Science Fair 2009

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Science Fair 2009

On March 26th 2009, JFS held its annual science fair. Every student competed in the gala event held in the auditorium.

Student exhibitions varied in content and in format. For the upper grades, each student did his/her own experiment while in the lowest grades, students worked as teams. Every student participated in terms of presenting his/her own project to the large audience of parents and the judging panel of teachers.

Students experiments ran the gamut. One subjected plants to various treatments to enhance their growth, but another looked at preservation of food after their death (for eating). One looked at the properties of magnetism while another explored the movement of cars. All showed great thought and effort on the part of students.

Science Fair Winners

Overall: Charisse Park
Junior: Kevin and Amy
Most Creative: Harry Kang
Most Scientific: June Park
Notable Acheivement: Amy Kang

Judy begins her science experiment.

Judy and Emily try to make the plants feel at peace.

Emily tries giving the plant a drink.

Jessie and Cindy share a moment with Mr. plant.

Amy and Kevin present concerning magnetism.

Harry shows his plants and his certificate for most creative.

June shows off her experiment on chocolate and
her certificate for most scientific.

Amy and Kevin talk magnetism and display their
certificates for best junior displays.

Charisse, the overall winner shows off her certificate.