the Amman Bacheloriate School. The event will include two General Assemblies, a Security Council, and International Court of Justice, school-organized trips, and social occasions.

The following is a list of main submitters and co-submitters

Invitation Letter

To: Head of School
CC: MUN Director
Re: Amman Model United Nations Conference 2006

Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sarvath El-Hassan, the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) is proud to host the fifth annual Amman Model United Nations Conference (AMMUN), scheduled to take place between the 15th and 20th of November, 2006.

AMMUN 06 will include two General Assemblies (GAs), an Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), a Security Council (SC) and an International Court of Justice (ICJ). This year we have also decided to expand our horizons, as our conference will feature a Human Rights Commission. Additionally, we will be conducting several MUN workshops, producing daily MUN newsletters, entertaining guest speakers and hope to produce a booklet of passed resolutions for each forum. A committee has also been established to carry on the tradition of the “Hands-on Experience” activity, which gives the delegates the opportunity to put true meaning and spirit of AMMUN into practice.

The Model United Nations is student simulation of the actual United Nations. It provides a venue for politically aware students to experience the process of international decision-making. Our conference will host approximately 350-400 delegates from, we trust, various schools in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Apart from the heated debates that we look forward to in the conference, we have arranged several excursions for students that will give them opportunities to meet and interact with each other, and hopefully learn about each other’s cultures and Jordan’s cultural heritage itself. Such excursions include a full day expedition to Petra (a beautiful city of Nabataean ruins carved out of mountains, also known as the ‘Rose Red City’), and a trip to the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth). A party will also be organized for the delegates, and scheduled on one of the conference nights.

This six-day conference will incur a cost of about $480 per student and supervisor(s). This fee covers a “Bed & Breakfast” accommodation at a five-star hotel for five nights, all the lunch meals, transportation to and from all scheduled events, and the actual costs of the conference or any related activities. This fee does not include the airfare. However, AMMUN will hopefully be able to attain discount rates with the Royal Jordanian Airlines.

The ABS is aware of the international interest in all aspects of MUN, and in order to keep doors of opportunity open, the Secretariat has left several vacant positions for any students wishing to apply for them online. These positions include chairing, press and ICJ judging positions. Application forms can be downloaded from the AMMUN website ( ). The website should be accessible in the second week of April.

Please reply via phone, fax, or preferably e-mail confirming your school’s interest. Additionally, please bear in mind that a limited number of delegates are allocated to each school. Should you decide to attend, we will be sending your school a full package of conference details, including an exact number of delegates, a list of debate topics along with background information on each one, and a detailed daily schedule.

We would further like to inform you that we will be giving continuous updates on developments and details of the conference through our website.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate your support, and please feel free to come to us with inquiries your school may have regarding the conference. We look forward to welcoming you to AMMUN!

Secretary General
Hind Katkhuda
Deputy Secretary General
Fuad Yaghnam

Playing us on.

Pre-Trip Press Release

The following appeared on the Al-Bayan Website

On Wednesday, November 20th, Al-Bayan Bilingual School’s MUN group will depart for a five day event in AMMAN Jordan. AMMUN, a growing event, now includes two General Assembly committees, an ECOSOC, and a Security Council. BBS takes on this challenge with considerable spirit after having a strong showing in KSAA MUN. Despite having a team largely composed of Freshmen and students new to the program, 7 out of 14 of the students emerged as main submitters of their resolution, and all but one subsequently went up for debate. Directors and event chairs specifically mentioned the following students for superior performance: Saraa Abu Shaar, Slovakia’s Security Council Delegate, Munira Al-Jouan, Sri Lanka’s ambassador and Social delegate; Dalal Al-Jassim, Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Advocate, Najeeba Hayat, San Marino’s only delegate; and the entire French delegation of Reem Al-Thekair (ambassador), Dana Khader, Laila Arafe, Sarah Shaheen, and Yasmeen Dashti. Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa represented BBS as an event Chair.

The Amman event will take five days. Students will not only attend but also take a trip to Jerash and the Dead Sea.

Finding artifacts of historical signficance.


General Assembly “A”:
1. The use of security and defense as a means of justifying racial discrimination and intolerance.
2. Governmental measures to be taken on an international level to restrict the possible outbreak of a pandemic.
3. Adverse effects of illicit movement and dumping of toxic and dangerous products and wastes on people’s rights to secure environment.

