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This was the first team I ever coached, and, for that reason, will probably remain dear to my heart for a long time. I had lots of help from Ian Moore, my assistant coach. This was a great bunch of girls, and after a shaky start, this became a good team.

Here they are looking deadly and dangerous.

Here I am coaxing the girls to run "To the Wall!" ala Gettysburg.
Here's Kristen Ross getting really intense at practice.

This is the girls "hanging together" on the bus.

This team was known for a few individuals who really stood out. Karen LaFountain anchored a very strong defensive unit that featured Melissa Kessel at stopper and fullbacks Letha Young and Amanda Coryer with Tamar Young as a sub. They helped us earn our reputation as the "toughest in the league."

The deceptive wave here is meant to key the other teams off guard. Yet this trio drew their share of yellow cards.

Our offense wasn't as strong, but Sarah Young and Ashley Foster racked up some goals while Jenn Farley, Kristin Ross, and Kiku Catania provided the midfield punch. Margaret Owen, our freshmen goalie went from learner to All-Star in one season.

I wish them all the best of luck in the future.


November 23 Zama over YHS 2-0 (goalie Owen)
December 07 ASIJ over YHS 5-1 (goalie Farley; goal:Foster)
December 14 Kinnick over YHS 4-2 (goalie Owen; goals: Catania, Young)
January 11 YHS over Seisen 1-0 (goalie LaFountaine; goal: Young)
January 15 Zama over YHS 4-3 (goalie LaFountaine: goals Young, Catania, Colon)
January 18 YHS over Kinnick 3-0 (goalie Owen; goals: Young-2, Foster-1)
January 29 ASIJ over YHS 2-0 (goalie: Owen)
February 01 YHS over Seisen 3-1 (goalie: Owen; goals Catania, Foster, Ravenel)

YHS j.v over Seisen 3-2 (goalie: Foster; goals L. Young:3)

This is me around tournament time. Notice how a few of the hairs no longer exist.

February 07 Tournament:
YHS ties Kinnick 1-1 (goalie: Owen; goal: Ashley)
Kubasaki over YHS 3-1 (goalie: Owen; goal: Foster)
ASIJ over YHS 1-0 (goalie: Owen)
YHS over Seisen 1-0 (goalie: Owen; goal: Foster)
YHS over Kinnick 1-0 (goalie: Owen; goal: Catania)

Season Record: 5-7-1, 4th place in the regular season, 3rd in the tournament

Top scorers:
Ashley Foster (5)
Sarah Young (5)
Kiku Catania (4)
Letha Young (3) (versus J.V.)
Yvonne Ravenel (1)
Christy Colon (1)

Top Goalies
Margaret Owen (5-5-1)
Karen LaFountain (1-1)
Ashley Foster (1-0) (versus j.v.)
Jenn Farley (0-1)

Season News Stories
Girls Lose To Zama 2-0.

On November 23, 1996, the Yokota High School Varsity Girls' Soccer team played against Zama. Though Zama won 2-0, the team put forth a good first effort. After the game, substitutes from the varsity played against Zama's with selected varsity players from both squads. In Yokota's losing effort (3-2) Melissa Kessel and Sarah Young both scored. Kiku's Catania's apparent (and tying) score was nullified by a penalty. All girls soccer team members are to be congratulated for their efforts.

Panthers Lose to ASIJ 5-1

The mighty Panther girls' soccer team lost a hard-fought battle to the ASIJ Mustangs (some of whom seemed truly as big as horses). The score remained 1-1 until late in the game. Ashley Foster scored Yokota's first goal of the season on a penalty kick.

Panthers Lose to ASIJ 4-2

The ferocious Panther Varsity Girls Soccer Team led Kinnick 1-0 at the half Saturday before succumbing 4-2. Freshman Sarah Young scored Yokota's first regular play goal of the season. Kiku Catania, another freshman, scored as well. Yokota played well in a match against the team reputed to be best in the league.

Girls Soccer "Ten Times Better"
(reprinted from the Panther Press)
by Amanda Stangl in the December edition of Stars and Stripes.

"We've got a tough season ahead of us, but our team has started ten times better than it ended last time," stated Coach Ian Moore after losing the first two games of the season.

On November 23, the team started off the season with a game against Zama. They showed a powerful game but lost 2-0.

"We played really well together as a team," commented a teammate.

On December 7, in a game against ASIJ, Ashley Foster showed her strength and incredible kicking ability by scoring the first goal of the season with a penalty kick. The score was 1-1 in the first half, but in the second half ASIJ came back strong and made three goals.

"We worked hard, but started to give up towards the end," recalled team member Kristen Ross.

The girls soccer team consists of 21 girls selected by tryouts. The captains are Ashley Foster, Karen LaFountaine, two are seniors, and Letha Young, who is a junior.

Panthers Defeat Seisen 1-0

The Yokota High Varsity Girls' Soccer Team scored their first victory of the season in a nail-biting 1-0 victory at home over Seisen. Sarah Young scored the lone goal in the game. All members are to be congratulated on a fine TEAM effort.

Panthers lose to Zama 4-3

The Yokota High Varsity Girls' Soccer Team went down 4-3 in a narrow defeat to arch-rival Zama. Sarah Young (9), Christi Colon (12), and Kiku Catania all scored for Yokota in the game.

