The Republic of South Korea

Tour 3: Taegu

Taegu is known as the heart of Korean conservatism. Several ex-general-presidents all came from Taegu, and it's the headquarters of the conservative parties in all of their incarnations. This may relate to the fact that Teagu, unlike Seoul, which is on a river and Busan, which is on a port, is a relatively insular place.

I visited Taegu in the winter of 2009. I was a little annoyed ot find that Taegu, unlike Busan, had its own railport, which was the center of the city and the place to go, whereas poor old Kwangju's residents not only had a bus terminal as their main means of leaving, but that the bus terminal in Seoul emptied into a department store other than into a real bus terminal. Talk about living second class!

I visted Taegu during the winter, as the pictures show. It was an instance of my trying to take advantage of school holidays to travel. However, as the sites, other than on the tour, are fairly spread out, and riding the busses invariably took me the opposite direction from the sites, it proved a very cold slog. The last day I literally though of excuses to stop touring because, even at 1500, it was already close to zero Celcius outside. Taking my gloves off to take a picture required a serious dedication to the art of photography!

The South Korean National Anthem

Aegug-ga (Patriotic Hymn)

Latin Transliteration:

Tonghai Moolkwa Paiktusani
Marugo Taltorok
Hananimi Pohohasa Uri nara Mansei

Moogungwha Sanchulri Hwaryu Kangsan
Taehan Saram Taehan euro Kiri Pochun Hasae

Namsan Uye Chusonamu
Chulkapeul Turultut
Paramisul Pulbyunhamum Uri kisang Ilsae


Tong Hai Sea and Pakdoo Mountain,
so long as they endure,
May God bless Korea
our land for endless ages to come!

North to south bedecked with flowers,
land of beauty rare,
May God keep our country united
and preserve our land.

Eternally Naamsaan's pine trees
stand like an armour sure,
Through whatever tempest or danger,
as our symbol of strength.

South Korea

Taegu Map 1

Taegu Map 2

Follow the chosen path?

Okay, I was angry. People from real cities can take the nice train
to Taegu. Kwangju residents take a crummy bus. Maybe that is
because the Kwangju residents protested the miltary coup.

This is not a hill. It's a burial mound for ancient (AD 800 kings).

This is another view. There's a lot or royalty here.

This is yet more of the same.

This is a better hat than I had in the Busan tour. This
is one of the largest hat-wearing Buddha statues.

This was supposed to be me with the Enhatted one.
Here I'm making Indiana University proud.

This is part of a temple complex with the hatted Buddha.

This is a temple complex.

This is another famous Buddha statue.

A lot of politicians make speeches at this particular spot. I can see the placards.

If I am elected Buddha, I promise to wear a hat.

Let me translate. It say: go back two pictures.

This is one of the very first churches in the city.

Here's where the first missionary lived.

Let's see if I can't focus on it a bit.

This is a Catholic Church, I think.

Let's take a look at this. Top secret, eh. Hmm. Let's take a look Wait, let me go. I am
not a North Korean Commie Spy. These eyes were NOT deslanted. Give me back
my camera or my website won't have many pictures... Oh, ho, the Fruitanity!

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