General Assembly “B”:
1. Assistance to survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
2. Preventing, combating and punishing trafficking of human organs, with perspective on the harvesting of organs and tissue cells from live or deceased individuals.
3. Recognizing the impact of ageing on people, thereby integrating an age perspective into legislation, policies, programs and efforts to eradicate ageist philosophies.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
1. Steps taken towards combating money- laundering while protecting people's rights.
2. Economic and social council event to consider the issue of transition from relief to development, while focusing on the role of empowerment and self sufficiency in guaranteeing sustainable development.
3. Effects of economic reform policies and debt relief on the development of LDCs, with due consideration to the assistance of the poor segment of the society.

Security Council
1. International cooperation in border and immigration control.
2. Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories over natural resources.
3. Measures to encourage rogue states to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty.
4. The weakening of terrorist networks (Ad Hoc Debate).

Human Rights Commission Sub-Commission “A”:
1. Combating defamation of religions as a means to promote human rights, social harmony and religious and cultural diversity.
2. Corruption and its impact on human rights, in particular economic and social rights.

Human Rights Sub-Commission “B”:
1. Follow up to and implementation of the outcome of the Durban 2001 world conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
2. Palestinian victims’ right of return to the occupied territories and their right to restitution as well as compensation.

International Court of Justice (ICJ)
1. Democratic Republic of the Congo vs. France Certain Criminal Proceedings in France: French prosection of Congolese nationals.
2. Hungary vs. Slovakia: Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project: Hungary not honoring a 1977 Danube Development Treaty
3. Germany vs. USA LaGrand: German national tried and sentenced without Counsilor contact/advice

Schools Attending


Aahliyeh School For Girls
Amman Baccalaureate School
Amman National School
Mashrek International School
Modern Montessori School
Modern American School
National Orthodox School
New English School


Al-Bayan Bilinguals School Kuwait
American International School - Cairo
British School of India
Oasis School-Cairo

Touring Jerash with AIS-Cairo.

On the Road Again

The group poses at the Dead Sea.

A During Trip Interview With Ms. Seema Faruqui **************************************************

The following story appeared in the MUN page prepared by the event itself.

A Supervisor's Perspective: Interview with Ms. Seema Faruqui

TalaAnabtawi: Questioner: Along with the students that traveled thousands of kilometers to participate in the 'well anticipated' AMMUN, came many teachers one of these teachers was Ms. Seema Faruqui, and she had a lot to say about what she has seen so far. What school did you come from and what's your position?
Answer, Ms. Farqui: Kuwait. I am the Activities Director and Head of the Science Department.
Q: Is it your first visit to Jordan?
A:I've been to Jordan before, but it's my first time in an AMMUN conference
Q:. What's your first impression of AMMUN? A:All the organizers and students have been welcoming. Although the debates haven't started yet, it has been entertaining. One of the things I liked the most is that there are different times to lobby and merge for different issues, so there is enough time allocated to deal with each issue. The organizers are doing a wonderful job although they have a lot to do. They are under a lot of pressure but they're still always smiling.
Q: Are your students enjoying themselves here?
A:They're having a great time - they were having such a good time at the Dead Sea Marriot that they didn't want to leave. They even called their parents just to tell them about the mud they were putting on their faces (finally a justified reason to get messy and not get into trouble). Most students bought mud for their mums.
Q:How did you prepare for the trip?
A:It's the first time experience for some ninth grade students, so we had a debate activity to prepare them for the conference. They also wrote resolutions.
Q:What suggestions do you have to improve next year's conference?
A:More activities that would allow the international delegates and local students to mingle and get to know each other more, for example, a night where they could play board games.
Q: Any further comments you would like to add? A: I would just like to stress how impressed I am with what I have seen so far. I'm delighted to meet teachers who are so wonderful and knowledgeable and the students have been very obedient. I am very anxious to get to ABS tomorrow and see everyone in action. Q:Thank you!

Al-Bayan in the Newspapers **************************************************

Al-Bayan's MUN Return to AMMUN a Triumph for All By Dr. Daniel R. Fruit

After a two year's absence, Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS)'s Model United Nations team returned to AMMUN, the Model United Nations event in Jordan host by Amman Bacheloriate School (ABS), with some outstanding results.

