Chrismas 2008

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An appropriate song (and don't
call me Bruce)

The Chrismas Show 2008

The Christmas show showcased JFS's wonderfully talented cast of students. They varied from Dian's impassioned version of Adelweiss to the rock and roll version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Rather than recount that here, you can read the program written below.

The Program for the Christmas Show

Jeonbuk Foreign Schoolís

2008 Christmas Production

Wednesday, December 18th, 1400

Welcome and Introduction by Jim Chu and Michelle Park, Master and Mistress of Ceremonies

"Here We Come A-Carolling by the chorus

"Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You and Merry Christmas"

"The Christmas Emergency" Performed by the Upper Grades

"Deck the Halls" and "Jolly Old Saint Nick," by Grades 3 & 4

A Choral Reading: "A Bakerís Dozen" by grades 5-7

Frostie the Snowman: Sung and Performed by the Lower Grades Reindeer"

"Twas the Night Before Christmas" by grades 3-4

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "The Twelve Days of Christmas" Sung by the Upper Classes

ĎUp On the Housetop," JFS Chorus

Group Songs and Roasting Mellows: everyone joined by the staff

Conclusion Jim Chu and Michelle Park

Thank you for your support! Please feel free to join us outside for a bonfire and marshmallow roast.

The Program Announcements

Introduction (James):

"Good evening parents, students, teachers and friends. Thank you for attending Jeonbuk Foreign Schoolís annual Christmas production. Tonight you will see many presentations that we have been working on."


Whole Group:
Michelle: "Yes, letís get this off with the Xmas spirit."
James: "Yes, letís go caroling...."
Michelle: "Thatís A-caroling."

Gr. 2+3:
Michelle: That really says "Merry Christmas."
James: Not as much as Mrs. Chuís class will:
Kindergarten (Michelle): And thatís exactly what weíll be seeing."

Gr. 5+7:
Michelle: "That certainly rang a bell."
James: "You could say the bell was rung. Past perfect."
Michelle: "That sounds like Dr. Dan."
James: "Which brings me to our next act."

Gr. 3 & 4 (Jim)
Michelle: "Wait, I donít get it."
James: "You had to be there in these halls."
Michelle: "Which brings me to our next act.

Grade 7-8 Chrismas Choral Reading
James: "Wasnít that special."
Michelle: "It sure was."
James: "You know what you get when you take the music out of a song."
Michelle: "A lyric."
James: "No, a choral reading, and thatís what weíre going to see next.

Lower Grades
Michelle: "That was a big lesson for a small batch of cookies."
James: "If the story was about bread, I would think the lower grades had been loafing."
Michelle (groans): Oooh.
James: Stay cool. Really cool for our next number.

Grades 3-4
Michelle: "That was cool alright."
James: "You know when itís really cold."
Michelle: "Whenís that."
James: "The Night before Christmas..."

Grades 5-7
Michelle: Now for something wonderful.
James: You mean Dr. Danís wonderful class.
Michelle: What else could I possibly mean.
James: Letís just go do the singing.

Final Song
Michelle: Well that brings us almost to the endÖexcept for the marshmellons.
James: I thought we were going to roast chestnuts over an open fire.
Michelle: You roast what you want, and Iíll roast what I want, but letís all join and hands and sing with the JFS students. Theyíre going to sing some Christmas favorites, but while theyíre featured, youíre all invited to join in.

The K-2 class rings in the Jingle Bells.

Jessie and Judy sing out.

One more time.

Emily and Dian build a Frosty Kevin.

Jim and Michelle read in "The Baker's Dozen."

Kevin and Emily sing away.

Waiting their turn on stage.