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International Day 2003


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An appropriate song

The U.S., Spain, France, Germany and Kuwait
Reach Important Understanding!

They may not agree on what to do about the current political situation, but they do all favor one thing: having a good time.

On February, March 23, Al-Bayan Bilingual school staged its annual "international day," a joint celebration of the liberation of Kuwait and of countries around the world. This year's festivities emphasized the national celebrations of the nations ranging from Carnival to Dia Del Muertos.

Each middle school and high school homeroom represented a different nation, researching its national dress, celebrations, structures, and society. This two month's preparation culminated in two colorful activities: the flag parade and the dance/national presentations. A number of BBS alumni and guests arrived to watch as colorfully dressed homerooms trooped in, presented their national colors, and stood at attention to the sound of their national anthem. This year's high school homerooms portrayed Brazil, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United States, and Kuwait.

In his remarks to the audience prior to the stage presentations, principal Jihad Saddedin noted that the festivities celebrated not only the liberation of Kuwait and its independence day but also the school's success in keeping the school open. He also thanked the organizing committee headed by Ms. Fayrouz Bou-Saleh, and including Ms. Sadjia Droueche, Mr. Nehme Kourani, and Ms. Mouna Kablawi, Mr. Saleh Alsharif, Mr. Ali Abou-Shaweesh, and Ms. Mona Arnaout.

Highlights of the stage show included an Indian dance, an Italian historical pageant, a Jamaican limbo, a Brazilian samba, and Mexican salsa. The United States' group boogied to the sound of disco music. The presentation ended with Kuwaiti traditional dances by senior boys and girls.

Afterwards, a student DJ. continued to play a bilingual mix of Arabic and American songs to which students sang while students went to the booths of the various countries in order to learn, eat, and enjoy.

Text: Dr. Daniel R. Fruit
Pictures: Mrs. Claudia Al-Rashoud

The grand parade of countries.

The Grand Assembly as presented by junior high students.

Country: Brazil

The Brazilian National Anthem
(click to play)


The Shiny Happy people hold hands.

They dance to the salsa.

Don't try this at home.

Would you buy a fruit from these folks.

Country: Egypt

The Egyptian National Anthem
(click to play)


Cleopatra and her court.

Notice the Egyptian air conditioning.

Does she look like Queen Cleopatra?

Country: Greece (the Hellenic Republic)

The Greek National Anthem
(click to play)

Greece (the Hellenic Republic)

Neptune and the Naiads.

This is the Greek method of saving money on gas.

Was Ancient Greece this lovely?

Country: India

The Indian National Anthem
(click to play)


Indira Ghandi consults the Greek ambassador.

Wasn't this in one of those Hindi blockbusters?

Country: Jamaica

The Jamaican National Anthem
(click to play)


We're putting the dread back in dreadlocks.

If you stay too long near the flowers, this happens.

They say every Jamaican has rhythm...well almost.

This is why many Jamaicans are short.

Just imagine the size of the polly seeds.

These shirts keep the sharks away.

Country: Japan (Nippon)

The Japanese National Anthem
(click to play)


This is Japanese native dress.

Country: Kuwait

The Kuwaiti National Anthem
(click to play)


Traditional Kuwaiti dress.

Maryem wearing traditional Kuwaiti dress.

Yes. The clapping is actually traditional.

Hey. Don't point that thing at me.

They actually do this dance in downtown LA.

A traditional men's dance.

The girls perform a traditional dance.

Let your fingers do the walking.

No. This is not Country and Western.

Wait, we already did this step once.

How's that for enthusiasm?

This is why some Kuwaitis have only one foot.

The grand finale

Sheika is happy even now.

Country: Lebanon

The Lebanese National Anthem
(click to play)



This does look rather like a fire sale.

Country: Mexico

The Mexican National Anthem
(click to play)


It's serape man.

Traditional Mexican dance.

Don't try this at home.

It's even better in slow motion.

Sarah wears traditional wedding dress.

Country: Spain (Espana)

The Spanish National Anthem
(click to play)

Spain (Espana)

The Spanish delegation.

Country: The United States

The American National Anthem
(click to play)

The United States of America

Good morning America how are you.

Waving the flag.

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