For both the school and Al-Bayan, this constituted a reunion on a number of levels. Al- Bayan attended the very first AMMAN in 2002 and consistently turned in strong performances from 2002-2004, arguably emerging as the strongest school each year. However, due to BBS's need to take its major trip earlier, BBS went to Holland at the same time as AMMUN 2005, skipping the event. AMMUN 2005, held in the wake of a string of hotel bombings, proceeded with no international presence. For 2006, four international schools attended the event along with a dozen local schools for a total event size of about 400, including 100 international students from Egypt, Kuwait, and India.

Hamad and Fawaz enjoy an excursion.

The 2006-2007 edition of BBS's MUN group featured a cast of students new to both MUN and/or the high school. The students, though, enjoyed the advantage of traveling only five days after the challenging KSAA MUN hosted by ASK which served to whet their appetites for debate and build their MUN skills.

The luxurious hotel.

This recent MUN experience showed in the first day of lobbying and merging in which a majority of BBS students emerged as main submitters, principal authors, of resolutions, including: Laila Arafe and Nour Ghadanfar, Amnesty International; Aziz Al-Mutawa and Dalal Al-Jassim, Brazil; Najeeba Hayat and Munira Al-Jouan, Chad; Reem Al-Thekair, Germany; Sarah Shaheen and Hamad Al-Sager, Thailand; and Dana Khader, and Sarah Abu Shaar, Turkey. Experience particularly showed in the case of Reem Al-Thekair and Aziz Al-Mutawa who actually emerged as main submitters on more resolutions than they wrote.

The Human Rights Commission starts its session.

The second day of the event began with the opening speeches. While several BBS speeches stood out, two prepared the way for strong performances later. The ECOSOC forum heard a provocative speech by freshman Sarah Abu Shaar on disease control while Aziz Al- Mutawa's verbal assault of the left on United States policies left the Security Council reeling for days to come.

The remainder of the second, the third, and fourth days constituted the formal debates, and again BBS students made their presence felt. In the Human Rights forums, both freshman Nour Ghadanfar and junior Laila Arafe passed clauses on their issues. In the General Assemblies Dana Kader and Reem Al-Thekair both passed resolutions while in the ECOSOC the impassed debating of Sara Abu Shaar led to hers passing as well. Even the final day found more students BBS students debating resolutions, including those of Sarah Shaheen and Aziz Al-Mutawa who actually passed all three resolutions.

Laila concentrates on the proceedings.

BBS did not go unnoticed at the awards assembly. Nour Ghadanfar, Khalid Al-Mutawa, Dana Khader, and Reem Al-Thekair all won verbal recognition for their outstanding performances. Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa and Sara Abushaar both earned Best Delegate awards for their forums.

Despite an intense schedule that sent students to the airport on a school day and reboarded them Hamad Al-Sager's resolution still under debate, BBS students found time to enjoy a bit of Jordan. BBS students went on educational day trips to Mt. Nebo and Jerash and enjoyed a half day at the beaches by the Dead Sea.

Al-Bayan's Model United Nations Group is coached by Dr. Daniel R. Fruit who was assisted by Ms. Seema Faruqui, BBS Activities Coordinator.

Al-Bayan Country Highlights

Amnesty International
Laila Arafe-Human Rights B and Ambassador
Nour Gandanfar Human Rights A

Amnesty International's Operations

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
Ms. Irene Khan, Head of Amnesty International

Laila Arafe, Human Rights Forum B, Ambassador

Dear Ms. Irene Khan: My name is Laila Arafeh. In AMMUN, I represented the ambassador of Amnesty International (Click AI to read the ambassador's briefing book). I was well prepared, and I thought it was going to be a tough conference; however, it turned out to be the opposite. In HRC-B, most of the delegates did not research the issue and had no clauses to submit because they didn’t know what to talk about. Also, many delegates were going against their policy (By the way, Djibouti is a Muslim country). My placard was constantly in the air, and I argued a lot and convinced people to fail the clauses that were passed. In both HRC A and B, AI was one of the strongest delegations. On our last day, we were supposed to have 2 complete Action Plans, but BBS had to leave early. By the time we left, the Action Plans were not yet fully complete (in commission B). Unfortunately, we also missed the closing ceremony. This was definitely an incredible experience. To me, it was different from the other conferences. Instead of submitting a resolution, we had to propose clauses to form an action plan. I enjoyed the HRC more than the GA.

