Fall Festival 2008

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Fall Festival 2008

With the generous help of the PTA, led by Ms. Kang, on October 25th, Jeonbuk Foreign School held its annual Fall Festival. The Festival not only provided a rollicking good time; it also helped raise money for the school.

Among the many games, a couple deserve mention. First, the children played a version of the Golden Bell. Also, every waited with excitement for the annoucment of the "Mr. Tree contest." This gave the school a chance to display its vast array of arboreal residents.

The school community.

Harry tries a bit of a different look.

Jenny Rae's Twae Kondo Do group performed for all.

Diane shares a hug with her mother.

The event featured an exciting raffle.

Emily and Cindy share a moment with some new friends.

Ms. Chu and Marie are both excited about the festival.

They're watching one of the many marvellous shows.

JFS students in traditional Korean dress: Amy, Diane, Emily, Cindy, and June

Jessie versus parent: The World Cup Round 1.

Jessie's father gives him some tips on playing football.

Judy says, "Hey, I can make a peace sign. Can you?"

"Sure I can. See," replies Michelle.

Michelle's father takes tickets for the "Guess Mr. Tree Contest."

Dr. Dan conducts a round of musical chairs.

Parents help prepare a wonderful assortment of foods.

Everbody wants a bite.

Ms. Holley helps with the sales.

Ms. Jenny Rae enjoys the food and sways to the music.

Everyone wants to eat something, even Jessie's little brother.

Now Ms. Chae can buy a new car! No seriously, the money went to purchase new books.