Kwanju Sports Day 2008

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Winning isn't everything, but losing
isn't anything-Charlie Brown.

Kwangju Sports Day 2008

In October, Jeonbuk Foreign joined with four neighboring schools in visiting its sister school Kwangju Foreign School for its annual sports day.

Students from the schools competed as mixed teams incorporating some students from each school in a variety of sporting events.

Students who distinguished themselves

Event___________Team Placement---------Students

Team Events

Relay 3-4_______1st_____________________Harry
Relay 5-6_______2nd____________________Michelle (Dr Dan. coaching)

Soccer 3-4______2nd____________________Amy and Kevin
Soccer 5-6______2nd____________________James

Tug of War 3-4__2nd____________________Amy and Kevin
Tug of War 3-4__1st____________________Harry
Tug of War 5-6__2nd____________________Michelle (Dr. Dan coachng)
Tug of War 5-6__1st____________________Marie

Individual Events

Sprints 5-6_______1st____________________James Chu
Three Legged 3-4__1st____________________Diane/Charisse

Marie, Michelle, and James gives a "V" sign.
Do they have so much confideince?

Mary carts her equipment.

Here comes the team.

Mary also flashes the victory sign.

Coach Jenny Rae advises Jim: "Get out ahead of the pack.."

Team JFS! Front Row: Shane, Jessie, Emily, Judy, Kevin, Cindy, Amy, and Jenny Rae
Row Two: Shane's mother, Dr. Dan, Cindy's mother, Harry, Harry's mother, James,
Charisse, Kevin's mother, and Ms. Chu. Row three: Kevin's mother and Marie

Tug of War: Dian and Michelle are on the left.

More tug of War: Dian and Michelle are on the left, and Harry is on the right.

Amy and Kevin are involved in this tug.

Jenny Rae and Shirley enjoy the moment.

Are Diane and Michelle trying to encourage Kevin with
the victory sign or showing disapproval of his hat?

Diane and Michelle show off their new friends.

Michelle is ready to run or to punch someone out.

"Wait, which team am I on?"

Judy and Emily share a moment after a race.

Harry eats after delaying his meal until after his race.

Kevin and Diane are with their mother.

And after you get ahead, you need to....."

Members of Team JFS Front: Dian, Charisse, Michelle, Amy, and Coach Shirley.
Back: Jim, Marie, Coach Jenny Rae, and Kevin (lurking) .