Laila participates in the debate.

Nour Al-Ghadanfar, Human Rights Forum A

Dear Ms. Irene Khan: This past weekend, I had the honor of representing Amnesty International in AMMUN 2006. It was a Model United Nations conference where a lot of countries and organizations attended. I was in the human rights commission that discussed many important issues such as combating the defamation of religions and ways to help fight and stop corruption. Although Amnesty International wasn’t allowed to vote, it contributed to a lot of issues, and actually passed 3 clauses by amending them. All in all, it was a very successful conference, and I truly think that I was the epiphany of the souls of Amnesty International, especially since they named me most passionate delegate. Sincerely,Nour Ghadanfar

Khalid Al-Mutawa-Human Rights

Statements of the Delegate on the Issue of the Durban Conference

Khalid Al-Mutawa, Human Rights Forum A,

The Durban 2001 world conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. It was held in South Africa in the city of Durban, on the date of august 31, till September 7 2001. This world conference was held to try to stop racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. In 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international community has made some important advances in the fight against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. National and international laws have been started and numerous international human rights instruments. A treaty to ban racial discrimination has been signed. Progress has been made and UDHR and the UN are still trying to stop all these problems. As for the relatiopns of Azerbaijan (Click Azerbaijan to read the work Khalid finished before reassignment to Germany below) to the conference many things happened to Azerbaijan. Like in the issue of racial discrimination the enemy Armenia has taken a part of Azerbaijan. Armenia has taken Nagorno- Karabakh, an area that was rightfully an Azerbaijani area. So Azerbaijan has been involved a lot in the conference. But still Azerbaijan must retaliate. Also Azerbaijan is helping in every way possible to help on the other issues like racism. Although a lot of Azerbaijani people speak Armenian they are treated like one another.

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa-Security Council and Ambassador
Dalal Al-Jassim-GA A
Dear Mr. President, Sarah Al-Sayer-ECOSOC

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva

Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, Security Council and Ambassador

Dear Mr. President: We just came back from the AMMUN conference in Amman, Jordan. At the prestigious event I represented BRAZIL. I was the Ambassador of Brazil (Click Brazil to read the ambassador's briefing book) and in charge of Dalal Al Jassim and Sarah Al Sayer. My forum was the Security Council. OH boy the SC has never seen this much sparks flying around since its establishment. To begin with my opening speech I dominated the council and demanded their attention with my up roaring speech, which gruesomely shredded the USA. I attacked the UK and their allies, and made my point about the NPT. The Security Council had 4 issues to debate. The president of the Security Council decided to have resolutions on 3 of the issues and leave the last issue on terrorism to be an Ad hoc debate. In my course of action I passed my first resolution and Brazil as he main submitter within the first hour of the event. My second resolution passed with an overwhelming majority. So far I have been the main submitter not once but twice. Also because my foreign policy and tactics, Brazil managed to coerce the USA to apologize 11 times during the event. The delegate of the USA was also suspended 5 times with 2 warnings. Brazil walked out of the event with 0 warnings and 1 apology with 0 suspensions. Brazil proudly passed its third resolution making me the main submitter 3 times on different topics. Both delegates of China and Russia were too eager to help so I influenced them both into vetoing all the American decisions and playing the cards in my favor. When the American resolution came along with 1 speech that Brazil, I, Made, it failed with 12 votes against it. Amman was a whole lot of fun and educating. I learned a lot about Brazil and other people around this globe. Sadly this was my last trip to AMMUN as a delegate I hope I will join the groups next year as a teacher assistant. Aziz Al-Mutawa, Ambassador.

