The Republic of

China (Taiwan)

Tour 4: Kaohsiung


Kaoshiung, even if I can't spell correctly is the second city of Taiwan. Both cities grew largely as a result of Japan's occupation which elevated Kaoshiung to the major port status instead of using Tainan's smaller port. You'll see lots of the port below. As a result, this city isn't really as old as Tainen.

I have concentrated my pictures into three sections. The first is the city itself and some of the sites you'll see in the downtown area. These include the train station (which, of course, the Japanese built) and the Love canal.

The second is scenic Cijin Island, to which you have to take a ferry boat. It contains some of the oldest sections of the city as well as the finally useless fort built by the Manchus to try guard the place. Near the fort is the later residence hall for foreigners.

Finally, there's the Sun Moon lake district. This is really a long walk around a very beautiful lake dotted by pagodas and a temple to a Martial God. The Japanese repressed worship of this god during their occupation and put a giant sign on his temple saying "China is the sick man of Asia." No, I'm kidding. They did that in Bruce Lee's "Fists of Fury."

This page shows two trips to Kaohsiung. The first took place in the summer of 2011 and the later on a school holiday in early 2012.

This is the historic train station.

Sure enough, this is the Love River.

Downtown Kaioushung

Here is the city history museum.

Another view

This is me along-side the shops.

Another view of the Love. Kaoshiung "we love..we love it."

Central Park but not in New York

Another view of the love river.

Here's the park again

This is the so-called Love Peer.

This is love peer.

The boat...the Love boat.

Sailing away to....

Cijin Island

A very handome guy

Cijinís main pier

Street markets

This is view from the Cihou Lighthouse

This is the Lighthouse itself

A manís gotta light what a manís gotta light .

This is a downward view from the hill.

This is Cihou Fort, which worked for the Chiang Dynasty.

This is an entranceway.

This is Tianhou Temple. Itís the oldest on the island.

This another view.

Hey, funky god, look at me.

This is the Pagoda.

This is a modern temple.

This is the Cijin Seaside Park

This is the (closed) seashell museum.

Itís another temple.

This is a memorial for the women who died in 1972 on a Ferry. Once upon
a time, the island was a major sweatshop labor mecca.

This is the Koumingtang Museum.

This is the big wind park. Everyone knows it's windy.

This is the coastal area on the east side.

This is the MoMe museum.

Say goodbye to Cijin island.

The Sun Moon Lake District

This is me back at the Love River

This is a temple to a marshall arts related God.

This is the Confucius temple .

This is another shot of the same.

Yet more. I think this is the main temple. Confused?

This is a shot of Zuouying Part of the Old city.

Me with the big temple.

Hereís one of the temples on the lake.

Hereís another shot.

This is the dragon's entrance.

This is is another view.

. This is one of these ceremonial lions.

Second lion. Again Taiwanese. Lion NOT = cat.

Yet another temple.

This is the dragontiger temple.

This is the Tigerís entrance.

This is the Tigerís entrance.

This is a view from the tower.

This is the port from the view from the Sky tower.

Another view showing the island.

. This is the tower itself.

This is the wind tower.

Another view.

This is central park.

This is a view down the road.

This little park includes a Water tower.

This is the where the old guns in Manchu times were located.

This is the old City Gate.

This is the old city consulate.

Wait, that dragon is still hungry. Ah....


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