The Sage of Hawally

A sage is someone with wisdom, not wealth or even necessarily much intelligence. This description fits, I fear, most teachers. See below how I apply my sagacity to the chaos of Bayan school life.

Jason and I discuss the foreign situation.

You can forget about getting out of your seats!

Two Canadians, an American, and a Brit:
Ms. Mary, Mr. Robert, Mr. Dan, and Ms. Fay

I'll do anything to save on gas money.

Why do you want my picture now?

I need to put the data on the portable.

I could give awards to BBS all night.

But I don't give autographs.

Do you get it Besma? The music is too loud!

Here I go: singing for my supper.

Why do I feel like Woody Allen?

Teaching is like running in water.

A Teachable moment.

Teaching does have its perks.

"Every inch a king."

Only Alan Greenspan gets more attention paid to his speeches!

Now Mashaan has mastered economics.

Okay, so it's part part of Kuwaiti culture.

You will learn macroeconomics.

Wait! This is irrational exhuberance.

This is what I like about Jordan.

Modeling the last Paris fashion.

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