Dalal Al-Jassim, General Assembly

Mr. President: I would first like to thank you for providing me with the chance of attending such a prestigious conference in Amman, Jordan. The 2006 MUN event was found to be of great experience! I would like to next report on some of my achievements in the General Assembly A throughout the conference. On the first day during lobbying and merging, I was able to submit a resolution regarding the illicit dumping of toxic wastes on the people’s rights to a secure environment. Signatory members were a great help, and I would like to express my gratitude towards those who took the time to work on the issue. I was also able to become a co-submitter for the unique delegation/honorable ambassador of Chad. Together we formed a solid resolution concerning the issue of racial discrimination, with many other signatory nations as well. On the second day of the event, the conference was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Amman. My resolution was to be debated first, and after a long and challenging debate, I, along with my allies, was able to successfully pass the resolution. For the rest of the day, I put forth my best efforts in passing or failing resolutions based on my country’s policy. On the second day, I was summoned to the Security Council to represent my ambassador. There, I was known as a very active member, and was able to pass a resolution as a co-submitter. A guest speaker showed up, and lectured the honorable delegates about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I left the Security Council, to return to the GAA one more on the third day. I took an active role in the final resolution being debate, and was then escorted to the airport. The conference was then over. Finally, I would once again like to thank you allowing me to take part in such a memorable conference, and hope my efforts will be put through in other conferences in the future. Yours truly, Dalal Al Jassim

Dalal and Khalid (Germany) confer.

Sarah Al-Sayer, ECOSOC

Dear Mr. Da Silva: UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda) was established by the United Nations in October 1993 "to help implement the Arusha Peace Agreement signed by the Rwandan parties on 4 August 1993"; its "mandate" ended in 1996 (UNAMIR official website). When Tutsi-dominated expatriate rebel movement known as the Rwandan Patriotic Front, led by Paul Kagame, overthrew the Hutu government and seized power, the genocide finally ended. Hundreds of thousands of Hutu and other refugees fled into eastern Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), fearing reprisals. The violence and its memory have continued to affect the country and the region. Ethnic hatreds that fueled the Rwandan Genocide quickly spilled over into Congo, continuing after it ended and fueling both the First and Second Congo Wars. Ethnic rivalry between Hutu and Tutsi tribal factions is also a major factor in the Burundi Civil War.

Najeeba Hayat-GA B and Ambassador
Ala'a Al-Shamlan GA A
Muneera Al-Jouan-ECOSOC

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
President Gen. Lieutenant Idriss Deby

Najeeba Hayat, GA B and Ambassador

I believe this is the second time i have had to type up this report, but the people who have hacked my e-mail have evidently erased the previous. I suspect it was a Sudanese hacker! In the Amman General Assembly A, I believe I performed well as our noble country's representative. Although i was reprimanded unjustly for several misunderstood incidents that occurred in the duration of the conference, I believe that the spirit of our land Chad (Click Chad to read the ambassador's briefing book) and the importance of representing a country in which you are the leader inspired me to hold my head high and surge forth. A great deal was accomplished. Many resolutions were passed that would bring big bucks to Chad and hopefully a few of those big bucks would find their well-earned ways into your and my pockets, no? I was a main submitter of an excellent resolution with an excess of signatures and was awarded most the passionate and enthusiastic delegate award. Sudan were made to look like the ignorant fools they truly are. I tell you sir, their true colors shone bright, or shall i say...dim? The evil traitor that was the ambassador of Sudan was put in her place by myself and she spoke not a single word after experiencing the humiliation of my opening speech to the assembly. Vivre to our noble Republic of Chad! I salute you, Ambassador of Chad to the UN General Assembly, Dr. Najeeba A. M Hayat- M.D.

Ala'a Al-Shamlan, GA A

Mr. President: These 5 days I've spent in Jordan, weren't only amazing, they were fascinating. They were 5 days or work, and fun. In them, I had the best experience ever. I meet new people from Jordan and other countries. I realized that working with people different from your culture, and from you is amazing. Each one of us has his or her point of view; together we've joined them and made a great resolution. Although it might not be the best resolution ever, but only by putting your hands in them, you'd feel proud, and wouldn't mind defending it. That alone may be the best thing ever; working with people you don't know and because of that you get to know them. It seemed more serious, with the tables, tags, folders, and committing to wearing REALLY formal clothes. What also made it more special is that we spent those 5 days in the same hotel that we had the meeting in. Now, I feel I have more self confidence though maybe my points I'm stating might be so powerful, but still I feel like I now have the ability to speak in front of the audience. What also encouraged me is the delegates comments on my OPENING SPEECH. Sincerely, Ala'a Al Shamlan

Muneera Al-Jouan, ECOSOC

Dear Leader and General: Chad believes in order for a country to get sustainable development, the UN, the World Bank, and the IMF should provide the government money to build schools in order for the people to get a free education. With the money given to the government, the government can also provide FREE medicine to the citizens that need it. Moreover, citizens should also get free immunizations and vaccinations so they can be protected from future diseases or infections. There should also be a law stating that all citizens have to get at least a middle school education. The money provided by the World Bank and IMF to help with this. My resolution proposed this, and we debated it at this event.

