The Show Must Go
On 2009

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The Show Must
Go On 2009

Throughout the year, hardworking JFS students performed in various shows in speech class. They performed solo, ensemble, in speeches and in plays.

Some of their performances involved performing other people's work and some involved their own. Genres folk stories, puppet plays, and single readings. See below for examples.

The girls perform in the folk story "To Bell the Cat."
They discuss ways to deal with their problem.
"If we could just put a bell on the cat."

Emily plays the scary cat. Kevin cowers in the corner.

Cindy Min
Dr. Dan, Jesse and Cindy, the billy goat's gruff, try to cross
a bridge over the terrifying Troll (Kevin)

"Don't eat me. There's a bigger goat coming."

"You want to eat me, Troll, just try it!

Harry tells the story of the Big Bad Wolf.

"Grrr, said the wolf."

"But Cinderella was not afraid."

"The woodman fought against the wolf."

Charisse tells the story of the city and the town mouse.

"Better to live the simple life without fear."
than to live in luxury with fear."

"Maybe if one of us could lure the cat out...."

Michelle retells Cinderella.

"But Cinderella dropped her shoe!

Mary's two dogs, Hana and Laura, perform.

The master and the dogus

The Juniors perform the story of Eenie and Meenie.

The animals hold a discussion.

Jim tells the story of "The Nerd Dancer."

Jim "gets up offa his thing."

Selina retells her own tale.

June tells the story of the shoemaker and the elves.

"The next day all of the work was done."

And that is the end of all of the stories.
Wait, Marie, don't be unhappy and make such an ugly face.

And maybe we could try tricking the cat so that it's....