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This is yours truly with the rock after 15 hours of flying.

This Goodrich chapel. The band still plays here.

Talk about a metaphoric choice. You snooze you lose.

This is still Goodrich chapel


Now I'm really an alumni

Note the fat tails. Even the rodents get fat in Michigan.

Here I am with the rock. Note the observatory, used now for the Honors Program.

Wait, my doctor probably would not want me to lift this...

The end of a long, long day.

Whenever I go to Michigan, it gets insanely cold. Here's an October (not Robert) frost.

This is the two dorms and the passageway between.

This is the library. I believe. It's soon due for remodelling

This the chapel. It's a bit dark.

Here's another view of the chapel.

This is the little hidden room near the door of the chapel.

This is upstairs dining room. We played the music marathon here.

This is me at Win Schuler's. I don't believe I'd ever been there before.

Here is the freshman dorm with the sign out front.

This is me standing in front of Whitehouse, the senior dorm.

Another view.

Here are the Twin Towers.They don't look so towering today.
In memory each was ten stories each! It turns out I had
confused them up in my mind with the IU grad dorm.

Here is the band practicing.

) Here is the chapel viewed from the other side.

Here is sunrise on the actual day of the Hoomecoming.

Here am I with members of the class of 57.

Here are more members of the class of 57.

Pictures never lie!

This Curt Martinuzzi and his beautiful wife Jamie.

Here are the Britons. Note the 4 tubas and only 1 bone.

See up front. This is Phi Mu Alpha singing the Star Spangled Banner. Had
I but known, I would have volunteered to sing with them for it.

Here's the halftime show. Note me backrow with the drum.

Another view.

Another view of the previous view.

We're marching off.

We're playing the fight song.

We are still playing.

Saying Yo Triumphe

Here I am with Alan Gamble and his lovely wife, Priscilla?

Here is more of the class of 1982

The two 1982 base drummers play a tune with the silverware.

4 Phi Mus: Steve (secretary), Alan, Dan (treasurer), and Steve (president)

Here is some more alumni. Darned if I know their names.

More people too distinguished for me to remember.

Said the guy with the beard: You don't know who I am, do you? My reply. I sure don't.

Of course these ladies had the good sense never to date me. Molly Schwarz is nearest to me.

Here I am with Larry Schuler, my freshman initiation roommate. We start and end at Albion together.

The Class Reunion.

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