The Seoul Trip 2009

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You knew this song was coming, didn't you?

The Seoul Trip

On May 13th-14th, Jeonbuk Foreign School took its annual spring trip. This two-day adventure took JFS to beautiful and historic Seoul. The JFS parents' club planned and booked the entire trip.

On Friday students toured two important educational sites. First, they went to the royal history museum, which contains artifacts from all different eras of Korean history. Next, they toured the Gyeongbokgung, the seat of the last dynasty, the Chosun. The Chosun united the country, invented the Hangul alphabet, and sucessfully repelled the Japanese. The day ended with a stay in a tourist hotel overlooking the hills.

On Saturday, after a memorable night, the group toured Summerland. A noted amusement park, it provided some notable moments of enter tainment. Finally, after a long day, the JFS students arrived back at school, more learned and ready to end the wonderful year.

Thank you parents for planning this wonderful trip!

Our first stop, the National Museum of Korea.

the floor plans for the three flours

The floor plan for the first flour

the second flour

...and on to the third floor.

Here's our next stop: the Gyeongbokgung. Note the matching
shirts supplied by our PTA for the students.

Here's the site map.

This is from the interactive guidebook.

A different page of the same.

This is an imperial lion. Grrr. Grrr. Grrrrrr!

This is the main gateway. Note the red and black "Palace Guard."
Since South Korea has no royalty, this is purely ceremonial.

It appears James and Jessie decided to join
the Guard.
Boys, this is only ceremonial.

Here is the main audience hall.

Here is the Gateway.

This is the "Concubine's Palace" and garden beyond.

A view of the gardens.

Cindy, Emily, Judy, and Amy.

Here's the large courtyard.

This is one of two famous interior pavillions with artifical lakes.

Dr. Dan

Here's the second artificial lake and pavillion.

Here's the same viewed from the lake side.

This is the only extand guard tower from the complex.

This is the folk musuem and the end of today's tour.

It's time for Summerland!

Here's a map of the park.

Another view.

A map of the upper level.

A map of the lower level.

Some of the wonderful attractions.

Even more wonderful attractions.

Jim feeds the hungry birds.


A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

"Jim, can we ride these all the way back to Jeonju."