The Gimhae Farm
Festival Trip 2008

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Playing I Feel the Earth Move
Under My Feet

Gimhae Rice Festival

On Friday, October 17th, 2008, the Jeonbuk Foreign School took its annual fall trip. This featured a trip to the annual Rice Festival in Gimhae.

Students learned all about the life of farmers and farming villages. This included such activities as catching grasshoopers, going after game fish, and, of course, listening to a striking musical presentation.

Hey, kids, let's get on the bus.

Kevin and Diane look all ready to go.

Everybody get on the bus. Hup, hup, hup.

We're 26 kilometers from Iksan!

The group. In back: Michelle, Charisse, Diane, Shane, Jim (sideways), Harry, and Marie
Front row: Amy, Emily, Cindy, Judy (pink bag), and Jessie

Sudents practice using a giant catapult.

"Wait, how come nothing is coming out?"

Maybe if Jessie pulls a lot harder...

Maybe if Jessie and the instructor both pull...

Let's see if having a big strong girl pulling helps?

Well, maybe not.

These two dragons are made totally of bamboo.

Kevin poses with the dragon.

Other schools look at the dragon.

The dragon is a big bigger than Cindy.

Let's all take a look at the dragons.

Jessie sizes himself up against the dragons.

Grr. Grrr. Grrrrrrrr.

Jim, Michelle, and Diane prepare to hunt grasshoppers, a
very important task for farmers growing rice.

That's a lot of hunters for a few hungry grasshoppers.

The girls can't wait to get after the grasshoppers.

Harry shows Shane his grasshopper.

Kevin got one too.

The girls haven't given up the hunt quite yet.

Jessie shows off his captured hopper.

Amy has one too.

Marie captured one too. In fact, everyone got one, even Dr. Dan.

The girls found their own do-it-yourself slide.

Jenny Rae, Diane, and Emily share a moment before lunch.

Everyone takes a break prior to seeing the show.

Farming work is so hard that even the stuffed dummies
have to help work in the fields picking rice.

This dummy has his own agenda!

Jenny Rae demonstrates fishing techniques.

"Hey, here comes the show."

"Oops, there it goes."

The group: Michelle, Charisse, Diane, Shane (hidden), Jim (sideways), and Harry
Front: Amy, Emily, Cindy, Judy, and Jessie

"Wait, we're supposed to be over to the left."
"No, we're supposed to be over to the right."

Thankfully, we didn't need the services of these guys.

"Come on Marie. Let's go home."