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There has been some interest in my academic work. As a result, I'm going to post some of my extant work here. I'm listing, first, by university.

Albion College gave me my first degree, a B.A. in English and history with minors in sociology, anthropology, and music.

Sight and Sound in "An American in Paris"
Another World: A Biblio-critical Study of Speculative Fiction Novel (Bachelor's Thesis)
The Great Indian Mutiny
Plato's Evaluation of the Potential and Value of Poetry

Indiana University awarded my master's degree in English.

Fanny Hill: An Evaluation
Hype the **& out of the Show: Drum Corps Lexicon
Immigrants Old and New: Turn of the Century Attitudes Towards Immigrants
Of Time and the Rhetoric: The Narrator in Wolfe's T: Of Time and the River
The Sun Also Rises: Hemingway's Satirical Comedy

Cal State-Dominquez gave me the first half of my MS (master of science) in education.
Tea Party

Troy State University allowed me to finish my master's at Yokota Air Force Base. All of the papers below concern education:

Barf and Bagel: A Parable of Formative and Summative Education
Change in DoDDs: Not So Easy
The Effect of Social Environment on the DoDDs Pacific Schools or the Small Company Town With the C-130s
Creating an Ad Hoc Junior High Meeting Group
The Fruit Academy Preminister Program
The Future of Education Until My Retirement: 2013
A Hard Rain Never Fall: The Legacy of Sixties College Radicalism and Some Thoughts on its Quiet Death
Speculations on College Governance and the Organization of Higher Education

Central Texas College awarded me my "hackers' degree," an A.S. in microcomputer program system analysis.

The University of Maryland allowed me to finish my B.S. in computer studies.

Oklahoma University awarded me my second master's degree, an MPA, a master's in public administration. All articles below are from 1994-1996.

Axelrod's Budgeting for Modern Government: A Review
The Brazilian Miracle Revisited: A Case Study
Bureaucracy: Espirit De Corp or Corpse: A Review of Two Bueaucratic Classics
Dealing With the Coming Morale Crisis in the Federal Service (Master's Thesis)
Governmental Relations to Business: Book Reviews
Henry's Public Adminstration: A Review
International Tourism: Developing Countries' "Tinsel Industry:" A Review
International Economics: Final Exam
Japanese and American Bureaucracies: Two Very Different Organizational Cultures
The Japanese Post-Industrial Economy: Perils of Planning
Guy Peters' American Public Policy: Promise and Performance: A Review
The Destruction and Containment of "Evil": The American Perspective on War
Three Classics on War: Keegan, Porter, Keigan, and Weigley reviews
What Is Merit: Patronage, Efficiency, Equal employment opportunity, Affirmative action

Boston University awarded me by BU degree.

The Abolition of Man
Block Scheduling, Savior or Demon
Drugs: the Greatest Challenge for an International School Administrator
Inshallah: Priveleged Kuwait Youth Attempt to Straddle a Cultural Divide (Doctoral Thesis)
The Moral Environment of A DoDDs' School
The New Prince: The New Machiavelli
Sensei High School: Recruiting, Development, and Evaluation
Solving a School Discipline Problem: Five Versions
Organizational Introduction
Qualitative Research Log
Just Say No to Table Dancing
Why Can't We Be Friends: School Governance
Write is Right: A School Evaluation Plan

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