Munira and Dana (Turkey) share a thought.

Deutschland (Germany)
Reem Al-Thekair-ECOSOC and Ambassador
Khalid Al-Mutawa-GA A
Deutschland (Germany)

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
Chancellor Angela Merket

Reem Al-Thekair, ECOSOC and Ambassador

President Merkel: When a developing country is reborn, provided there is enough aid, a new government is born as well. Aid is closely linked to the reformation of governments. There are many aspects of the government which will change completely after the rebirth, such as; the budgeting and use of money will be recorded in the country's books. Accountants would check and make sure that no one is "cooking the books". This would ensure that the rulers and governments are using the aid for the reason it has been donated for. And all the country's revenues from exports or any future projects will be recorded by the cents. Germany (Click Germany to read the ambassador's briefing book) believes that LDCs and all developing countries should be forgiven for their debt. They are struggling to survive; they need every dollar, cent they can get. There are millions of families whom which live on less than a dollar a day. We, the developed nations, should help them, invest in them. You never know how they might help you in the future. New developed projects, valuable lands, assets, the future is limitless. Germany proposes that we the developed nations should each take a LDC and be' responsible for their expenses and welfare. From raising donations from social events, i.e. "make poverty history." In AMMUN 2006, Germany tried to make this happen.

Khalid Al-Mutawa, GA A

Dear Angela Merkel: My name is Khalid al Mutawa. In AMMUN I represented part of the delegation of Germany. I served as the general assembly sub commission A. as Germany I had to make an opening speech, where I said at first. Deutschland Deutschland über alles. Which I translated to the rest of the delegates. Later we debated the first resolution submitted by Brazil. I defended the resolution and debated it. And gave the speech that made it pass. Later we debated another resolution submitted by Turkey. I was second speaker, and first co-submitter. I gave speeches, asked important questions, and insulted countries, and finally made the resolution pass. Also I was second speaker and first co-submitter for Belgium. Again I gave speeches and made it pass by a majority. Later on came UK’s resolution where I wrote speeches for everyone to make the resolution fail. And I gave the speech that made it fail by a majority. In the end I got the most dramatic and emotional delegate award. And I think that I won the best delegate award.

Sarah Shahin-GA A and Ambassador
Hamad Al-Sager GA B

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
King Phumiphon

Sarah Shahin, GA A and Ambassador

Honored King: A week ago we were all in AMMUN conference in Jordan. It was a pleasure for me to represent the Ambassador of Thailand (Click Thailand to read the ambassador's briefing book) and was up to my position! I was part of General Assembly A and my other delegation was part of General Assembly B. In my assembly, we discussed many issues, including the one about governmental measures to be taken on an international level to restrict the possible outbreak of a pandemic. Of course, I was very enthusiastic about this issue as it really concerned Thailand. This issue affects our country in many ways, including economically. That is why I, as the Ambassador of Thailand main-submitted a resolution to help solve this issue. Successfully, the resolution was debated and passed with an overwhelming majority. I also debated many resolutions, passed a few and failed many. During the conference, Thailand was very enthusiastic about every issue and was sure to speak at least twice for every resolution! Gladly, I was able to convince many countries that what we supported was right. I was honored to represent the country’s policy for every single issue. A guest speaker was also invited after the third day of the event. She talked about the pandemic issue and again we found it very useful and interesting. It was a real pleasure to attend the conference as it was also very entertaining. The ambassador of Thailand made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun partying, of course after debating?. I would like to again thank you for giving me this opportunity and tell you that I was really up to the Thai standards?. The Ambassador of the wonderful, joyful Thailand! Sarah Shahin November 27th 2006

Sarah with the event's youngest delegate.