Panthers Shut Out Kinnick 3-0

The Yokota High Varsity Girls' Soccer Team scored their second victory of the season, shutting out and shutting down Kinnick, previously tied for first in the Kanto Plains. Sarah Young scored twice while Ashley Foster scored once. Freshman Margaret Owen recorded her first victory AND a shut-out in goal. Please congratulate the team and encourage them as they journey next Wednesday to battle first place ASIJ at ASIJ.

YHS Defeats Yokosuka:
From the February Panther Press

Soccer Girls Defeat Yokosuka

by Amanda Stangl

Refusing to let a loss to Zama disappoint them, the girls soccer team gathered their strength and defeated Yokosuka, 3 - 0 on January 18. Sara Young scored two goals and Ashley Foster scored one. But, if the offense did a great job in this game, the defense did an awesome job. On the defense were Letha Young, Karen Lafountaine, Tamar Young, Melissa Kessel, and Amanda Coryer. A strong defense kept Yokosuka from scoring any goals the whole game. Probably the best job done the whole game, however, was by Margaret Owen, the Panther goalie.

"The goalie has an important job to do during the game and she did it, and did it perfectly," says a team member. The new year certainly brought some good luck to the Yokota Girls Soccer Team. The Panthers won the first game of the year, January 11, with only one goal, beating Seisen, 1-0. Sara Young made the one goal of the game. Four days

later, though, the girls suffered a disappointing loss against Zama. A well played game, ended in defeat. Three goals were scored by Kiku Catania, Sara Young, and Christy Colon in the first half of the game. The score at the half was 3 - 1 .

Then in the second half Zama came through with 3 goals to win the game, 4 - 3. "It's terrible to see the girls lose this game, they have been doing very well and have improved so much this season," a spectator at the game said.

The girls will play an away game against ASIJ on Wednesday January 29, and an away game to Seisen on February 1. February 7, they will travel to Zama for the tournament.

Panthers Defeat Seisen Again 3-1 and Beat Their J.V. 3-0

The might varsity girls' soccer team continued their domination of Seisen on Saturday, completing a season sweep with a 3-1victory. The defensive squad of Karen LaFountaine (captain), Melissa Kessel, Amanda Coryer, and Leitha Young (captain) continued to play at the level that has made them the league's best defensive team. On offense, forwards Ashley Foster and Yvonne Ravenel scored along with mid-fielder Kiku Catania.

After the game, Yokota's substitutes along with a few starters played a second match against Seisen's j.v, triumphing 3-2. Rachel Myers, Josephine Sabello, Amanda Stengl, and Heather Ivey anchored the j.v. team.Leitha Young, subbing in as a forward, scored a hat trick to secure the victory.

Lady Panthers Wrack Up Highest GPA on Campus

Congratulations girls' soccer team for, again, capturing the high GPA award for winter sports, holding off a bold challenge from the wrestling. This academic victory matches the playing performance of the team's (3rd place at the Kanto Plains Tournament, 2nd among Kanto Plains Schools). On and off the field, you make Yokota High School and myself proud of you.

Girls Soccer Takes 3rd In Tournament
From the March Edition of Stars and Stripes


By Amanda Stangl

Kinnick had beaten the Panther girls soccer team once, lost to them once, and had tied them once. Now, the two teams faced off again in a game for third place at the Kanto Plains Tournament , February 8, at Camp Zama.

Kiku Catania scored for the Panthers early in the game to put Yokota ahead, 1to 0. Now, all Yokota had to do was to keep the Devils from scoring. Kinnick often threatened to score, but Yokota's defense wouldn't let them. The one goal against the Devils held, for Yokota to come in 3rd place.

Mr. Fruit, the coach, says that the girls really came in second in the Kanto Plains Tournament, because Kubasaki, who finished first, isn't in the area. The final standings were: Kubasaki in 1st, ASIJ in 2nd, Yokota in 3rd, Kinnick in 4th, Seisen in 5th, and Zama in 6th.

The games leading up to the girls' victory were just as good as the final game. They played four games on February 7, to find out what position they would play for in the Championships.

First, Yokota played Kinnick to a 1-1 tie, gaining 2 points. Next, they played Kubasaki and lost , 3-1. After a loss to ASIJ, 1-0, the team stood in 5th place with 2 points.To get in contending position for 3rd, they would have to win the next game, against Seisen. The team sweated it for a long time. The score remained, 0-0, until two minutes before the end, when Kinnick got a handball in the goalie box, giving the Panthers a penalty kick.

Ashley Foster kicked the ball in, and the Panthers cheered for a victory, but then the official called it "no good" because Ashley had kicked before the whistle was blown. On a second kick, she scored again. Once more the Panthers cheered, and again the official called it "no good". Someone had stepped into the penalty area too soon. A third time Ashley kicked, but this time missed. But, once again the official called it "no good" because of a player's stepping into the box.Once again, Ashley set up, and took the shot. This time no whistle blew and it went in, giving the Panthers a goal to win the game, 1-0, putting them in contention for 3rd place.

At an awards assembly, Yokota received medals and a trophy for their third place finish. Two Yokota players made the All Star team: Ashley Foster and Margaret Owen.