Hamad Al-Sager, GA B

Dear King: The Kingdom of Thailand draws more visitors than any other country in southeast Asia with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of fabulous ancient kingdoms. Few countries are so well endowed. From the studded mountains of Mae Hong Son and the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea, to the pulse-pounding dance clubs of Bangkok and the tranquil villages moored along the Mekong River, Thailand offers something for every type of traveler. Bangkok is one of Thailand's and Asia's most cosmopolitan cities, known as "Krungthep" which means the City of Angels. Major tourism attractions include glittering Buddhist temples, palaces, timeless 'Venice of the East' canal and river scenes, classical dance extravaganzas, an almost legendary nightlife, and numerous air-conditioned shopping centers. Thailand would like to say "laew ko laew kan pai" to all of the countries here. This means let peace come upon our problems.

Hamad sells his resolution.

Dana Khader-GA A and Ambassador
Fawaz Al-Khalid-GA B
Sara Abu Sha'ar-ECOSOC

Statements of the Delegates Addressed to
President Tayyip Erdoðan

Dana Khader, GA A and Ambassador

Dear Mr. President: The AMMUN event was a success for BBS especially for Turkey Turkey (Click Turkey to read the ambassador's briefing book). I, Dana Khader, was the ambassador of turkey for the AMMUN event in Jordan year 2006. We represented Turkey in forums GAA GAB and ECOSOC. As Turkey in GAA our resolution was about governmental measures taken towards pandemic. The Ambassador of Turkey was the main submitter of 1 resolution and a co-main submitter of another resolution. The resolution that me, Turkey, was the main submitter of passed with an overwhelming majority. All in all Turkey did a great job in the event and was proud to be turkey in the event.

Fawaz Al-Khalid, GA B

Honorabe President: I am Fawwaz Al Khaled. I am represented Turkey for Amman’s MUN event. Where I became the delegate of Turkey for the General Assembly B. I don’t think I’ve done my best, maybe because of fear, or maybe because of being shy. The event moved smoothly and greatly. I hope I’ve made you and made Turkey glad because of what I have done, and I wish many people can represent Turkey in a better way than I did, because Turkey deserves sincere and dedicated for a high and caring country like Turkey. About the event, like many people, I have made many friends, where we met new people every day; conversations were different from one friend to another. Amman was fabulous, where we went to Jarash and to the Dead Sea. It really does make you float, and the salty water doesn’t just taste salty but it does taste bitter. Last but not least, I would like to thank you for all the support you have given us, and I was delighted to be Turkey and to learn about Turkey and about its people with its culture, it has been a great opportunity to meet the people from Turkey and learn about its fascinating history, which I really enjoyed knowing about. All my sincere regards to Turkey and the people from Turkey.

Sarah Abu Sha'ar, ECOSOC

Dear Mr. Erdogan, your Excellency: First and foremost, I would like to thank your Excellency for providing me this opportunity to represent the wonderful Republic of Turkey at the recent AMMUN conference. I would also like to report to you on my performance during the AMMUN conference. There is no real need for me to really explain myself to your Excellency, seeing as my award simply speaks for itself: BEST DELEGATE. Basically, after attending the conference I was officially dubbed as best delegate of the ECOSOC forum and I was gifted a piece of Flake Chocolate. I would presume that my performance probably shocked all the counties attending, since, in the president of the ECOSOC's opinion, it was one of the most active performances that Turkey ever had in the history of Turkey, or may I say, in the history of the United Nations itself. In my entire forum, one person had only received an award - out of the 30 or so people present, and that person was I. In addition to this, throughout the conference, I was continuously receiving notes from other delegates expressing how they felt about my performance. One note that I will cherish forever is one that I had received from the delegate of the USA, who wrote: I think you are the smartest delegate here! Finally, and in closure, I was able to carry out the most important task of all, I was able to pass my resolution regarding the issue of money laundering, as a main submitter and with some of the most powerful countries of the world as my co-submitters, including countries like, England, Russia, China, etc.… etc.… Of course, during all of this time, the words of Mustafa Kemal Atuturk continuously replay themselves in my mind, "I want action from you, not words," and that's exactly how I got myself caricatured in one of Amman's most important magazines, Ammunition. Your work is greatly appreciated - Thank you, Sarah Abushaar

Taking in the Local Color **************************************************

I wonder if Roman teachers had days like this.

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